Pet Friendly RCI Resorts Within the US

Pet Friendly Hotels in US

Information Updated in February 2011:

The following is a list of RCI-affiliated resorts within the United States that permit pets i.e. dogs, cats, and birds. This list is subject to change and you should always call the resort prior to making reservations to confirm their pet policy. Some resorts do require a pet deposit, have restrictions regarding the pet’s weight and/or breed, and others will not permit you to leave the animal unattended – most resorts allowing pets do have kennels nearby. You should always be sure to bring all of your pet’s pets papers, vaccine information, medications, and tags with vacation contact information. With a little extra preparation traveling with pets can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience – happy tails! For more information on friendly pet hotels and successful vacations with your pet read – Traveling with Your Pet? and Flying with Your Dog – Tips for Taking Dogs on Airplanes

RCI Resorts Which Accept Pets

  1. Chateau Rouge Lodge (#0087) – Red Lodge, Montana
  2. Oak ‘n Spruce Resort (#1243) – South Lee, Massachusetts
  3. The Waves (#1426) – Ocean City, Maryland
  4. Lucayan (#1690) – Ocean City, Maryland
  5. Inn at SilverCreek (#2349) – Granby, Colorado
  6. The Plaza Resort and Spa (#2524) – Palm Springs, California
  7. Kala Point Village (#3187) – Port Townsend, Washington
  8. Kohl’s Ranch Lodge (#3986) – Payson, Arizona
  9. Royal Host Club at Holly Bluff Marina (#4876) – Deland, Florida
  10. Atlantic Resorts (#5002) – Ocean Pines, Maryland
  11. Caribe Beach Resort (#5009) – Sanibel Island, Florida
  12. Rancho Ruidoso Condominiums (#5133) – Alto, NewMexico
  13. Royal Host Club / Lake Eufaula (#5184) – Stigler, Oklahoma
  14. Celebration World Resort (#5389) – Kissimmee,Florida
  15. Apple Mountain Resort (#5487) – Clarksville, Georgia
  16. MROP at Kala Point Village (#6047) – Port Townsend, Washington
  17. Vacation Village in the Berkshires (#6057) – Hancock, MA
  18. The Hilton Club of New York (#6772) – New York, New York
  19. Grand Houseboat Vacation Club (#7468) – Stigler, Oklahoma
  20. The Inn at Taos Valley (#7544) – Taos, New Mexico
  21. Pointe on the Bay (#8784) – Ocean City, MD

** UPDATED 7/2009
A few of the RCI resorts no longer accept pets including – Quadna Mountain Village (#0104) – Hill City, Minnesota; Silverleaf’s Ozark Mountain Resort (#0741) – Kimberling City, Missouri; Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills (#1004) – Branson, Missouri; Outrigger Ohana Islander Waikiki (#6117) – Honolulu, Oahu; Outrigger Palms at Wailea (#6118) – Wailea, Hawaii; Sandestin (#6667) – Sandestin, Florida; Residence Club at Lighthouse Pointe (#6925) – Amelia Island, Florida; Eagle’s Landing at Running Y Ranch (#6930) – Klamath Falls, Oregon; Paradise Found Vacation Club at Sapphire Beach Resort (#6986) – US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas; Driftwood Worldgate Resort (#7916) – Kissimmee, Florida
A new pet friendly resort has been added – Pointe on the Bay (#8784) – Ocean City, MD

**UPDATED 2/2011
Silverleaf resorts appear to have changed their policy to ‘no pets allowed’. If you are visiting a Silverleaf resort and plan to take your dog or cat please be sure to contact them in advance of your stay for up to date timeshare pet policy information. Some resorts have been accepting certain dogs/cats if they have proof of vaccination and fall within certain size requirements.

Silverleaf Timeshare Resorts -Silverleaf’s Villages (#0370) – Flint, Texas, Silverleaf’s Holly Lake Ranch (#0712) – Holly Lake Ranch, Texas, Silverleaf’s Hill Country Resort (#1029) – Canyon Lake, Texas, Silverleaf’s Piney Shores Resort (#1780) – Conroe, Texas, Silverleaf’s Lake O’ the Woods (#2492) – Flint, Texas, Silverleaf’s Fox River Resort (#4863) – Sheridan, Illinois, Silverleaf’s Timber Creek Resort (#4863) – De Soto, Missouri, Silverleaf’s Seaside Resort (#5545) – Galveston, Texas

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  1. Everywhere we go we look for bring fido. People now days are looking to take their pets, this is why we do not use criminal as much as we would if allowed dogs . Would even pay pet fee

  2. Rci and Ii should work on allowing owners wish to take their dogs. I have 2 little dogs that are my babies. Most dogs owner are responsible people. Our dogs behave better than kids yet we cannot take them. We don’t use timeshares because of this silly rules. We do t mind paying a fee for it. If people can take their kids, we should be able to take our 4 legged kids. The exchange company should work hard on this issue to allow member this wish. Those hotels allow dogs embraced it.

    1. Can anybody post the most recent RCI dog friendly list? I do not have access to that area in your website because I am a Disney Vacation Club member and we have very limited information about properties when we want to exchange our DVC vacation with RCI. We just adopted a six year old dog who lost her pet parents in a fatal accident- hate to board her after she has been through such a loss. Thank you!

      1. We are going to port St Joe and San Blas in January, so we could take our lab, Abbey. We have never been able to take her through RCI. So this pan handle beach welcomes your dogs. We will be paying for a month to take her and it is worth it.

  3. Can anyone please provide properties in Florida that take dogs with a RCI exchange?
    The ones I have seen so far:

    Caribe in Sanibel Island
    Vacation Village in Weston
    Vacation Villas in Titusville

    Are there any others in Florida (preferably on or near the beach/ocean)?

    Thank you for your help!

    1. RCI, I have been a timeshare owner for 30 years. It is such a shame that you are totally missing out on a market by NOT allowing pet owners to travel with their pets at the majority of all your RCI properties. Please discuss with your upper mgmt. how many millions of families travel with their pets! Just a handful of resorts take pets, and these are also restricted by size.

  4. I doubt that they care. Once they trick you into getting their service, it is to their advantage to keep your money and points because you can’t get a decent place with your pets. What a rip off!!!!

  5. RCI isn’t a place to buy for a vacation club if you have pets, most don’t allow pets, that is why ours is a waste of money. We have a dog and cats and we can’t take the dogs for a night or a week with us anywhere, we only stay at a few hotels that let us have our dog, we would travel more but can’t due to all the pet restrictions.

  6. I did a sea4ch on RCI for “pet” and “USA” and got 38 results. You have to read the “urgent information” to see “animals allowed.” The ones on the east coast, excluding FL were:
    Bay Club (#DG15), Ocean City, MD 
    Atlantic Resorts (#5002), Berlin, MD  
    Berkshire Mountain Lodge #D567, Pittsfield,  MA 
    Northern Outdoors Adventure Club #5877 , The Forks,  ME  04985
    Pointe On The Bay #8784, Ocean City,  MD  21842
    Sandy Square Resort #DG42, Ocean City,  MD   21842
    Sea Mist Resort of Maine #3643, Wells,  ME  04090
    The Pines #0233, Basye,  VA  22842
    Vacation Village in the Berkshires #6057, Hancock,  MA  01237
    Dunes South #5040, Nags Head,  NC  27959
    Fontana Village #1758, Fontana Dam,  NC  28733

    1. I just did this same search. Of 1931 USA “Weeks” Resort Timeshares listed in the “RCI Resort Directory”, only ONE came up (Worldmark Palm Springs, DD45; no availability).

      I sent an email to RCI and asked them to check their “search engine”, as when I checked closer to the time of your post, I do recall several listed and available, in the USA, for “Weeks” Exchanges.

      1. Just a couple weeks ago a representative told me there were only eleven resorts. I knew she was wrong. Additionally, I have stayed at RCI resorts and other guests had dogs. I think it would be wise to call directly to the resort you have in mind.

  7. What’s wrong with you RCI??? ALLOW THE DAMN DOGS! People want to travel with their dogs and since you get an entire week with your time share you kinda need to bring Fido. I am looking for dog-friendly exchanges in Taos, Santa Fe and Colorado. Where are they? Let me know. Get on it!

    1. I completely agree!!!!! I have traveled for 30 years with my pets. I wish RCI had more pet friendly resorts in the United States. They are missing a huge market of travelers who consider their pets family, and won’t leave their pets home!

      1. I agree Cheryl!! RCI is missing out on this market. Even if they charged a reasonable pet fee, we would gladly pay it because pets are our babies and we treat them as such…

    2. I have RCI and I need them to have more dog friendly places. We’d go more places if we were able to bring our dog. Isn’t there any way thus can be change pro find more places that will except dogs

  8. For Oak n Spruce, if you rent from an owner you are allowed to bring your dog for a $100 fee. If you get in via an exchange, you cannot bring your dog.

        1. Hi Mark! I would consider Eau Claire WI! let me know if you have availability for next summer (2019) Thanks!

      1. There are two that I know of, Vacation Villas #5043 in Titusville near Cape Canaveral and Vacation Village at Bonaventure #4025 in Weston. the one in Titusville needs updating and is not in the greatest area, but I’ll take it so I can bring my dog. The one in Weston is lovely.

  9. I am a long term timeshare person, who just recently got a my dog. I think it would be a great idea that the timeshares acknowledge that pets are like our children. I understand that they may bark however, many resorts are spaced out. I think if the resorts designated areas that had dogs in them it would benefit everyone. They could charge a pet fee as well as have a containment of the rooms, decreasing cleaning fees. As much as I love timeshares, I love my dog more. After 20 years, I am opting to get a hotel room.

  10. I have a question. If when you purchased the timeshare they allowed pets. They changed the rules and now i can’t go there because of our dog. she has seizures we will NOT leave her in a kennel. She goes everywhere with us. So, can they do that? It seems like that is a breach of contract on their part.

    1. I’ve cancelled a cell phone contract on the basis that they changed their policies subsequent to signing their contract. They didn’t even try arguing the point. Many others did the same, and if the cell phone provider had tried holding all of us to the contract, they’d have faced a class-action lawsuit.

      I doubt your timeshare property will just agree though, but if you could get enough angry pet/timeshare owners, maybe. I personally would seek advice from an attorney.

      LaQuinta Hotels are not only “pet friendly”, they don’t charge pet deposits! LaQuintas are also very reasonably priced, and most are very nice and clean. Cats and dogs up to 50 lbs. are allowed to stay in the rooms, except where prohibited by law. In which case, most LaQuintas provide outside kennels. I know that doesn’t help your timeshare delimma, but the info could handy when driving for several days, and don’t know in advance how far you’ll get before stopping for the night.

      We have a cat and we don’t like leaving her home either. We have no problem paying deposits, but the worst a hotel can do is to ask us to leave, and charge an extra cleaning fee. We tip housekeeping very generously, and have never had any problems. Out of consideration for subsequent guests, we also treat her with allergy wipes on a daily basis.

      I know, easy for those of us with cats, not so much for dog owners. So another suggestion is that before traveling, check to see if there are any “doggie daycare” facilities close by your destination where she can stay during the day. Some of these “doggie daycare” centers are downright luxurious! Many have different levels of service, with attendants who will walk and play with your dog as often as you request. Some even have puppy swimming pools and TV rooms that play videos of cats, squirrels and rodents running around all day! Many will also board your dog overnight. That way, she’d be close by, so you can visit her, while she’s on “playdates” with other puppy friends.

      If she’s fairly small and relatively quiet, well, I have a large shoulder tote bag my cat fits nicely inside, and no one’s ever been the wiser. Leave the living room TV on at night (as cover noise in case she barks), keep the “do not disturb” tag on the door, and don’t forget a lint brush.

      Another option toleaving her in a kennel, is to hire a “pet sitting service” to come to your home to care for your pet while you’re on vacation. Around here, for $20/day, a fully licensed and bonded pet service will come to your home, twice a day, for 1/2 hour each time, to feed, water, walk and play with your pet. For an additional fee, they’ll come as often, and stay as long as you like.

      We use a pet sitting service only when we’re have to fly somewhere for a few days, because taking her on a plane would be far too traumatic. For additional peace of mind, we also leave our home computer on, with a webcam focused right on our bed–her favorite sleeping spot. By traveling with a laptop, all we need is an internet connection to log into our home computer, enabling us to “see” and even talk to her! (She’s a cat, so of course, she ignores us.) The program we use was only $30, but the set up does require some computer knowledge. If you’re not technically adept, you can hire a tekkie to come to your home for a similar set up.

      Best of luck!

      1. Well, I appreciate your comments, however, there are some issues that don’t apply. My pet has seizures, we don’t leave her. The other is that where our timeshare is located they don’t have any pet facilities around there and there aren’t any doggie daycares in the mountains of Idaho and Yellowstone Park. I tried to locate one just for the nights since during the day from breakfast until the wee hours of the night (midnight) we are in Yellowstone. We would take her with us during the day. You mentioned motels that accept pets. Why would i pay for a motel when I have paid for a timeshare and for those outrageous maintenance fees. They changed their rules because one careless and disobedient pet owner left their poodle unattended all day while they went out and played golf or toured the area. Thus the dog tore up all the furniture and I guess created havoc. That was one dog and ONE BAD pet owner. You don’t take your dog or pet on vacation to leave them behind in the room anyway. They couldn’t recover from the owner I guess because there was some wording in the clause that they were only allowed to collect so much from the owner. I find it hard to believe that the insurance for the vandalism albeit caused by a pet wasn’t covered. But because one bad owner misbehaved they punish everyone and every pet. This timeshare is Island Park Village in Island Park Idaho outside of west yellowstone. I have owned since basically 1981 and they changed the rules because of that one dog. I haven’t been back in years due to the dog rule. I also want to mention that I don’t have the same sympathy for cat owners. Thbough there are good cats, you cannot get cat smell out if they spray and they are so territorial that most seem to do it. I have cats myself so don’t go there with me . I know they do and I don’t think cats belong on vacation with people. Sorry. Cats are pretty self sustainable at home and easily attended too more so than a dog. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for answering. We bought another timeshare in florida. Celebration World resort. They do almost all their business by dog owners. They are very accomodating. Thank you Celebration.

        1. I have no advice about a timeshare changing it’s rules and not allowing you to take your dog. However, even though cats are Very independent we have a traveling cat that has been tent camping with us, has stayed in lake Tahoe with us, and just went to Las Vegas with us. As for “spraying” if you get them fixed before they are sexually mature most cats won’t ever spray. We pack according to her needs and she has no behavioral issues.

    2. When I was looking at the timeshare I purchased the sales representative assured me that as an “owner” I would be allowed to have my dogs stay with me when I traveled. She also showed me pictures of “her family and their dog” vacationing together at “her timeshare”.

      That was years ago! Of course that successful sales woman has moved on with her career. No one who works at the property has any idea how she could have done that. I believed her and bought into the industry in the nineties.

      Those dogs never stayed in any timeshare. In fact I paid to board them nearby several properties where they weren’t allowed to even walk with me!!! All of them passed away. Others have come and lived long happy lives with me without ever being able to stay with me in any timeshare!!!

      Of course I have rented wonderful condos, houses and hotels that appreciated pet travelers!!! Some have designated pet areas, even pet amenities for the four legged guests. Those properties have become repeat destinations.

      So I continue to pay the ever increasing exorbitant and outrageous “maintenance fees” for a misrepresented timeshare that I “paid off” years ago but will never finish “paying for” and probably will never use.

      Apparently no one affiliated with the industry cares. Isn’t fraud illegal??? It used to be.

  11. i love animals, they’re great! absolutely part of the family. however, when some of us take a vacation, we don’t want to be woken up by a barking dog coming from as far away as the resort building next door…. the smoker point was a good one- i have been woken and started choking during a hotel stay by kids smoking in the hallway outside my room. however, i have never been jostled awake by a noisy smoker! think about that. maybe if there was one building of units offset from the rest by enough space to buffer the noise a bit? (maybe this is just the silver leaf oak ‘n spruce in Lee, MA that’s having this problem?)

    1. Pet owners that let their animals bark(disturb neighbors) are irresponsible owners and can be asked to leave….and are at my pet friendly resort. Pet owners at a resort are generally VERY careful because it is a privilage we don’t want to lose. Our pets are well trained and clean. We are much more careful than certain parents with kids screaming/playing inside or certain adults noises I had to endure hearing thru the wall.

      As for allergies to dogs…..ALL hotels/resorts have to reserve some pet rooms or have certain rooms available to people with assistance animals…the LAW requires them to accept assistance animals. So it makes more sense to set aside a few rooms for the ‘severe allergy folks’ instead.

    2. Have you ever been jostled awake by screaming children? Does that mean people should leave their kids at home? Asking me to leave my pets at home is the same as asking someone else to leave their children.

      1. Right?

        I can’t tell you how many times I go somewhere where the children are wild, and undisciplined. I think my dogs are better behaved, but are not accepted.

  12. Every RCI location I checked for 2 hours yesterday had “Pets are not accepted” except for one in Lake Arrowhead which read “Pets accepted with restrictions”. I presumed there were size/breed restrictions so I booked a weekend trip for my family and 8-pound maltipoo. I later learned the condo only allows “service animals only”. RCI could have served their clients better by saying “service animals only” on the RCI site. By the way, the Doubletree Hotel in Bakersfield accepts pets with no size restrictions and it was a remarkably clean hotel. Must be managed by animal lovers.

    1. Another hotel that almost always accepts pets regardless of their size is Residence Inn by Marriott. Rooms are similar to a studio, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedroom time share. Rooms are always extreemly clean and nice. Each hotel charges a one time pet fee between $50-$150 depending upon the individual hotel. The majority of the Residence Inn’s even have their own doggie area with doggie waste bags too! I have been to a couple Residence Inn around the country that have their own fenced doggie parks within their property.

  13. the RCI page for resort &544 (number 20 on teh list above) states NO PETS: Worldmark Taos units are air-conditioned, with a partial kitchen-no stove top & ovenwith a small refrigerator & small micro- wave. Also TV/DVD and telephone. Units are non-smoking. Pets are not allowed.

  14. I just called the Silverleaf Reservation line (800-613-0310) to confirm this and they told me the pet policy hadn’t changed… It’s a $75 fee and an additional fee if you do not have the vaccination records.

    1. I just called Silverleaf. I was told if I book the stay directly with the Silverleaf and pay for it out of pocket, they do allow pets with the vaccination records. However, they do not allowed pets if I book through RCI exchange. I wonder why the pet policy is different via RCI?

  15. I wonder how many places do not advertise on RCI that they take pets. I just happened to stay at Vacation Village in Bonaventure-Weston, FL and they do take dogs for a fee. I wonder how many other RCI resorts are like this. It would be a good thing for RCI to actually reach out to their resorts to find this out.

    1. I agree! An update on this pet friendly list is way past due!!
      There should be accomodations at any timeshare for pet owners! We regard our pet as family!!

    1. I have stayed at Celebration World Resort in Kissimmee, FL before with my dogs. They do have a two dogs per unit policy.

    2. we stayed at Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort (#A471) Edgecomb, ME USA 4/20/2012 with 2 dogs $30 per dog, per day

    3. Rancho Ruidoso Condominiums in New Mexico accepts pets. They were VERY accommodating to our husky, who was disallowed in many other places because of her breed. Evidently, huskies shed. 🙂 We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, there, and truly believe it was our dog’s favorite place in the world.

  16. I agree that the time shares should have pet friendly accomodations, just like they have
    special accomodations for smokers.Then we would use our time share more often, as boarding our dog is another added expense to our vacations.

  17. All the resorts should be pet friendly with very strict rules. Most people that travel with their pets take very good care of them and clean up. There could be specific “pet only units as there are smoking units for smokers. As a non-smoker, I’m subject to die from second hand smoke, but not pet oder.

    1. I think this is a great idea. As many family oriented hotels(such as Staybridge, Residence Inn, Candlewood…) are taking pets. I don’t see why the timeshare resorts can’t do the same. I don’t think any pet owners will be object to pay a nominal pet fee.

    2. It’s not the pet odor that’s dangerous, but rather the dander, and people with severe pet allergies literally can die from staying in a room that has recently housed a pet. Out of consideration for others, we treat our cat with “allergies wipes”, on a daily basis when traveling and bringing her into hotel rooms.

      For those who are severely allergic to pets, the dander poses far more of a danger to their lives than second hand smoke.

      The problem with hotels that reserve separate rooms for pet owners is the same as those that have separate rooms for smokers. Those rooms are always the very slimest in the entire hotel. I don’t mind paying a fee for the privilege of bringing my cat, but I do mind paying extra for receiving substandard lodging.

  18. I have checked on this list with someone at RCI and the Silverleaf properties continue to have a “No Pets” rule. If you confirm an exchange with RCI, they will advise of this. This is list is not accurate.

    1. Thanks for the information Jason. I did leave them up for awhile as some people were saying Silverleaf was allowing some dogs with their vaccination records and if they met certain size/breed requirements. I’ll adjust the post to show that Silverleaf may now be on the no dogs allowed list.

  19. I just called Silverleaf Resort in Clarksville,GA (Apple Mountain Resort)

    and I was told that pet's are permitted as long as you can prove that their vacinations are up to date.

  20. Are you an owner of Silverleaf Resort in Clarksville, GA? I have heard that all the owners of the Silverleaf Resorts can still take pets, but not for others who have exchanged through RCI. Is this true?

  21. I have just been informed that Silverleaf resorts have changed their pet policy to a "No pets allowed"

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