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Traveling with pets has started to become a more common practice and timeshare companies are now allowing pets in many of their resorts. If you are planning to travel with a furry friend, it is important that you book your travel early and call the resort ahead of your planned arrival date to find out about possible extra fees, pet weight restrictions, or other guidelines. There will also be additional considerations if you are traveling with your pet to another country, such as proper vaccination documentation and making arrangements to fly with animals.

Do not get discouraged if your first choice resort does not allow pets, simply contact your timeshare company and obtain a list of resorts in the same area. Some resorts may even allow you to bring small pets even if they do not specifically advertise themselves as “pet friendly”. If you are not a timeshare owner or wish to travel without using your timeshare, DogFriendly and PetsWelcome provide excellent resources for creating a memorable vacation that includes your four-legged friend. The previously mentioned sites focus mainly on US locations, but make mention of a few foreign destinations such as the Caribbean and Mexico.

Dog friendly cities in USWhen traveling with pets be sure to pack for them as you would for yourself, taking into consideration any special diet restrictions, favorite toys, identifying documents, and medications. If you have a pet with allergies, you will want to plan ahead and be sure to pack your pet’s allergy medication. You may also want to do research before you take your trip and locate nearby pet friendly restaurants, parks, and retail stores. If you are planning to be away for prolonged periods during the day, you may want to enroll your pet in a local daycare program or arrange for a daily kennel stay. There is no reason to leave the furry family members at home when you take your next trip, with a little planning and research your pets can come along for the fun!

For specifics on which RCI resorts accept pets:

List of Pet Friendly RCI Resorts in US

List of Pet Friendly RCI Resorts in Canada

International List of Pet Friendly Resorts

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  1. We have been owners of Wyndham for about 30 years, and have stayed at our home resort 0 time because they don’t allow pets. We are retired and out two little dogs are like children. We use to exchange with Silverleaf, and Westgate but now Silverleaf isn’t pet friendly and Westgate aren’t on some. We have been using la Quinta more and more. Heads up timeshare people have some rooms available for only pet owners and charge a deposit in case there is damage. Maintenance fees are going up and can’t even take all my family with me.

  2. We are the recent owners of a resort at Hilton Head, named Coral Resort. We were informed before we purchased that we could take our four legged friends at any resort. Well, guess what not true….we paid for our resort and have attempted to get a pet friendly resort. They only have a few limited resorts that take pets…No one wants to assist us with this fraud…does anyone have advice?

    1. We purchased in Hilton Head also at Coral Resort. We were told exactly the same thing you were told. It sounds like word for word. We have been back down there twice. They call and offer free trips when I explain that we want to bring our maltese they always put us in a pet friendly hotel. When we get there all they want to do is sale us an upgrade. When we try to explain why we are there and that we were lied to they appear not to believe us. And say there is nothing they can do. We did not get it in writing. We trusted the sales lady. We made this purchase in 2007. I have also called a number I believe I got off line for a Corporate office and got no place there. Good luck. If you get this resolved please post, I would really like to know how to take care of this matter.

      1. same here – and i have been calling with no results. I would love to see if there is anything we can do. love the resort – hate that i feel scammed. no one answers the phone and no one returns my calls.

  3. The list of the RCI Pet Friendly Resorts in the US are shrinking like crazy since Silverleaf took all their resorts off the list.

    It’s funny that many of the mid-range hotel chains(such as Residence Inn) are starting to allow pets in their hotel rooms(with pet fees, and I really don’t mind to pay that); while the timeshare resorts are staying away from the pet owners. What a shame.

  4. I can tell you as a fairfield/wyndham owner, none of the U.S. resorts allow pets.. which is why I now sometimes rent my points to friends who don't have pets and tend to stay in pet friendly places when I travel.

  5. What timeshares in the Fairfield / RCI / Wyndham group will allow us to bring our 11 pound toy poodle? She is more well behaved than most people's kids, and is our ONLY child. PLEASE….. We don't want to have to vacation without her… we REFUSE to place her in a kennel – a babysitter (housesitter) is the best we can do, and we'd MUCH rather take her with us!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    1. I purchased at Los Abrigados in Sedona,AZ specifically for my mid-size dog. They allow pets there for owners. For timeshare exchanges….those are done at Bell Rock, Village of Oak Creek, AZ (10min outside Sedona). Beautiful views and tons of hiking for you and your dog!

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