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Club Navigo – Island One Resorts

My wife and I purchased a timeshare from this company in 2008. As per usual, you get the “It’s easy to use/all you have to do is call” speech when you buy. Every time we have tried to use our week, or any time for that matter, nothing has been available.
How to use RCI timeshare

We are researching how to be rid of this timeshare at present, and hopefully what i have said here will discourage others from buying into timeshares of any kind. They are not worth the hassle or waste of money.

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  1. hello we (my wife and i)own at club navigo i believe, well it was called island one and we bought into parkway international resort. its a deed not a points system and because we own weeks 51 and 51 its ez to rent out but i wondered about how they are to deal with if you where to tell them your not paying the maintenance and taxes , did you ever get out of the purchase or do you still use it and have you figured out a plan on which is the best way to take advantage of the ownership yet. thank you in advance for your time good luck . Bob

    1. Hello Bob,
      I own week 52 at liki tiki village and have done since 1999. Did you say you rent out wk51 no problems . I’ve been wondering what to do with my week as it’s 3 bedroom week 52. I’ve been offered a transition by diamond if I want to hand it back and unsure what’s best at the moment . Any advice on this would be most welcome .

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