Westgate Experience

I’ve had experenced with timeshares my whole life. My parents had two and we used them every year. This made me a bit nogastilc when I was in Orlando on my honeymoon this past February and ended up getting a timeshare even though I really couldn’t afford the $200 they were asking up front.

What happens if I stop paying for timeshares

I paid the first months mortgage and have since stopped. I am in the process of requesting a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure.

I was going to use one of their “getaways” to go later this year as we still had two tickets to Disney we didn’t get to use but there were none available! I’ve since discovered they the timeshare companies whore their rooms out online at a LOWER RATE to NON-OWNERS!!! I can stay at a 4 Star Hotel/Resort for half the cost of the yearly maintence fees, not to mention to mortgage!!


We need to take a stand and DO something about these companies.

I have started a petition on Change.org to make Time Shares ILLEGAL!

Please EVERYONE come sign it!

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  1. supriya says:

    very nice blogs!!! i have to learning for lot of information for this sites.

  2. missBR says:

    Hello. I was scammed & coericed into a bigger unit a year ago. I did stop paying for 7 mos. Then got two final notice letter in July 2013. One from Westgate pre-charge off unit, leading to foreclosure & one from Resourse Headquarters in Washington, DC for Maintenance Fee Elimination. Because of my job, I felt I had to pay up. Now I want to stop paying & not have a hit on my credit bureu & IRS? Any suggestions. I’m financially struggling. Thanks

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