Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure for Timeshare

Mountains in CanadaWhether you are facing timeshare foreclosure, or are looking for a way to get rid of an unwanted time share, a deed in-lieu of foreclosure can be a great option to get rid of your timeshare obligation. It is important to note that a deed in lieu of can usually only be (easily) obtained by an owner that has already paid off the principal balance of the property, whose only remaining financial obligations are yearly/monthly maintenance fees. If you still owe money on the property, in addition to maintenance fees, you will want to discuss a deed in lieu of foreclosure with your lender – their willingness to allow you to sign the deed instead of foreclosing depends on a variety of factors including the amount owed, frequency of delinquent payments, your personal situation and resort desirability. If the deed in lieu of foreclosure is accepted and executed in this case, the former owner may be responsible for any applicable legal fees and/or amount owed different than what the property was resold for; although I have found that many timeshare resort property owners do not take this extra legal step, as it involves a series of court orders and legal fees for their company.

For timeshare owners that own their property outright and simply want to get out their timeshare contact due to no longer traveling or not wanting to pay maintenance fees, the best way to go about obtaining a deed in lieu of foreclosure is to simply stop paying your maintenance fees. Eventually your home owners association (or HOA) will turn your account over to a third-party collection agency that will begin to use the traditional routes of communication including letters, email and phone calls in an attempt to collect the money owed. After this collection firm has used up all of their money-collecting ammunition, and it has been made clear that the owner has no intention of bringing the account current or continuing to pay, they will inform you that your home resort will accept a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure to sever all your ties with the timeshare property.

With regards to your credit in the case of obtaining a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, your credit should not be greatly affected at all. It is an excellent idea to obtain a written statement from the lawyer preparing the document to state that the lender and/or timeshare resort property owner will not be recording or reporting this deed to credit agencies. Some lenders/property developers will not agree to this, however, so you should at the very least obtain a signed statement acknowledging that any information reported will be accurate – including the fact that there was no delinquency or default if your payments are current. This document should be signed by the parties to whom you are returning the property, and while it is not a guarantee that the deed in lieu of foreclosure will not be reported to credit agencies, it will come in handy if any errors in reporting to FICO occur.

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  1. I own a time share I only needed 2000.00 to pay it off I had surgery on my voice box 7-12 and on 7-14 I decided to go they said only 90 min and I will get 3 free days so I went my brother told me it was 5 hour and I signed for another time share in Arizona for 25000 I was not in my right mind I don’t remember signing and to top if off even on the contract u can see where I even wrote the wrong date even the title company wrote the wrong date they wont let me out of the contract orange lake resort aka Wilson company they took advantage of someone that cant speak I am trying to get out of this time share if u know of someone please send info to REDACTED please help me and beware of this time share thanks

  2. OMG! I feel for everyone. It just literally makes me sick to my stomach. We too, have been screwed. We took our family to wilderness in the smokies in jan. 2016 and were roped in at check in to sit thru a 2 hour presentation, which turned into a 6 hour grueling experience where they would not take no for an answer. We finally caved. And no one ever mentioned matinence fees. We just wanted to take our kids and grandkids to Disney world, so it seemed like a no brainer, right? After a couple of months I started looking into booking and nothing was ever available. Forever…seriously, I thought at first it was just the wrong time of year, but really….never was anything available. It was financed thru paypal and I received points. They assured me that I would be able to get a loan from my bank at a low interest rate. Just another lie…my bank wouldn’t touch it with no collateral. After months of disgust, I was so frustrated that I paid aconsumer credit 2500.00 to get us out of this mess. Big mistake #2. They screwed us too. disconnected telephones, and chapter 11 bankruptcy.Now I am back to the beginning. I have not been paying wyndham anything for 1 year on the maintence fees. Bill collectors call regular. I just don’t answer. I was told not to take calls from the scumbags that took my 2500.00. They would handle it. I still owe paypal and I cant make my payments to them. I send what I can, but with all the ungodly 20% interest rates and late fees, I stared out owing 11,000 and now I owe 14,000. I worry by nature and this has just about ruined me. My husband lost his job, I have acquired high blood pressure and an ulcer from the stress and worry. We have always paid our debts and tried to do the right thing, but this bullshit has gotten the best of me.I tried to get advice from a lawyer, but nobody will touch these people…Why?? I just don’t know what to do. Some people say deed in lieu of foreclosure and other people say it doesn’t work. I think I only owe wyndham for the maintenance fees and not the actual paypal loan, correct? Our health is declining and we will soon be looking at 70 years old. Can they take our property? we live on our grandparents family farm. I would actually like to give my deed to the scum that sold it to us. he has left wyndham. Any suggestions? I will pray that this will work out for every one of you because I feel your pain and frustration.

  3. I’m in the same boat, just received today a notice of default, with all the usual threats of wage garnishment, lien against other existing property, etc. My timeshare is with Vacation Village, Berkley. I bought the timeshare in June of 2015, was making timely payments for mortgage and maintenance until I realized his stupid I was for buying in the first pkace. I never got to use the unit. I stopped payments since Oct 2018. By the way, I tried to cancel the contract but it was on the 10th day of signing and I was already in another state then so my cancellation letter did not reach the lender on time and it was rejected. In October 2017 I wrote them a letter asking to surrender the timeshare and if they could buy it back. They replied no they don’t do buybacks. So I just stopped paying and started receiving their phone calls. And today I received the notice of default.

    1. Hey was this in Las Vegas? Payments going through some eldorado company? I’m about to do the same thing just stop paying RCI is a joke. They don’t deliver on their promises so why pay right?! Can u let me know what happens when you stop paying? I’m Canadian btw..

  4. I am looking to do a deed in lieu of Foreclosure on my timeshare. I still owe ~$26,000K on the property. The mortgage company will not take a deed in Lieu of foreclosure. The mortgage company is a French company base in St Marrteen. Can they ruin my credit?

  5. Timeshare at Grandview Las Vegas. Got divorced and ex wanted it so signed a kick claim deed which I am fine with cuz I only signed after sitting there for 6 hours and they walked away increasing my anxiety. So I no longer am the owner. However the mortgage remains in both names and he hasn’t paid anything and I am struggling to pay it. The timeshare tells me they can garnish my wages and put a lein on my property. Is this correct. I would rather suffer the hit on my credit then deal with this. Thanks

    1. Hi Kelli,

      They cannot garnish your wages or take your property without a judgement. To get a judgement, they need to file a suit.

      Always respond to a law suit.

      The timeshare is using fear to keep you paying, they call it whipping the slaves.

      1. When I mean property, I mean property OUTSIDE of your timeshare. They CAN take your timeshare for non payment which is actually a good thing.

    2. I was thinking of stop paying for maintenance fees since that’s all I owe every year. Just haven’t found concrete on what will happen besides get a bad credit score which I don’t mind.

  6. Hi all! I’m in the same situation and feeling very distressed right now trying to get rid of my ts. I own a 2-bedroom unit at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, Fl since 2012. I don’t owe them any mortgage, it’s already been paid in full long time ago. But this year, I’ve gone through some drastic change in my life that I can no longer go on vacation or pay the maintenance fees so I decide to stop paying them, my maintenance fees are due at the beginning of Jan. 2018…I wrote them a letter requesting to deed back my ts to the developer, but have not heard from them yet.
    I am worried that they will use my SS# to check on my bank account and everything about me, like when I buy a house or a car, etc. Do they ever do that to you all? I’m planning to close my CC account and transfer money from my bank to somewhere else, is that necessary to do so? I am also planning to buy a house in Spring of next year, 2018, will this foreclosure affect me in buying a house this year?
    My co-owner never paid or reserved anything from them, I am the one who paid the bills and made reservation, but his name was on the deed. Will they come after him for this when I refuse to pay them?

    1. Hi Cowgirl

      It sounds like you are an American with a US Credit file. This will allow them to tinker with your Credit. However, Florida law on timeshares is a non judicial, anti deficiency state so you will not need to worry about a deficiency.

      What I would do is stop talking to them and fast forward your home purchase. It is too soon for the developer to accept deed in lieu. They need to send you whip cracking letters, phone calls and emails first as the last thing they want is the timeshare. They prefer to have you try to sell it and pad their bank accounts with exorbant naibtenance fees. It is only after they harass you for quite awhile and feel they can’t squeeze the cash out of you is when they offer a deed in lieu.

      In my opinion, I think timeshares are a racket so I can’t in good conscience sell a racket to someone else. That’s why I would prefer the stop paying approach. Don’t worry, they will lock you out and rent your unit at a retail price thus recovering any maintence fees anyway. They try to add penalties so they can rake even more money in.

      In my view, get your purchase in order that needs credit now and get a longer mortgage, stop paying, and let them go through their shack down methods to try to collect and wait until they finally offer a deed in lieu.

      It’s really sad that products are on the market that lock I e in like this and gave very limited ability to resell. But it is what it is.

      I do know the less you communicate to then the better as they use communication to rook you into a lifetime of payment slavery.

      1. hi, I read what you told the person above. Here is my question. I also stopped paying my monthly mortgage and now after 3 months, I got a letter from collection. I am getting very stressed about this. What do I do? just let it go and wait? I am hopping this thing goes until foreclosure and I will be glad to sign a deed. please help me!!!

    2. Oh and yes they will come after your co owner as well during the shake down, whip cracking process. They don’t care who pays as long as someone does.

  7. Hello all, I got sucked into a massanutten timeshare in early 2017 and after months things started to unravel. Realizing I was lied to I’m at the point where i simply cannot afford this anymore. Im look for advice on what my options are. Of course the resort doesn’t have intentions on helping me. I’ve heard of a deed in lieu of foreclosure? But im wary, given im in my early 20s and still yet to own a home. I have great credit and can take a small hit. Selling it really isnt an option. Any advice on what I can do? Anyone have an experience with massanutten that would be willing to share?

  8. Timely commentary ! I am thankful for the specifics , Does anyone know where I would be able to obtain a blank South Dakota Notice of Default for Past Due Payments in connection with Contract for Deed version to fill in ?

  9. My timeshare is paid off with Vistana/ I owe $800 in Maintenance fees. Credit burea constantly calling. I was in hospital coma and recovering Hospital bills. Just couldn’t pay anymore . I recently received a letter offering DIL. I am going to accept. My question is there anything else I should be concerned about hidden fees in signing letter. I have read and it says this will release me of debt and any future fees? Thank you , I have 15 days to return paper work. From what I am reading on post, I should accept and turn In. I already got a ding on credit for not paying maintenance

    1. Hi Ali,

      We cannot travel anymore because my husband has severe emphyzema and we are receiving foreclosure threats from Vistana. Did you receive these letters before they offered the DIL?


  10. I have owned a timeshare in Palm Springs since 1994, it’s been paid for since 1996. The resort was originally owned by Monarch Resorts and since has changed ownership numerous times, as well as my maintenance fee increase structure. Originally the fee’s were reasonable and as time went on and everyone bailed out of their timeshares,(and I don’t blame them one bit!) the cost of the rest of the so-called owners starts to go up. I know I was young and stupid to do this but I finally see an end to this nightmare. I have been accepted to due a deed in lieu of foreclosure for maintenance fee’s grant you, and get out of this POS for $ 725.00. This is a paperwork charge after I spent $7500.00 to buy it and thousands of dollars to join interval and RCI, pay exchange fee’s, and other misc fee’s, and now I get to pay them to take this POS back in order to keep my credit from being dinged!. The lesson here is to let anyone you know to never get caught up in a vacation club, timeshare or what ever else they call it. The reason is google is the cheapest place to go for any trip, I have been all over the world and could not get it cheaper than the internet which is why I started questioning my ownership in this garbage trap. So good riddens to old garbage, now I will go to the invitations for all the free trips and sit for 90 minutes, take their trip and walk out laughing! My friends do this every year to Hawaii. This is the new goal and a way to recapture your wasted investment. Good Luck and do whatever it takes to get out of any timeshare!

  11. Wow look at all of us. All the credit these liars are ruining. How us this legal. I’m so confused. There is no way out! More and more people everyday.

  12. My timeshare recently assessed an excessive levy. I want to pull out altogether, the resort is in trouble, owes significant back taxes. Creekside, Bayse, VA Can I just quit paying, I’m 81 years old and not that concerned about my credit rating.

    1. Hun, live your life. Don’t let these people play upon your kindness/ weakness. What these people are doing is basically white collar crime.
      Enjoy your final years in peace. Namaste.

  13. I have two separate timeshares, both are mortgage free, just maintenance fees, both timeshares were deeded to me by parents. have had both timeshares for 10 plus years and only used one of them twice. have paid their maintenance fees
    on time yearly until this year. One of the timeshares has sent me to collections, the other is threatening to do the same.
    one of them is telling me to just let it foreclose, it will go away without problems or reporting to creditors. The other I am not sure about because communicating with them has proven more difficult. all I can say is preach religiously
    to everyone you know and even those you do not, to NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase a timeshare or let someone give or deed one to you!!! Also it would seem that the new trend for resorts is to sell “membership” in that particular resort. I hope this is not just another way to suck people in to the same sort of trap.

  14. Why am I getting a deed in lieu notice after property discharged during bankruptcy????? Will not pay one dime. Last paid in 2002. Bankruptcy 2010. Will this appear on my credit AGAIN. Just asking.

    1. A little insight here = having gone through a Bankruptcy in 2012 myself which included a mortgage for a timeshare I had to legally transfer the deed back to the timeshare company via a DILF. Not a problem since.

      1. I received a deed of foreclosure but they want $995.00 processing fee. Do I have to pay this fee? It says if I pay it and send the notarized form back no negative reporting on my credit will be made.

          1. Hi,

            Think of it this way. If they want they can foreclose FEE FREE. I would tell them that you are saving them the costs of foreclosure by signing a DILF. So, they can choose a DILF fee free or just foreclose at their cost.

      2. I was calf roped at a timeshare dog & pony show – I told them I was BANKRUPT and yet…they bull dozed right on through. They even finger printed my boyfriend & I! I felt completely violated & intimidated. What is DILF?

  15. We have stopped paying our maintenance fees for over a year and have been threatened with credit hits, collection agencies, foreclosure, blah blah blah. We were told that we are blocked from any future reservations or exchanges with this resort. We really did love staying at this resort. Would anyone know if we booked a week there though expedia if the resort would turn us away? Would or could they have us flagged?

  16. Can someone tell me if we stop paying our deeded Sedona Pines Arizona TS, can it affect our credit We are Canadian. Will it also affect our ability to winter in florida every year?

  17. We own a deeded TS at Sedona Pines AZ, we have been trying to get rid off. We would like to stop paying maintenance fees. if we stop will this affect our credit here Canada and it chance to to winter in the US for 3 months?

    1. I was calf roped at a timeshare dog & pony show – I told them I was BANKRUPT and yet…they bull dozed right on through. They even finger printed my boyfriend & I! I felt completely violated & intimidated. What is DILF?

  18. I feel everybody pain!!! This is such a nightmare! I bought Wyndham in 2009 and it was with a co-owner. There is still a remaining balance on this and I had been paying up until Sept of this year. I stopped paying because a family issue that I have to be financially responsible for. The co-owner was not helping to pay for the monthly fee and I had to ask him to help paying. I had so many phone calls from timeshare 6 times daily. I was being responsible by explaining to them my situation and asked them to contact the other person to get him to pay. I also said if they couldn’t get a hold of him, let me know so i can find a solution. So they got in touch with the other person on the account, he paid 1 payment for November 2012 because they said that by doing that, we will have more time (about 120 days) to see if we can sell our timeshare or make payment arrangement. I was so sure that after the other person made that payment, everything will be ok. So I get random phone calls from them and I did talk to them about getting in touch with the other person. And again, I asked them to get back with me if they cant get a hold of him. They said they would do that for me. So I didn’t hear from them for a week and then on Dec 17 I called Wyndham Financial department to see what’s going on with the account, they told me that they have sent my account to collection and I need to contact them from now on. I said that I never got a notice from them and that I thought after the November payment, I still have more time to decide on what to do. They started yelling at me making me feel really helpless and stupid so I asked for the manager and the lady came on the phone and also was so rude. I got off the phone being really frustrated. Then I got a phone call right after that from a lady from the collection agency. She told me that I have until Dec 28, 12 to resolve this matter. She gave me two options: 1)pay the loan in the full amount; 2) Make an offer to pay a certain amount to do the Deed in Lieu back to Wyndham. For option #2, she gave me some really high number. I asked her how much time I have to make a decision and she said I don’t have much time, that after a few days there will be additional 40% of collection cost on top of what I have to pay. (Later on I found out from calling Wyndham again and talked to various people that once the account is at the collection agency, they will have it for 3 to 4 months and if there is no action from the account holder, they will have to send it back to timeshare and the foreclosure process will start but please don’t quote me on this because at this point, reading everyone comments, we all know that timeshare lies!!! – Please Note: always get their name, ID number, direct phone number or extension, record time and date and the content of the conversation and everything they tell you and everything you ask them) The lady from the collection agency also told me that she is the only one that I could talk to, making me feel very pressure and helpless. And she told me that I have to get back to her by certain time during that day. So I did call back that day with a help of a very sharp person, he got more answers from this lady but she still put pressure on us. I said I had to get back with her the next day. So, the second day, I was trying to look into legal issues regarding these options I have. I have found a lot of useful info: 1) If I choose to pay off my loan with timeshare and give it back to charity but that would cost me about $3500, but there is a tax benefit. 2)Liquidation: costs about $2500, no tax benefit 3)Deed in Lieu: pay 25% of the amount you owe, but before transferring the deed or need to get a lawyer to draft a letter to timeshare to make them promise not to report your status as DIL and take off all the negative remarks of your credit report and release you from all of their obligation; NOTE: make sure to ask them if the amount you pay will cover maintenance fees, tax fees, any fees from them cuz you don’t want to get a letter from them later on saying you are still in collection of some sort of fees. I have lost 3 days of work trying to deal with this, can’t eat, can’t sleep… At this point, I still think I need a lawyer. I have been calling everywhere and there is no lawyers available. It’s the holidays but also, it seems to me that no one wants to handle timeshare case. So if anyone have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to do so. I hope everyone is doing well..No more buying timeshare.. and please tell everyone you know not to get into their traps! Also, how do I get the co-owner to pay for the fees? Thanks

  19. I own a Mariott Timeshare, have not paid for maintence fees since 2008 I owe $3423 what’s my best option request a deed-in lieu or let it go? I was awarded this timeshare in divorce settlement, what is the worst that can happen?

  20. Your situation sounds very similar to ours. We have 1M points and owe about $75,000. We quit paying in March. I have discussed DIL with several reps at Wndham who didn’t give me much hope for DIL. Did they also give you this song and dance? How did you finally get them to agree? Thanks for any advice you can give.

    1. Wyndham will not do DILF unless you have gone through a bankruptcy proceeding which included your timeshare and any maintenance fees owed. Wyndham does the DILF only to get back the deed to resell the property as they have no other recourse after bankruptcy. Also if you get the timeshare and maintenance fees dismissed through a bankruptcy you will get a tax form from Wyndham for the portion owed and this counts as income. Forgiven mortgage is seen by IRS as income. You will then have to get an accountant to help with your taxes.

  21. We bought into Wyndham years ago and have even upgraded, not always happy with the sales pressure but did enjoy our vacations. We have over 500 pts and was told our ts was worth over $100,000 and we owe $20,000. My husband lost his job, had some medical issues and couldnt find another job for over a year. We were hurting financially, losing our home. We tried renting points out but didnt come anywhere close to covering costs. We advised Wyndham of our problems and sent a hardship letter but they said they didnt care. We even requested if they could reduce our points to show paid for we could pay mf. They didnt care. Wyndham has been worse than our actual mortgage company. We have not paid since 6/2011 except for 1 payment in the fall when they convinced us they wouldnt call for 2 months if we made a payment. We struggled that month but made a payment and we got as many calls as we did before. They lied to get their payment. We get 7-8 calls a day from Wyndham asking for payment. We will not pay them anymore money. They say we have 25 days and they will turn over to collection agency. I cant imagine calling anymore than they already do. We are hoping for a foreclosure so the calls will decrease. Other than changing our phone number, anything we should do at this point. We cant afford to pay anymore, we need a house to live in a little more than a vacation.

  22. So, my wife and I foolishly bought into Wyndam Bonnett Creek (Near Disney in Orlando) back in 03. Talk about high pressure sales – we were trapped for almost 6 hours. In retrospect, we should have walked away but it was like being a hostage. Since then, we have tried to book time at that resort and others to no avail. No availability for any time we’d be able to take a vacation – we gave up even trying several years ago.
    Ours is paid off so we’re only in maintenance fee mode. Anyone else have any experience with Wyndam and how quickly a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure will go into effect with the new Florida law? My plan is to stop paying the maintenance fees and walk away from this complete waste of $$. I absolutely do not want to take a chance trying to get any other blood sucking service involved and just want to force the hand of Wyndam.

    1. your situation sounds a lot like mine. I have been advised by my attorney to just not pay and see what happens. Sounds like the worst is foreclosure and a hit on my credit of about 250 points.
      small price to\pay to get out of this .

      1. I was told by the foreclosure dept of Diamond Resorts (they may have different requirements than Wyndam) that foreclosures due to maintenance fees are not reported to credit agencies.

      2. My situation is just the same as yours. My timeshare is already fully paid. I am in maintenance fee mode, but do not have any interest in continuing that. I live in Brazil. How has it been going so far for you that simply stopped paying the monthly fees? Thanks for any help!

      3. From my own experience I owned 1.5 million points and owed Wyndham $80,000. Wyndham will not do DILF unless you have gone through a bankruptcy proceeding which included your timeshare and any maintenance fees owed. Wyndham does the DILF only to get back the deed to resell the property as they have no other recourse after bankruptcy. Also if you get the timeshare and maintenance fees dismissed through a bankruptcy you will get a tax form from Wyndham for the portion owed and this counts as income. Forgiven mortgage is seen by IRS as income. You will then have to get an accountant to help with your taxes.

  23. I never recieved a 2012 maintenance fees still owed for 2011 went online to pay fees and says its under forecloser we would like to pay fees but there is alot of legal fees in there can we pay this minus legal fees and not be forclosed on?

  24. I just talked with a rep from Donate for A Cause about donating my 154k points of Wyndam. They told me they would take it but I would have to pay $3500 plus the remaining maintenance fees for 2012. I thought I could just donate it and that would be it but no it still cost. The only upside is that it supposedly is tax deductibe. I will talke with my accountant before I do anything.

    1. I just stopped paying on my 1 million point Wyndham contract with $88k mortgage balance. It took a year but I finally got my DIL.
      You said you only have 154k points. And you still owe big maint. fees.
      And you can’t get anything decent, anywhere decent (but FAirfield Glade). Consider just ‘STOP PAYING’ Seriously, If you have to PAY to DONATE then you are cheating yourself. Research the ‘STOP PAYING’ method. It will take a year but you will finally get your DIL.
      It worked with me and now instead of PAYING Wyndham $14k+ every year I SAVE it. With 4 months savings this summer I am going to go back to Oceanwalk Daytona but instead of staying @ Wyndham we have 3 suites next door @ the HILTON. And I still have spending money and savings. Seriously, don’t give Wyndham another dime.

      1. Dr Jose — i hve sim sit at Marriott – i have not made payments – hardship, lost job plus Cancer – I owe Maint Fees they say they will not due DIL unless fees are current $4600. That is money I can’t afford but if it is only way. I have heard Tax consequences are awful IRS treats dif in LOAN Mtg and forgive as INCOME – clearly I need to choose without making mistake — at wits end

        1. Something to think about. Say you owe $600 in Maint and it goes to the IRS and ultimately to you as income. So what? You pay your normal tax rate on $600. If you’re retired that may be anywhere from 0 to maybe 22%. I’d say paying $120 to the IRS is better than $600 to the resort. And at some point I’m guessing the resort would stop the whole process if it drags on for years. And at this payment rate, you can pay the IRS for 5 years before it adds up to just 1 year to the resort. Do the math. The IRS isn’t all that scary if you just pay them.

        2. Why do so many good people get swindled by these TS hustlers?? For God’s sakes, worry about your health & let the TS sharks foreclose. You think they cannot resell the timeshare? Its a hotel room. Have you seen the amount of us suckers out there buying these rooms – that actually we cant get for less on Expedia? Must be millions of us by now. The tax surely cannot exceed the cost of yearly mait fees. Just foreclose & say AMEN! Got will forgive you!!

      2. I am going to take your advice and stop paying in January 2013. I’ve schedule a 2012 vacation for my daughter so I don’t let it go to waste. I’ve got my house paid for so I don’t have to worry about them getting a lein on my home. My credit might go to hell in a hand basket but oh well. Wyndam will not see another dime from me after December 2012!

      3. Dr. Jose…what reason did you give Wyndham when you stopped paying? Did you communicate at all? Did it affect your credit? What process occurred during the year before you finally got the DIL, lots of calls and letters? You still owed a lot, did they try to sue you?

        Please share your experience..thanks!

      4. Dr. Jose.. We are very interested in how you got the DIL from Wyndham… What reasons did you give when you stop paying? We currently owe them they call each month.. Need help. Any help would be appreciated!

      5. Dr Jose…. after you got your DIL, did they ever bothered you since then? Because im planning to do the same and hopefully be rid of this problem.

        1. I bought timeshare in2008, I stopped paying 2009 bec of financial problems. Now they are offering me a settlement of 2500 to cancel the mortgage. But a note says that this settlement will not cover the past maintenance fees. I’m afraid if I pay this, they will come back later and ask for the previous years of maintenance fees. What should I do? Will the timeshare just automatically be foreclosed? Do I need to file anything? Or just ignore everything and they will foreclose it?

      6. I am considering going this route and stop paying wyndham. I own over 1 million points with mortgages on it all. It is getting financially hard to bear. Did you contact a lawyer? I do not want my credit downgraded because of this. Any ideas? Do you have to notify whyndam in writing??

      7. We are in this same boat, we just got sent to collections. When do they finally do the DIL? Is this a common next step? What do I tell the collection agency? They are calling now. I just want the DIL, I keep asking for it and they keep telling me it needs to go longer. I just need advice. Please…

      8. What is the “STOP PAYING” method Dr Jose? My search on this came up with nothing. I see all these comments are 2-3yrs old. Has anyone been able to get out of their TS?
        I called Wyndham last week to ask about a financial hardship. I was told they would send me a packet. I have yet to receive it, going on 7 days.

        1. I understand the stop paying method is simple. Just STOP PAYING THEM. Easy. Then see what they do. For sure, you will get a whip cracking letter filled with threats and consequences. But this is not action. Action is when you get Court Papers served to you. Also, them chasing you costs them time, money, energy. Filing court papers do too. The p pp

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