Are Timeshares Pet Friendly?

Are you someone who needs (or wants) to travel and vacation with their furry pet friend? If so, it’s important to know in advance what establishments allow pets and details on their pet policies. Whether or not a particular timeshare allows pets can be a simple yes, no, or maybe answer depending on their policies. You are strongly urged to contact your timeshare resort prior to your stay and ask for a copy of their pet policy in writing of some form (on their website, via email, etc).

Most timeshares these days are fairly lenient when it comes to pets, particularly registered emotional support animals. However, the acceptance of dogs on properties will generally depend more on the breed and size of your canine. If your pet is a cat then there will likely be less leniency, but not always. 

In this article, you will find out what large timeshare conglomerates accept pets, and which ones do not. 

For Dogs, Breed and Size Are Important Factors

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Timeshares generally involve shared communal areas of recreation, as well as, of course, sharing the living space with others at different times of the year. This means that when deciding to allow pets to stay at a specific timeshare location the needs of the other timeshare holders need to be taken into consideration. As such, the first issue to look into is whether your dog’s breed is acceptable at the timeshare you wish to stay. 

Typically, but not always, breeds such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and other breeds of dogs that other guests may find intimidating may be banned. Before traveling with your pet, be certain to verify if your destination has a blacklist of dog breeds that are not allowed. 

Of course, the breed of the dog is not the only consideration. The more popular determining factor is the size or weight of a dog. 

Size And Weight Of Your Dog For Clearance

Many resorts and timeshares will allow small dogs, but not larger ones. Generally, you can expect this determination to cap off at 25 or 35 pounds. Lapdogs are generally welcome in resorts and are also more comfortable with the confined restrictions of many resorts. So, even if you have a small dog you will still want to be certain that your dog is up to date with vaccinations and any other necessary medical records. 

Make Sure Your Pet Is Up To Date With Vaccinations & Medical Records

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Before traveling with your pet to a timeshare resort be sure that all medical requirements are met and that you have the appropriate paperwork from your veterinarian to prove the health of your animal.

Further, if you are bringing a therapy dog, either for a physical need or as an emotional support pet, you will be required to show proof from your medical care provider. Be sure that along with your passport, you also bring all necessary paperwork for your pet. 

Rules For Pets At Timeshare Resorts: Leash or Crate Time

It may be desirable for an owner to travel with a pet, however, consider how strict the rules may be surrounding pets at your desired destination. For instance, some timeshares have rules that animals left unattended in a room must remain in a crate, so if your dog is not trained for this it may be too uncomfortable. 

Most timeshares will require that all animals remain on a leash at all times, even cats. Is this a situation that works for you and your animal? It is well worth finding out if there are ‘off-leash zones’ for your pet, or if there is a nearby dog park or beach where your furry friend can get some exercise and playtime.

Before planning your trip be sure to get the full list of rules and regulations surrounding pets to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet while you travel. 

Smaller, Independent Timeshares Un-Attached To a Large Conglomerates May Have Different Rules

You may find that smaller timeshares that are not associated with worldwide companies such as Marriott or Wyndham have entirely different standards when it comes to pets. Some may be much more lenient, while others may forbid pets entirely. If you are traveling to timeshares outside of large corporate ones, be sure to find out ahead of time what the expectations are for bringing a pet along with you. 

Pet Friendly Timeshares In 2022

Here is a list of verified pet-friendly timeshares in 2022. Be sure to check and double-check if you are traveling outside of the country for your timeshare as many countries have quarantine policies surrounding animals, or may not allow animals into the country at certain times during the year. 

If you plan on traveling to a smaller independent timeshare or plan on renting a timeshare speak directly with the institution to find out the rules and regulations surrounding pets. In many places, owners may be allowed to have pets stay with them while renters are forbidden. Be sure to do your own research!

Is It Worth Traveling With a Pet To a Timeshare?

Provided you have done the research and gone through a checklist to ensure your pet will be allowed into your destination timeshare the final question to ask yourself is this: Will my pet be comfortable or will my personal experience be enhanced by bringing my pet with me?

It may be that you are allowed to bring your pet with you, and it may also be true that you will both be happier together on your vacation. As with most things in life, take some time to decide if bringing your pet with you on vacation will cause more stress and worry, or enhance the experience.

We live in a time in history when traveling with a pet has become increasingly more available. Just be sure to research individual locations regarding rules and regulations, have all medical records up to date, and it may just be that bringing your furry pet on vacation with you was the best decision you could ever make!

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