Best Websites for Renting and Selling Timeshare

How to Rent or Sell Your Timeshare

Whether you are simply unable to use your timeshare week for one year, or want to get rid of your timeshare completely, there are a few honest sites out there that can assist you with either renting out or selling your timeshare. In this instance, sites that require no up-front cost are the way to go, and you should steer clear of the sites that require any payment to be made before the transaction is completed.  Some of the scam sites will require you to subscribe to a monthly plan in order for your timeshare to be displayed in their database, and others will charge a large amount of money down with offering a money back guarantee.  Below you will find my top three picks for listing, renting out and selling timeshare with very little or no cost.

  • Bidshares

Bidshares is, by far, the best way to rent or sell timeshare. Registration for the site is absolutely free and there are no costs associated with advertising your timeshare using their auction format for listings. The auctions run for 5, 7 or 14 days, and you may reactivate your auction as many times as you wish for no additional cost – they even have an automatic reactivation feature that will re-post your listing if it has not been sold at the close of bidding. Bid shares gives you the ability to set a reserve price to ensure that you receive optimal payment for your timeshare rental or time share for sale property.

At the close of the auction you will have the opportunity to either accept or deny the highest bid, and if you accept, you will deal directly with the buyer using a closing company not affiliated with Bidshares. Bidshares has a very reasonably priced closing company that they recommend through their site, but ultimately the choice is up to you. Upon closing a successful auction either for a timeshare resale or rental week you will not owe any money to Bidshares, the transaction is completely free. In contrast to eBay and Craigslist, Bidshares only deals with timeshare, and using their site will guarantee that your timeshare resort resale or rental will be seen by thousands of interested consumers. Click here to search the auctions!

  • eBay

eBay offers everything from apple pie pans to zebra pillows, and timeshares are no exception. There are many great timeshare deals and steals that can be found on e-Bay each and every day, including timeshare owners looking to get rid of time share resort property for as little as $1. Registering with eBay is totally free, but there are costs involved with listing and selling an item. These prices depend on starting price, selling price, selling format, optional listing upgrades, category, and site. The fee to list an item on eBay is known as an insertion fee , which is based on the starting price of your item, or the reserve price, if your item has one. Your listing will also be assessed a final value fee when your item sells, this value is derived from the final selling price of the timeshare. You can find more information on the fees here – eBay Listing Fees

I recommend eBay for the timeshare seller looking to get rid of their time share property for a very low rate. eBay auctions are great for people looking to pretty much give away their timeshares, whereas high-end sellers tend to fair better on targeted timesharing sites like Bidshares. Creating an eBay listing with high visibility is also a little more complicated, and certainly more pricey, than the listing wizard utilized by the Bid Shares website. eBay can still be a good resource for sellers and renters, even if you only use it to compare your pricing with other owners or renters. Click here for eBay!

  • Craigslist

Palm Trees in Dominican RepublicCraigslist is the mecca for everything free, but lacks the global reach of Bidshares and eBay, which is why it is my number three pick for websites to assist in selling or renting out timeshare. Cross posting in multiple Craigslist locations is explicitly prohibited, and they will notice and possibly ban you if they notice you are spamming other locations with advertisements for a timeshare resale or time share rental opening. The best thing to do is to list your timeshare on Craigs List in conjunction with another site, perferably an auction site like eBay or Bidshares, and see if there is any local interest in your property.

Having a buyer or renter nearby can prove to be a great asset when trying to distribute guest certificates to a renter or coordinating closing proceedings for the sale of your time share property. Many people prefer this type of face-to-face meeting instead of conducting business over the web due to fears of identity theft or the work of scam artists, although by sticking with a reputable company for listing your timeshare you will be able to avoid these types of security concerns. If you do decide that Craigslist is a good way for you to advertise and sell your timeshare here are a few tips:

  1. List, and list often – re-list your property every few days by first deleting the orginal post and re-posting; his will ensure you stay the top of the queue
  2. Be sure to include pictures – you do not necessarily need to use photos you have taken on any of your trips, but be sure to include some photos of the resort itself as well as the accommodations; a picture is worth a thousand words
  3. Details, details, details – your posting is most likely going to be viewed by hundreds, if not thousands of people, and the best way to avoid unwanted phone calls from buyers that are not serious is to include all of the details of the timeshare you have available for rent or sale; details include – resort amenities, how many people it sleeps, exact location (give address), nearby attractions, any special perks/privileges, amount you are asking (specify whether or not you are willing to negotiate), details of the deed if you are selling.

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  1. The Timeshare User Group (TUG) is an excellent forum for learning about the timeshare business and members can place several advertisements as part of their membership dues (which are rather low). The public can access their advertisements (but not their resort reviews) without joining TUG. I have sold and rented timeshares through their advertisements.

  2. We have heard so many negative things about selling your timeshares, so I guess we were very lucky that our first experience was successful. If you want to sell your timeshare, try Global Event Consulting. They are professional and honest, definitely no scam or fraud involved. The sale took 48 days from the time we signed the contract. We received a bank wire in our account and are very satisfied. I hope this helps someone else who wants to sell their timeshare.

      1. I’ve never heard of this company, but will do some research on them and draft up a post. In any case, I’m a bit weary due to the fact John mentions a “bank wire” into his account as a result of the transaction. Smells a bit fishy to me, but I will spend this evening searching a bit and let you know what I can find.

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