Using Timeshare Bonus Time

Bonus timeshare is a benefit offered by most timeshare resort companies. Bonus timeshare can be a valuable asset to owners because using it has no effect on your deeded or right-to-use week. With bonus time, owners have the ability to rent time on a daily basis at their home resort at an extremely low rate. These discounted rates usually end up being about 50% cheaper than what the general public pays for the same resort and unit. Resorts are able to offer discounted bonus time because it allows them to fill otherwise vacant units with revenue that will go to the Home Owners Association. The additional revenue created by owners’ utilization of bonus timeshare time helps to defray operating costs, resulting in lower maintenance fees for the owners.

Conditions and cost pertaining to bonus time are regulated by the Home Owners Association at each individual resort. Some resorts will require a minimum stay (i.e. two nights) and others may require you to stay in a particular type of unit (i.e. the grand suite); each resort sets their own conditions. The length of time you are able to reserve ahead is also set by the HOA, but is usually somewhere in the time range of about 21 days prior to hours before – some resorts even accept walk-ins. Availability is the only restriction on obtaining bonus time and be aware that it may not be available at all during certain times of the year.

If bonus time is used extensively and wisely it can end up becoming as valuable as your originally deeded or right-to-use timeshare week. The savings have the potential to offset your annual maintenance fees if you travel enough. You do not need to travel long distances to see the benefit of bonus time, many owners take short 2-3 night stays at a resort close to home if their deeded week is a great distance. General Travel Directory is a great resource to find travel destination ideas. Do the research and make your timeshare bonus time work for you to see the maximum benefits.

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