Carlsbad Timeshare Experience

Timeshare owners are not owners, they are suckers. The Carlsbad Timeshare has been a nightmare of an investment.

Carlsbad TimeshareSince inheriting it we have tried to sell it, bank it, and exchange it and this year we tried to rent it to no avail.

The literature makes it sound like there is all this flexibility, but it is truly the most one-sided investment I have ever experienced — theirs! When you try to talk to them all the communication is pre-scripted, like overseas telemarketing. I am passing this on in hopes of preventing others into getting into this type of swindle.

The cost is so ridiculous when compared to renting a week anywhere in the world without the constraints and inflated costs of a timeshare program. It is far better to put your money in a vacation savings account and enjoy not having to deal with the timeshare mentaility because, after all, it’s supposed to be a vacation!

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