Timeshare Rescission Experience at The Flamingo, Las Vegas

We were pressured into purchasing a time share in Las Vegas while visiting the strip. We filled out a lot of paperwork on the 13th of October 2014. We did not have the full down payment at the time, so we made a partial payment and told the representative that we could pay the balance on the 21st of October.

On the 14th of October we met our rep at the Flamingo where the timeshare was located and told him we had changed our minds. (After returning to the hotel we where staying at. I went on line and did some research on Westgate resorts and did not like what I saw.) We told the rep at this time we wanted to rescind the contract. This guy was not happy, but gave us a rescinding form right there in his office, saying that all we needed to do was fill the form out. We completed the form, and received a copy, then left.

las vegas timeshare rescissionKeep in mind that before meeting with the timeshare representative I had written a rescinding letter on my phone. While we were in his office, waiting for him to bring us the letter to rescind, I messaged my letter to him directly.

Now we could get back to our vacation and everything should be ok, right? Not!

Note: While researching Westgate and timeshares I found that Nevada gives a timeshare buyer 5 days to rescind. You are also entitled to a full refund.

Back to the down payment, only partial down payment was made by us for this timeshare. 24 hours later we filled out the letter to rescind, (given to us by Westgate representative). A letter of intent to rescind was also sent to this same rep’s cell phone, and also to the Realtor who we first dealt with concerning this timeshare.

On the 21st of October Westgate withdraws another partial payment from our credit card account. (as the full amount needed to complete the total down payment was not present)

We will be filling a dispute to this transaction (which I believe to be criminal). Instead of receiving our initial partial down payment back, which the representative told us they would do, Westgate took out another partial payment.

I write this not only to share but to warn folks about this company and its questionable ways. Beware!!

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