Westgate Myrtle Beach Timeshare Review

We bought a Westgate timeshare in 2007 while vacationing at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Worst mistake ever!

We finished paying for the $16,000 timeshare a few years ago, which was almost double in price with their high interest rate. I received the deed a couple years ago, and have been paying maintenance fees since this January when I did not pay by the due date. I just got a letter in the mail this week that I am going to be sent to a collection agency.

myrtle beach timeshare

We have not been able to use this timeshare because nothing is ever available. I have called them and told them to take it back without even paying us for it, since its paid for it. They do not want to do that. They just want to keep collecting maintenance fees. Well, I’m not paying anymore because they are just a bunch of thieves. I have already paid over $30,000 to them and have never used their property. If this is not a good idea please let me know.

The owner of this company and all his employees are a bunch of culprits. How can anyone work for such a thief? How do all these people go home and sleep comfortably at night? All these workers are just as horrible as the culprit who owns Westgate. I hope he knows that no evil goes unpunished and that time will catch up with him and all the evil that he’s doing by ripping innocent people off.

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