Wyndham Endless Vacations, An Extra Vacations Experience

Have you considered renting out an unused timeshare week through Wyndham’s Endless Vacations program?

A visitor to the site shared her experience with the Wyndham Endless Vacation (also known as Extra Vacations) week rental system:

“Endless Vacations (which related to Wyndham) rents out units which are reserved by Wyndham owners who want to make some money for maintenance fees etc. Frankly, I have not found that it does the job very well, but the units which they have to offer are legitimately secured.

Unfortunately, if you give them a reserved week, they can break it up and let vacationers rent just the “best” part. They do not collect the rent till AFTER the unit is used–which I consider insane. Having no equity in the rental, people do not hesitate to cancel a reservation at the last moment and leave the person who provided it with a “dead” week that can’t be used. (I speak from personal experience!)

Endless Vacations by Wyndham may also rent out some unsold inventory for Wyndham, but I am certain about this.”

In conclusion, it seems like Wyndham is on the right track with offering their timeshare owners the ability to rent out unused weeks through the Endless Vacations program. However, the major issue with this program is that the potential renter does not have to sign any sort of agreement/place a deposit on the week they’re reserving – and therefore, they can cancel their reservation at any time prior to the date of stay with no penalty.

While I applaud Wyndham for making it easier for their owners to rent out weeks not being used, they really need to take steps to ensure that their owners are not left “high and dry” if a potential renter changes their mind about their stay.

Do you have experience with Wyndham Endless Vacations or Extra Vacations? Feel free to share your timeshare story or use the comment form below.

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