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It seems that no two RCI timeshare packages are the same; one person may have a set week every year with an additional two bonus weeks to use, while another person may have points that renew every other year with two weeks of extra vacations. Make sure you know exactly what your timeshare includes, so you can utilize the time to its fullest potential – rest assured that RCI will not go out of their way to remind you of any bonus time you have left over. Once you know what kind of time you are working with, you can explore the many ways RCI has for members to utilize extra weeks or points they may have accrued.

How to use RCI timeshare

RCI Extra Vacations were created to satisfy members’ desires for more frequent vacations and variable lengths of stay at affordable rates. They can be given to eligible friends and family through the use of guest certificates (for an additional fee of $59 for US resorts). No exchange is required to enjoy an RCI Extra Vacation, no matter how often they are used. This RCI bonus time is used in one of two ways – RCI Extra Vacations Getaways and RCI Last Call Vacations. Both of these types of travel can be booked online through the RCI website, and you get a discount when booking online (10% off for Extra Vacations and $25 off for Last Call Vacations).

RCI Extra Vacations can be booked as early as one year out, and as with everything in timesharing, the sooner you are able to book, the more likely it will be for you to obtain your first choice resort. Last Call trips can only be booked a maximum of 90 days ahead of your arrival date, and resort choices are often limited – done on a first-come, first-served basis. Extra Vacations are pricier than Last Call and range from $299-$499, whereas Last Call Vacations go to $249 maximum.

Another option for some RCI members, depending on what type of extra time you have available, would be to put it toward a cruise, airfare, car rentals, or short stays, but this is usually not the case with RCI weeks members, so you will want to call a representative if you own a set week and are contemplating this type of usage. RCI points typically offers more flexibility, and your points, whether they are ‘extra’ or go toward your yearly vacation time, may easily be applied to other travel arrangements, like the ones listed above.

But do not be fooled, it is not necessary to posses extra weeks or an abundance of points to take extra vacations using RCI – all members are able to utilize ‘bonus time’ as long as they are up to date on their membership dues, maintenance fees, and pay the weekly fee for the resort they are booking. I imagine the timeshare salespeople throw in these ‘extra weeks’ to add value to the timeshare being purchased, and for those of you like myself who purchased timeshare, it works! They neglect to tell you that bonus weeks are not easy to get, and are certainly not available on an unlimited basis. Generally you will be lucky to get one or two a year, unless you are extremely flexible with scheduling or want to spend time in Alabama somewhere.

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  1. I would like to sell our Wyndham timeshare. Any advice on how to go about it where we get the best deal?

  2. There are good and bad timeshare. What value you get out of it depends on your vacation tendencies. If you rarely go somewhere, like less then once a year, then yes, don’t buy a timeshare. If you are someone who has time to go or wants to go at least once a year, then you will see some value but that also depends on which and where you buy. Some of them will cost more then what I would spend on a vacation for many years ahead and others are priced at one trip and get for a lifetime. There are some RCI reps out there that are pushy and will lie through their teeth. You need to be smart and know your stuff.

    My mom for a short time was selling timeshare. It was a different program then what we got but again, she saw the value but you had to be careful.

    Yes, there is yearly maintenance fees. But once you add it all up, it should not be more value then what you are getting. I found the fees we are paying for our unit are half if not less then what most people are paying for similar units. I can understand if I had some of those units, then yes, it is not worth it and has little value for we only go once a year. My sister had a timeshare and she was paying double what we were and couldn’t get anything out of it. It was useless. We purchased ours and in first year or two got more out of it and value then my sister had.

    You will also get reps to say sell your timeshare or trade in for something better. DON’T! They were going to make our timeshare worthless and we would have to pay $17,000 more!!! Sorry, we are not stupid. And they were trying to say that what we had was going to be stopped and cancelled as they don’t want that anymore. Um, you were telling false lies and basically that ALL timeshare out there was going to be cancelled but only YOURS was the one to stay? Really?! (Course, the ones who said that were in Vegas so take anything out of their mouths with a grain of salt, and they were saying they are the only TRUE RCI people who know anything, lol)

    So, yes, you can get a great timeshare that is incredible and yes you can get ripped off. You need to know your stuff and not be afraid to say ‘NO’. I knew an incredible offer when I saw it and jumped at the chance. I have even shared with my family and gifted and they are impressed too.

    I will admit, I was never going to buy a timeshare cause the value was not there. And they will use everything to make you feel like an idiot for not seeing it. But the fact was I am a price shopper and not rich. So it has to be super value before I will take anything. I was there for the ‘freebies’ which is the incentives they use to get you there. After telling the person we were with it was rude of them to make us like an idiot that we don’t know what we are talking about when we do. We ended up with the manager who was not happy with that and saw we knew our stuff and not to bullshit. So he had something he would offer to us no pushy stuff, 30 days no questions ask cancellation, go check the unit, and the whole nine yards. Basically, the price, the name and location was a sign and we have never looked back since.

    There would be people saying oh you can’t exchange that unit for this resort. That is a selling tactic to get you to buy more. Don’t let them bully you. I am staying in resorts that if I wanted to buy would cost me 20X what we paid!.

    Just be smart and be careful and you will find a good deal.

    Now, for those who travel multiple trips in a year, then yes, any of those deals out there will be value for you and will benefit you.

  3. hi. i want a rent a last minute unit at the fort lauderdale beach resort in fort lauderdale, fl
    pls email me if your unit is available for the firts 10 days in august 2011

  4. people should buy timeshare in a high demand area , a place that they want to go.

    if you buy one in lak chelan washington and expect it to trade a year in advance and it dosnt its not rci fault, the salespeople at these in the middle of nowhere resorts lie by ommision, if you want tropical and caribben places then that is what you should buy.

    buying in potatoe bille idaho will get you easily into branson misery, any time u want.
    its rotten apples for rotten apples, vw trade for vw and ├▒exus trades for a lexus

    ive use rci for over 25 years, it works i have been to amzing places all the time, places i never could have afforded to go

    owning this vacation vehicle is the best vehicle u can buy in your life

    it will tkae you on a fantastic path, if opportunity knocks dont run a way from the door!


  5. The timeshare business has turned into a giant scham. There is no resale value in these things and you can’t even give them away to smart people. That means I was dumb to get suckered into buying one.
    The people have been great where we have been aand the resorts have been well kept but the financial side of ownershipn is rotten.

    1. Ben you are right. This is all a scam. I had also changed my dates and they would not reschedule so I lost the time
      And my money. So all of you , if you get a call and or asked to get into a time share , don’t do it

  6. Thanks Holly for your sales pitch, many families attend for the gifts and get suckered into purchasing not 1 but 2 timeshares, as we had been told numerous times, they will sell as they are so great. We have not been able to sell our first timeshare and now are stuck with 2 for 14 yrs. These are not wise to purchase, as you can never get out of them, then your poor children will get them willed to them and they again will be stuck with the ever rising maintenance fees and all the other hidden fees like RCI dues. Now in this economy no matter if you can afford a vacation or not, your use it or lose it. So many people really regreat purchasing a time share after purchasing them. Please think over this life changing decision before you purchase, and do not beleive anything these sales people tell you.

    1. hahahahahahaha “the poor children”……. I love it,

      If I ever buy a timeshare i’ll leave it to someone i don’t like hahahahaha!

  7. I have a timeshare in SOUTH PADRE ISLAND that I would like to rent. If would like to visit the BEAUTIFUL beaches of South Texas this is the place to visit. Royale Beach is well kept

    condos on the beach with alot of amentites. I have 2 weeks bank and one like to rent one. Contact me by email at

  8. Hi Holly,

    I understand your concerns regarding people who are not openminded but you must keep in mind that the real reason many people attend the presentations is because of the free gifts. People are not obligated to buy, and this is stated during the solicitation process. My advice to you is change careers if you honestly feel that people are taking food off of your table, otherwise people have the right to say NO! and take the gift and run.

  9. I have been a timeshare rep for about a year now and I meet freeloaders all them time! It's part of the business. I understand that most people are there for the free gifts, but what they should relize is that this is my job, my only income, my lively hood. I am extreamly passionate about what I do, and I truely believe I do good this for people. I have changed lives for a number of people. My clients are living their dreams. Seeing and doing thigs they never thought possible. Its sad that some people won't even walk in with an open mind. They are not only robbing themselves, but mine as well, taking food off my familys table. It's very sad and upseting. So please don't be selfish, just take a look at the whole picture before you attend a timeshare presentation and consider who your hurting. If you really really dont not want anything to do with the timeshare world, then by all means, avoid it, don't attend a timeshare presentation. It's that simple.

    1. After 8 years in the bussines i can tell you NOBODY comes thinking they will buy… EVERYBODY comes to the presentation only for the gift. It is withing your skills to change that and even people who have attended 30presentations can end up buying because of YOU not because you are showing anything different… Onces you get this you will not take personal that the are there only for the gift and they are certantly not taking food away from ypur table bacause it is within your job to sell 3-4 and not sell 6.

      1. Holly, ROTF–LMBO!!!!

        Who in there right mind would go on a timeshare presentation thinking they want to buy a timeshare, if it were so they would not have to offer the gifts. I plan on going to as many as I can on every vacation I take, and no way in hell am I buying, better hope you don’t get me hahaha “this place is a dump” is what you will get from me after showing me the model LOL…

  10. I want to rent on my privat account .. 4 weeks on paris – France – Resort name ( SUITEHOTEL PARIS PORTE DE MONTREUIL (#6206).. from 15 july to 15 August .. 4 person adult.. very soon reply i will apresiated

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