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A contributor to our website, Nikki, left the following comment regarding an email she received from Property Donation Group.

In light of this comment I thought I would open up discussion for everyone to share their experiences or write a review about donating their timeshare to Property Donation Group.

Here is a copy of the email Nikki received when inquiring about donating her Carriage Hills timeshare:

Look at the e-mail I got back from a company called Property Donation Group

“Thank you kindly for submitting your interest in donating your Carriage Hills timeshare. Our specialists have reviewed your resort details and have determined that we are not able to accept the timeshare under a no cost donation program. If one of our sponsored charities actually expressed a desire to accept this timeshare as a donation then there would be absolutely no cost at all. Charities are accepting less and less timeshares as time passes. We do offer another unique service that your timeshare would certainly qualify for which is the Guaranteed Transfer Program, where the timeshare will be deeded completely out of your name and right over to one of our contracted timeshare acceptance companies who have already agreed to accept your timeshare with our plan. The transfers are typically completed within approximately 1-10 weeks. We aren’t a timeshare resale advertising company, listing service or consignment company and this transfer doesn’t hinge on your timeshare actually being re-sold like our industry peers nor do we promise to sell your property at unrealistic “ballooned” prices. We do not make false promises that the market is “hot” and there are buyers waiting for your property. The entire fee for this exit program would be only $900.00 with no hidden fees which fully covers all title closing, resort transfer fee (Up to $300), county recording fees, etc,., With this you will completely relinquish all of your unwanted ownership responsibilities and maintenance fees forever. This fee is not a commission and is to paid when the closing and transfer begins.

Your maintenance fees do need to be up to date in order to insure a smooth and timely title transfer. This is the standard for all companies in the field. You will in turn be able to keep the 2012 use for your own personal use. This can make a nice gift for someone if you can’t use it for yourself.

Property Donation Group, is not a charity however we are a socially conscious for profit company. The charity of your choosing will benefit nicely from your relinquishment transaction with a cash proceeds donation that should qualify for a tax deduction.The IRS requires that any deductions over $5,000 require a professional appraisal. Legitimate Appraisals are very hard to come by. If you would like too try to claim more than $5,000 you can employ our licensed broker for a “Comparative Market Analysis” at your request. We highly advise that you always consult your tax professional for deduction advice before making any tax deductions. Standard comparative market analysis appraisal approaches can be questionable for timeshare especially since there is currently no “Bluebook” for timeshares. We have even seen news online about one of our largest competitors, Donate For A Cause has even previously circulated completely erroneous info regarding tax deductions for donated timeshares (in truth, the tax deduction is exactly ZERO if the market value of the “donation” is also effectively ZERO). In all fairness, however, they seem now to have ceased distributing (and have removed from the Internet) their previous completely false and incorrect tax deduction information. If you look us up with the BBB you will find that we have a “B” Rating and “0″ Complaints. Once you have agreed to move forward with our offer, we submit all of the necessary paperwork to our timeshare title and escrow agency who are a licensed, bonded, under-written and insured full service title agency to complete the secure transfer and recording of your complete timeshare interest.

Please respond directly to this email thread by hitting the reply button or call us directly at [Number Rescinded] and let us know if you have any questions or would like to go ahead and move forward to get the closing and transfer paperwork started for you. We can also give you some client referrals to speak to if you like. Thanks again.

Ron “Rocky” Singleton
Transfer Coordinator
[Number Rescinded]


Can I Donate My Timeshare?What I’m ultimately left wondering here is whether it is actually still considered to be a DONATION when you are not (from the looks of it in the email) actually going to be donating your timeshare to any charity, instead PAYING a for-profit company to take it off your hands.

Where exactly does the timeshare ultimately “go”? If no non-profit organizations actually want the timeshares, what’s happening to them?! I hate to even think this is the case, but if for some reason these timeshares are just being passed into some type of shell corporation or other legal loophole we’re actually just hurting ourselves and the other owners that still have timeshares at those resorts. If these timeshares are sitting in some type of legal limbo, the maintenance fees are not being paid and the value/experience at the resort will ultimately suffer.

I’d love to hear your input. Please share your experience with Property Donation Group or add your thoughts below.

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  1. I would like to donate my 2BR – 2 Bath lockout timeshare on Maui Hawaii called Kahana Falls Resort. Please contact me at [redacted] or at the email noted above

  2. I don’t know about this “Property Donation Group” specifically, but I know people who have tried to get rid of their timeshares by using various organizations that promised to “donate” them, and they only ended up getting scammed for an additional $1,000+.

    Anyone who should decide to try this route, I highly recommend consulting first with an attorney, and having him/her read through the contract thoroughly, and provide you with a legal opinion BEFORE signing or handing over a single dime.

  3. Hi to the ones having doubt. Ron and his folks handle processing very professionly. I have used them in the past and plan to do more in the near future. We are currently going thru with our estate planning and have decided to forgo our timeshares. We first offered one to each niece and newphew for free. Out of 8, one niece took us up on the offer. We have tried to give a couple away, but to no avail. I’m a disabled Viet Nam veteran suffering from different Agent Orange medical issues and you want to make sure my affairs are in check. So changing our priorities in our estate was one of them.
    Ron worked with me very well and had patience with me. Even after our transation he has stayed in touch.
    Use the service. And then make your comparsion to others that close up shop in a few months or change names and numbers. Plenty of those out there. I know because I was duked by two others before finding PDG.
    Good luck to you all

    1. Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your input, and I am glad you have had a positive experience.

      As someone who has worked with PDG, I am curious to know if Property Donation Group provided you with any legal documents showing where your timeshare was transferred. As is the case with *most* timeshares, there are very few organizations that are actually willing to take them on as a donation or otherwise, and I would really like to know where all these timeshares that people are paying to have transferred out of their names are actually being transferred.

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