List of Questions to Ask When Considering Timeshare

If you have decided to purchase a timeshare you may be unsure what types of questions to ask before becoming a time share owner.  While everyone will have their own personal preferences regarding location, amenities, time of year, and perks, the following checklist is a good starting point for anyone new to timeshare to be sure to cover all of the bases.  If you are unsure of any of the terms listed below you may want to refer to the following Timeshare Glossary, or click on the links included in the checklist (they will open in a new window).

Timeshare Questions to Ask Before Buying Checklist:

  • Is it a deeded ownership or right to use (RTU) ownership?
    • If RTU, when does the deed expire, i.e. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years.
  • Is the timeshare a points or weeks based system?
    • If it is points how many are given?  When are the points renewed? What company are the points through?  Do unused points carry over to the next year?
  • If the timeshare is a weeks timeshare, is it a fixed or floating week?
  • Is the resort part of a larger resort chain?
    • Resort chain examples include Wyndham, Disney, Hilton, etc.
    • If it is a resort chain, what are the terms and conditions regarding the use of purchased product within and/or outside the corporate system?  Will you be able to go to non-chain resorts?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing straight from the developer instead of buying the same timeshare on the resale market?  (Get these in writing so you have proof later if they try to back pedal on any of these “perks”)
  • What are the annual maintenance fees for the resort?
  • Have the maintenance fees increased at all over the past few years?  If so, what is the rate of increase per year?
  • Are there any special assessments in the works for the resort?  Have there been any special assessments in the past?
  • Do existing mortgages and/or liens play a role in this type of timeshare ownership?  Would any outstanding balances to lenders or lien holders need to be resolved prior to actual transfer of ownership?
  • Are you able to look at a current copy of the presently recorded deed?
  • Will a closing company be used in processing the sale?
  • If ownership is changed, is there a transfer fee?
    • If a transfer fee is required, how much does it typically cost?
  • What is the timeshare rescission rate at this resort?
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  1. In a way, yes as the timeshares remain part of your moms estate. Ask your mom to will them to the respective resorts. They can refuse to take them. However, you can refuse to take them as well. Just make it clear in writing to the resorts that you are not accepting the timeshares either. Most times, when they know you aren’t going to be suckered into them, they are left with no choice but to take them back.

  2. My mom has 5 weeks of timeshares. For each week, she pays $1000 per week each year in maintenance fees. When she passes away she is leaving everything to my 3 brothers and myself, excluding the timeshares which none of us want. With these just hanging in limbo, will it affect us in the end? Our names are not on the deeds.

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