Fisherman’s Cove Lakeside Resort Experience

I received a call from someone purporting to be from RCI. I have two timeshares and use RCI for exchanging purposes. They wanted to ‘explain a new program from RCI’.

We went, met with them, and to make a long story short, ended up buying a timeshare from this group, plus giving my two other timeshares plus over $8K in exchange for “Fisherman’s Cove Lakeside Resort”. They told us it takes about 60 days to process, when I called RCI (after more than 60 days) they did not have me as an owner of FCLR. I called the resort many times and get ‘leave message’ responses.

I called the salesman who sold it to me, and he said it was a scam and the owner is just keeping the money and not paying RCI. RCI does not care (“We are an exchange company, we don’t do the selling”). I did get a call from an RCI representative, but bottom line is that ‘There is nothing they can do’.

I called the BofA to finally stop paying on the RCI credit card, but BofA said you waited to long to report this (over 60 days), so they don’t care either! So I am left with a $8K+ debt for a resort that I don’t own and cannot exchange and BofA, RCI, and Fisherman’s Cove don’t care. I would caution anyone not to do business with any of these three companies!

Have you had an experience with Fishermen’s Cove Resort? Were you also scammed?

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  1. We had the same experience, the scam purported to be an RCI-endorsed deal where you could unload your old, expensive timeshare (increasing maintenance fees) and buy a less expensive, low maintenance fee timeshare. So my wife and I plopped down $4,000, got two new RCI VISA credit cards (made it seem legit) and a $250/year maintenance fee. Then, got the call from “Debbie” that Fisherman’s Cove was going out of the timeshare business and we would be reassigned to another property – I Googled and found out that property maintenance fee was over $600. WTF! If there are enough of us and we can find a lawyer who will work on a commission basis – not an upfront retainer – we should undertake a class action lawsuit. But, against who??

  2. My husband and I also had the same experience of a free dinner to learn how to reduce maintenance fees. Instead, we ended up with another timeshare, Fisherman’s Cove. I have had no communication from Fisherman’s Cove but when I called to make a reservation I was told they don’t do timeshares anymore. “Debbie” was supposed to call me and explain. I called REPEATED and left messages for her to call. The last call they told me to call Joe. Joe doesn’t work for Fisherman’s cove and wanted to get me into another timeshare. I don’t know if there are any options except to kiss the money goodbye.

  3. My husband and I were contacted to meet with “Pete” the sales person. To discuss a way out of our timeshare maintenance fees, well after being belittled for an hour over having bought a timeshare in the first place, he basically said, give us your timeshare plus 4k and you will be out of the timeshare maintenance business and can start paying us instead. My husband said we needed time to talk about it and would get back with him, we were then told that we would not qualify for the discounted rate if we didn’t sign now, we said we dont do well with high pressure sales people he then got upset and started saying how “I dont have to take this from you, your not going to talk to me like that, started snatching stuff off the table and mumbleing about us, very unprofessionally, my husband and I were in a bit of shock over the whole debicle he was making of himself, I mean really? Who does that? Stear clear away from this so called riverfront resort. Its a high pressure sales scam!!

  4. If you hear the name Fisherman’s Cove Lakeside Resort or Lake Conroe Fisherman’s Cove…RUN, Don’t walk!!! They scammed my parents. They went for a “free dinner” and came home with a $995 lifetime reservation service. They told my parents it was originally $7,500, but dropped it to $5,000. When my parents started to leave, they dropped it to $995!!!! He told my parents they could cancel it if they wanted to. When my mom called and tried to cancel it, he wouldn’t let it go. He told her “you can make your own decisions” and to “don’t let your daughter try to talk you out of it. After all, you are doing this for her”. She gave me the phone after 25 minutes (I was listening on the other line). After 20 minutes of him going on an on (and even telling me I could just tear the papers up), I kept asking him what the cancellation policy. He said he didn’t know. After 5 minutes on hold, he came back and said you couldn’t cancel it because he gave them the special price!! It is a scam. Warn any elderly friends or relatives!!! He did tell my parents AND ME that we could just tear up the papers. I had to explain to my parents that would have done nothing and they still would have lost the $995.

  5. Me and was husband was scammed from these same people the same way and we currently have our lawyer looking into this immediately. They need to be stopped immediately.

    1. Our Pa state attorney general’s office has turned this over to the Texas state attorney general’s office. We were told not to pay anymore money in maintenance fees. We have blocked The Resort’s calls. Funny how they now have somewhat of a website. Stay in touch with your progresss and we will do the same.

  6. We bought into this con as well. Our meeting was supposed to be about an RCI policy change. We ended up with a big bill, and a timeshare and credit card we didn’t want. Beware when you are told to sign now or else it will cost more! RCI says they had nothing to do with this but they still get the yearly fee perks. Our AG’s office is now involved as the resort wants us to sign a release with no kind of a refund for non use or for their con. Signing is how we got into this total scam!

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