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Donating Timeshare to a Non-Profit

A reader who is affiliated with a non-profit organization shares their experience with accepting timeshare as a donation.

This is an important read for any timeshare owner, and provides a great deal of insight into issues surrounding increasing maintenance fees and stopping payment.

“I am affiliated with a non-profit organization. We received a timeshare donation week from an individual, not truly knowing what we were getting into.

Our first year the maintenance fees were increased by 20% without our consent. We reluctantly paid the bill, and one of our board members enjoyed the vacation week.

The following year, we received a bill for our maintenance fees, and began to explore our options. Time passed and our resort turned us in to a collection agency who is requiring nearly double our original bill for a balance. We offered to pay the original bill, but they refused our offer as of today.

Wondering our options, if any, having read the post on this website about NOT paying maintenance fees. We are determined to let the forclosure process run its course, if the fees are not reduced to their original amount.”

Not surprisingly, I’ve heard this same story echoed over and over from other non-profit organizations with regard to whether not not they accept timeshares as a donation.  

As you can see from this reader’s experience, taking on a timeshare as a donation simply does not make financial sense due to the high and increasing costs of maintenance fees.

Do you have experience with timeshare donation? Help your fellow owners and click here to share your timeshare story.

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  1. There are some charities that still accept them depending on the type. They sometimes take the bigger name timeshares. One I know of is still doing it, their phone number is 1-800-385-6765, they may be able to, but it really depends. They accepted one of our timeshares but refused two others that relatives owned. Hope this helps.

    1. Depending on yearly amount and location i belive i can helo with solution if timeshare..where is it and what us it called? And yealry maintence fees

  2. It doesn’t surprise me at all that non-profits are no longer accepting timeshares as donations. It makes so sense for these groups to have to shell out yearly maintenance and other fees for something that they’re never going to see any return on.

      1. that is so true I have a buyer and they tell me they wouldn’t get the same thing as I have if they want to travel anywhere that’s Westgate they have to pay $400.00 for every destination

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