Wyndham National Harbor Review – User Experience

The following post was submitted by a reader and highlights his experience as a Wyndham timeshare points owner, and the difficulty he has had trying to exchange.

National Harbor TimesharesBought into Wyndham National Harbor for 343,000 points. VIP status. What does that mean? In my book, nothing.

They’ll tell you go for the Gold. Platinum. Wyndham has made changes since they took over Fairfield. The timeshares cost more, prices increase every year and maintenance fees MAY increase. When you go to make reservations GOOD LUCK. Many locations are booked up FOREVER. Disney, Atlantic city, N.J. and others (Las Vegas?) are not.

One example of this – We visited Ocean Blvd Tower 3 where I was once deeded; tough to find a full week in the summer.

Another example – We were also at Ocean Blvd Tower 3 in September, and toured Towers on the Grove in Myrtle Beach. This is a NEW PROPERTY – We were told that NO TIMESHARE OWNERS WOULD BE ALLOWED TO STAY THERE UNTIL MID OCTOBER. In the meantime people were RENTING THE UNITS for vacation!


Reservations are hard to make because the TS companies are renting the units. Manny, Moe, Jack, and Sally are staying in your TS property when you are not there. Almost every time we stayed somewhere we talked to resort personnel and heard, “Oh, you are owners”, always had us wonder what that meant… UNLESS YOU ARE A PLATINUM OWNER, which gets you a personal chef, babysitter, etc. you are not able to sell your TS back. Sales will tell you anything.

Most recently we stayed at Bonnet Creek, Fl. the middle of November. Beautiful. There you can burn your points that you were told you could rent to visit restaurants, drive a Nascar, visit amusement parks and dinner theaters. We couldn’t burn all our points and I deposited 105k in RCI exchange supposedly good for a 1 week RED exchange. Called the following week to make reservations for a stay in Maryland or Delaware this summer and was told there was NOTHING AVAILABLE all summer on the East coast! Unless it was Myrtle Beach or further south.

Thank you to this RCIVIP reader for sharing their experience using Wyndham timeshare vacation points. Have you too had a problem finding a timeshare week available, and/or do you suspect your exchange company is renting out units? Share Your Timeshare Story! Help others avoid the same pitfalls, or let everyone know how much you love your resort. We want to hear it ALL.

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