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Founded in 1974, RCI has been a pioneer of the concept of timeshare exchange vacations. RCI has more than three million members worldwide, who enjoy vacations at RCI’s over 3,700 affiliated resorts. R.C.I. time share owners and resorts are a unique community of travel enthusiasts that value timesharing as a great way to get their money’s worth while traveling. RCI members benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of RCI’s Guides, who provide assistance in the planning of exchange vacations. RCI provides the opportunity for exchange vacations, which allow members to discover new places and enjoy the freedom of resort vacationing all over the world. RCI is considered within the timeshare industry as the global leader in vacation exchange.
How Does R.C.I. Timeshare Work?
Timeshare developers sell vacation ownership interests typically in either one-week intervals or as packages of points that can be used to reserve resort accommodations. Members share in the occupancy rights of a development and therefore pay an annual maintenance fee after the initial purchase. Timeshare owners are part of Home Owners Associations (or HOA) and are able to make decisions regarding development, upkeep and changes to their resort.

Why Own a RCI Timeshare?

With vacation ownership, consumers have the opportunity to purchase condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts offering an array of amenities in popular domestic and international destinations. Timeshares tend to have more spacious floor plans and home-like amenities very attractive when compared with traditional hospitality products such as hotels and motels. Timeshare amenities often rival those of top-rated resort properties and may include children’s activities, swimming pools, tennis, Jacuzzi, golf and bicycles as well as spa and exercise facilities. Other features may include boating, skiing, restaurants and equestrian facilities on-site or nearby. Timeshare is only worth the money spent if you plan to take regular vacations, a time share or vacation ownership does not make financial sense for the occasional traveler.

How Can I Purchase a Resort Condominiums International (RCI) Timeshare?

When purchasing a timeshare, buyers may pay cash, use a credit card or use the loan services of a finance company to pay the principal balance and any other applicable fees. The cost of a timeshare depends largely on location, the unit size, season and any additional perks that are part of the package such as bonus weeks or points. Today the average timeshare sells for approximately $14,800 for a 2 bedroom suite unit. If you wish to continue using RCI for your timeshare exchanges each year you will need to keep your RCI membership current by paying the yearly dues of $89 – this is in addition to maintenance fees or other special adjustments.

What Are The Different Types of Timeshare Ownership?

There are a number of purchase options to meet consumers’ desire for vacation variety and flexibility, the most common forms of RCI vacation ownership are:

  • Biennial
  • Club
  • Deeded Agreements
  • Fixed Week
  • Floating Week
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Points
  • Right-to-Use Agreement
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  1. Thank you so much for writing, Joe and Aurora. We rellay appreciate your ownership and are glad you continue to return to Kahana Beach. We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit. Aloha!

  2. I am an RCI member myself, Maybe this happened before, when he dealt mainly RCI exchange weeks, but now he sells the same as extra weeks, or weeks. minute POINT weeks and still not have multipropietà etc.. etc. .. exchange has become more expensive as well as much more difficult if not tappabuchi the villages unless requested. REALLY disappointing, hopefully it will soon put online in the U.S. also because there is a pending action propio why, with hundreds of members participating. IT MUST ALSO IN EUROPE. and CAN ALSO ADD THAT I HAVE THIS QUESTION OR REQUEST EXPLANATION RCI several times to travel in Italy as in England and yet no one ever responded to me and say she is a member since 1999 and my card is valid until 2015, perhaps a response you say about the?

  3. RCI does NOT have a program known as RCI VIP; RCI VIP is the name of this website, which is in no way, shape, or form associated with RCI, or its brand. I have seen mention of an RCI program known as “RCI PLUS”, which is what I think you may be referring to in your comment. I am unable to find any information on RCI PLUS directly on the RCI website, but I have found mention of it on other sites which indicate it is an RCI program which allows you to exchange at discounted rates.

  4. Question: Is there such a program as RCI VIP? I was at my timeshare this past week and they tried to sell me on RCi VIP. Retail $499 with a yearly renewal of $60. This would allow me to select from any of the RCI properties ( minimim 2 night stay) for a reduced rate.

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