Weston Florida Timeshare Help

The following is a reader submission detailing the discrepancies between what they were told vs. what they actually received at a timeshare presentation in Weston, Florida (the actual resort name was not disclosed):

We (4 of us) bought time share in Weston, Florida in October 2010. At the time of purchase we were told if we stay at an all-inclusive resort our meals would be covered. Much to our surprise we have recently found out while trying to book a trip that we have to pay for our food, which makes it a very expensive trip… Seeing as we only travel all inclusive, one price and we are covered, this is definitely not going to work.

We were also told we would receive 4 RCI cards, we only got 2. RCI is now telling us that the other 2 people in our party have to pay $150.00 each in order to use the timeshare. This makes absolutely no sense to us – why should they have to pay to stay when they are already paying monthly fees on this timeshare! This is not fun any more, we would like to get out of this hell we signed up for…..HELP!

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