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Please help!

In 2016 my husband and I agreed to listen to a sales pitch from Wyndham resort in Panama City Beach. We said no over and over but they wore us down. We stayed there for at least 7 to 8 hours. They made promises and told us lots of lies. I paid 17,500.00 for 84,000 points which they said would give us at least 1 week of vacation. (The did give us bonus points that could be used the first two years)

The next summer I tried to use points but they kept saying everything was unvailable. I checked on some other sites and could buy a room at the same place Wyndham told me was booked. So I found another condo in Panama and paid with my own money again. (I couldn’t believe that I had a deed in my hand for the Panama resort but still had to go to another condo and pay about $1,500.00 of our own money for vacation again). When we went to Chicago that summer we tried again to use the points but was told it was not available. I went online and ended up booking a room for two days at the same Wyndham resort but had to pay with my own money. I couldn’t use points.

Since June 2016 we have been able to go on one full week vacation but that was with bonus points they gave us. Now they said we don’t have enough points for a week. When we went to our one week vacation in Daytona this past summer they kept pushing us to sit down with them again and talk about our ownership. I said no several times but finally agreed. I called the next morning and said we decided not to because we wanted to stay with our kids. They charged my credit card $25 for not going. I called Wyndham and they said they couldn’t help me because it was Daytona’s resort that did it.

I called the other day trying to set up a vacation and was told I don’t have enough points but I could buy more points to go. To go to a beach in Florida this summer I was quoted to use my points and then pay them $1,008.00 extra. So again I have to pay out of pocket. Just today, September 29, 2019, I have tried again to talk to them and schedule a vacation. I was really trying to let this go and move on but I can’t. They now took my 82,000 points and deposited it into some RCI program because I will lose the points tomorrow if I don’t. I was told last time I called to hold on to these points and then combine those with the new points I get October 1st. Now they said I can’t which was just another lie they told me.

The RCI program is not even connected to Wyndham and there are separate fees involved to use those points. So now I am back to not being able to go on vacation again this upcoming year. I now know they told us a bunch of lies and made everything sound so great. The one thing they kept telling me during their sales pitch was I wouldn’t have to worry about planning vacation anymore. I just had to find where we wanted to go and book it.

Now I worry more than ever because they took $17,500.00 plus our monthly fees they charge us. All I want is the money I gave them. I really just wish I never let them talk me into coming to their sales pitch. Thank you for listening to my situation.

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  1. Sorry to be the devils advocate but you have two good legs right? After you said no, you could have got up and walked out the door right? No one tied you or put a gun to your head to stay, right?

    You sitting there 8 hours and getting sucked in is entirely YOUR fault. You could have left at anytime. So, please don’t tell me you are a victim. You allowed yourself to be a mark.

  2. I feel your pain. Club sunset in 2015 threatened us with contract breaches unless we bought up. then again in 2016. in 17 we could not attend Tres Rios and La Herencia II their top level timeshare due to medical surgery. In 2018 we arrived to a mold filled shower (ceiling also had signs of previous repairs as the paint was never removed off the marble walls there. Mold stains and black mold were everywhere. when we metwtih their CS management team lead he advised us that the previous management was dismised due to selling irregularities along with his family members and relatives.

    It was not until Aug 2019 that they offered to compensate us with a vacation week we already paid for.
    we have sunk 52 thousand into this and the best they can do is cancel our TS and say sorry. I’m thinking that posting the images and our history may cost them more in lost sales and revenue from bookings than our TS.
    You will never get back what youve paid for it and if someone approaches you to sell that tehy have a buyer – 99.9 % of the time it is a scam.
    We had our information and contact numbers sold to Cancun thieves as part of a 3.5 million dollar haul last November which cost us 72 grand.

    I wish you the best of luck in getting somewhere.

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