El Cid in Cozumel Timeshare Maintenance

We bought this TS in 2003 and have been paying on it regularly except maintenance fees.

In 2009, we received sporadic bills for maintenance fees. I called to get a payoff and was told they were written off. Never could get hold of the timeshare comapny. Did not receive any letter or calls. Never received any bills for 2010.

Called last week because have not received a bill for the payment on the timeshare. Told in foreclosure. Boy did I blow it.

First it took 2 weeks to even talk to a live person, then when someone answered I was transferred 5x and the person was stupid. They called back and gave us another number to call, I did and that person had no idea what we were talking about and that person gave me another number, no good, and another number, no good and finally nack to the idiot I started with, while I as at work.

They never called us back. My husband will call tomorrow because I was furious and don’t have time to keep calling while I am working. This was the biggest mistake we ever made…

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