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Grandview Timeshare

My husband and I are just back from a paid vacation to Vegas. I do not think I need to tell you all what happened, but despite having decided to not buy the timeshare, we ended up paying the deposit and signing up. We spent around 4 hours and made a decision that was obviously not right for us.

Although I do not want to solely blame the sales person (we made the decision, after all), but as an afterthought I definitely can say they (yeah, I use ‘they’ because we had more than one salesmen work with us at the same time) tried to attack our emotions and not our logic. Also, as the grilling went on, we were getting more and more tired and I don’t know how we decided to sign off 10K of our hard earned money there. There were also facts that were hidden (rci membership costs) and twisted (“we will buy back your timeshare”). We should definitely have looked up more material on the www before we went and sat through this presentation. My advice to readers would be to never believe something that is too good to be true.

belize timeshare

The very next day, both of us realized that this was a bad decision. We started looking up the contract on the way back and one hidden portion of it told us how we could cancel off the purchase within 5 days without any issues. This was the scary part. We could find no phone numbers/fax numbers/website. All we found was two sets of revocation forms, one addressed to NV and one to FL.

As soon as we got home (we were still within our 5 day period), we started checking the internet and have sent out faxes to every possible number. Also, we sent out both the forms to each of the NV and FL addresses and have asked for a return receipt. I know we should also follow up via the telephone, but somehow haven’t been able to reach them yet. The numbers we have, they say they can take a message, but not let us talk directly.
Florida Timeshare Foreclosure

I do not know whether or not we are stuck with this all our lives. But for everyone who is offered free stays/tickets etc, please remember that nothing is free. We both have lost our peace of minds in trying to avail and ‘cheap’ vacation in Vegas. We have no one to blame but ourselves for falling for something that we clearly cannot afford. If we are stuck with this, I do not know how we will ever manage to pay it.

I am not an expert on timeshares, but it definitely is not for everyone, so please think hard before you sign the papers and put in your deposits.

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  1. After almost 10 years to attending those timeshare presentation I am also an expert in Timeshare. Actually you do not have to buy anything, whatever they said you just told them you don’t want to pay the maintenance fee. That is something they can not waive so you have a good excuse to end the sales.
    As for the 5 days to cancel the contract, it happened to my friend once…she spent a long time to sign the contracts and they gave use nice free show tickets and buffets. The the after my friend went back home she decided she doesn’t want it anymore. Normal people will call and fax the paper work back. However, stay in the cancellation paperwork that my friend has to personally deliver that cancellation form. Well, normal people probably would not be able to do that; however, my friend works for an airline company so she can fly anytime to any where. She flew back to Hilton timeshare presentation office and returned every forms and directories to them. They have not choice but accept her cancellation right away.

  2. My wife and I were taking a chance and trying t score some free tickets on our first trip to Vegas. my wife didn’t want to do it at first but finally she agreed that it was worth it and we signed up. the tour was started by a small shuttle bus that took us out towards the south end of las Vegas Blvd. when we showed up to the Grandview we were greeted by a very polite and courteous young man. we all sat as a group in a lobby type area. then we all waited we were asked our names and some small information. then we met our sales rep, a young man dressed very nice much different from the other sales man. he was absolutely polite and generous a real true honest good guy. we ate some food ,some pastries and coffee more say… we talked for a while, than we went upstairs to talk some business. the sales floor was quite impressive. large and well established. the information was told to us with such passion that we could only be mesmerize by all he was showing. we made some laughs and went out to the resort and looked around. he showed us the lobby and condos, pool, area. all very nice and clean and my favorite quiet. than after seeing the condo we went upstairs again to talk some more business. he was very kind the entire tour complimenting and asking nice thoughtful questions. we were pretty well prepared to say no. we had thought about this before we came, the young man showed us his price and then asked if we’d buy from him. we saw the price. we have used a timeshare before with a friend so we’ve seen the quality. but we couldn’t afford the initial price. the young man said that it was fine not a problem he said he was going to get his manager to help us out instead. we really enjoyed the young man he was quite good. luckily he came back and sat with us while his manager came over. his manager was very nice as well and you could tell that he was the one who trained the young man. very professional and the establishment is massive which is always a good thing when purchasing condos. the bigger the structure the more reliable and dependable. after meeting the manager he showed us his price a smaller package with not as much usage but still it was a good deal. again buying condos from a developer is always more dependable in any real estate deal you get what you pay for. so we bought a nice 15000 dollar one bedroom 2 weeks and we absolutely love using every minute of it. our family really gets together more and we have more fun than the old days so yeah be patient with the reps the value of these things far outway the price. much love to all who seek a freebie, nothing is free. but the timeshare is definately cool and a great investment for the legacy of young families.

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