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Westgate Smoky Mountain Experience

The following is a user-submitted story about their experience with Westgate in Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

“My husband and I visited Westgate resort in Gatlinburg about 2 years ago and took the informational tour. Salesperson explained that it wasn’t a timeshare, but that we would be investing in property. Of course, we fell for it! About a year ago we started noticing on emails and promotional documents that Westgate was being referenced as timeshare. This shows that we were given false information in order to get us to buy into this scam. I will most definitely be contacting Westgate on Monday.”

Westgate smoky mountainHas anyone else been told by a sales rep that they are investing in property and not a timeshare? If so, you may be able to file a claim against the timeshare seller based on unfair sales tactics used and promises made before you signed the contract. According to NOLO, these claims may be covered under state laws prohibiting unfair business practices or those designed to prevent fraudulent inducement.

However, timeshare sales contracts often include clauses that disclaim any promises made during the sales pitch, and unfortunately, verbal promises do not usually hold up in court against the written contract that you signed. Next time are you are facing the decision to purchase timeshare or not, BE SURE that any promises made verbally are also included in the written contract before you sign on the dotted line.

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