Westgate Timeshare – Experience of a Former Owner

The following post was submitted by a couple detailing their experience as Westgate timeshare owners, and why they decided to stop paying their Westgate timeshare.

In 2005, we purchased a Timeshare from Westgate Resort in good faith. We were a young married couple with two toddlers. We were told that we would never regret the purchase and that we had a “lifetime of amazing vacations” ahead of us. The only thing that has remained constant and true is the fact that WE HAVE REGRETTED EVERY MINUTE OF OUR PURCHASE.

Between 2007 and 2010, we paid two different companies over $2,000 who each claimed that they guarantee to sell our timeshare. Neither ever did. In 2010, we contacted Westgate and notified them that we would NO LONGER be cheated out of our hard earned money and would NOT continue to pay them. They did not care that we had paid thousands of dollars to them already (100% on time) or that we had spent over $2000 to companies to sell our timeshare. The only thing they cared about was getting their money. They even acknowledged that purchasing a timeshare may not have been the most “honest” purchase but that we were never “forced” to do so.

On December 1, 2011, we will STOP PAYING our timeshare and to NO LONGER allow Westgate to cheat us out of our hard earned money every month. We have impeccable credit of which we have lived an honest and hard working life to establish. Now, it will be ruined for 7 years, at least, due to this foreclosure.

This decision was not easy for us to make, but also one that was based on principle. It is NOT RIGHT for companies such as Westgate to be allowed to misguide trusting people into making such a bad investment. It is even more wrong for consumers like us who have led decent and hard working lives to provide our children with the American dream, to have to suffer ruining their credit due to such a cheating and unethical process such as purchasing a timeshare.

We only owed approximately $6,500 at the time we decided to stop paying. However, we vowed NEVER TO ALLOW WESTGATE TO CHEAT US OUT OF ANOTHER ONE OF OUR HARD EARNED CENTS AGAIN. Our children deserved better than that.

A Westgate Resort FORMER owner

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  1. me and my husband purchased i timeshare last year with westgate lakes and im so frustrated they sold a dream a now is a nightmare nothing that they say is true in the presentation they told us so many things that now we find out that everything was a lie and they’re trying to get us to pay more money by buying other memberships that costs 2,000 to 6,000 if we want to stay in other resorts plus we have to pay more other than that membership, for example i wanted to stay in DR so they’re going to charge us extra money for been another resort other than westgate plus all-inclusive food fees that comes up to almost 2,000 for just me and my husband so at the end we are going to end up paying 2,500 or more for 2 people thats crazy so we pay more having a time share than doing it with out it, then when i call to get answers they were very mean to me i told them i felt raped by them, so at this point im about to give up and stop paying, i would like to know base on experience of other people with this situation, did westgate took you guys to court did they put a hold on your bank accounts or what happened other then the foreclose PLEASE HELP IM SO FRUSTRATED

  2. I have a Westgate timeshare in Orlando that I will gladly give away. No mortgage and HOA fees are up to date. Contact me at [omitted] for details

      1. I have a Westgate in Orlando – a 3/3 with travel partners included. maintenance fees are every other year. [$1277 or $613/yr]

  3. I’ve just gotten into a Westgate timeshare and I’m already looking a way out. I’m hesitant about paying for a lawyer and not getting results. I’m fine with a foreclosure but I’m worried about bank levies and garnishment. Can you tell me what they actually do once they foreclose?

  4. I just received a Warranty Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure, is this a good thing?
    They want me to sign, notarized and send a processing fee. Has anyone done this already? Thanks in advance

    1. Yes! Make copy for you, sign, notarize and send it back with signature required, to make sure they go it. I had the same procedure and they didn’t bother me anymore

      1. Clicia,
        Did you have a balance still or just Maintenance fees? If you had a balance did you stop paying it? And are you in the US? Seems anyone out of the country should and can stop paying with no effect to their life or credit. Curious about the US.

  5. I’m on the same boat-I wanted out but Westgate would not help me – they told me I have to sell that myself. I’ve stopped paying my maintenance fee coz I could no longer afford to pay the ridiculous amount and bedsides why would I pay when I haven’t been to their facility in ages. I would not pay for something I don’t use. I’ve just recently received a letter from Pinnacle asking for a payment and telling me that my credit will be ruined. At one point the collection agency called me at work and started harassing me. please include me with the lawsuit you have for this company.

    1. Westgate pressured me into a timeshare in 2018. My wife was with me and during the presentation she fell sick and had to go and lay down. She did not sign the timeshare contract even though they told us she had to because it was a community property state.i was told that I wouldn’t have any maintenance fees until 2020, but two months after our visit I had a maintenance bill for around $1200. I immediately wanted out. I searched online and found ARDA. I hired an attorney that was recommended by ARDA and this guy charged me $2500 and only sent one letter to westgate. Everything else that was sent was follow up generic letters stating that westgate hasn’t responded back within the 30 day timeframe listed. After sitting on it for a year, westgate replied back stating the contract was valid and that basically that was that. Shortly after, this attorney emailed me a conclusion of representation letter stating that he is done. How can I get out of this? Any advice?if there is a lawsuit I want in just to have this thing canceled.

    2. I too am in this…. I have this time share that my ex-husband and I bought. When we got divorced it was supposed to be transferred over to my name. Westgate refuses to do so without his signature, When I told them I want to sign it over to him then, they refused saying he has to sign accepting it. The guy moved out of the US and has been gone over 15 years. Will there be a class action suit against them? I want to join in it! If anyone wants my timeshare week 38… IT is yours!

      1. Just stop paying maintenance. They will send letters, calls etc for2 years then foreclose and you are done.

        1. So they dont garnish wages or pursue anything in court? I’m expecting a hit to my credit, but at this point, I’m okay with that. I’ve been told that Westgate is aggressive an recouping their money in foreclosures.

    3. Bought this year’s ago before hard times … college expenses, divorce, and a turn on the economy and my.ex filed bankruptcy and I really tried to keep up any way today got a letter saying I owe 2800 and can do a deed in lieu yet I am not sure what to do and I dont want my ex to freak out since he had a bankruptcy and he was 5 yrs out which he included it so it really ends up on me.. which I can’t afford on my credit help

    4. My boyfriend and I purchased a timeshare in 2018, we was tricked due to I had a property in smokey mountains and had It paid, at that time it was a vacation spot supposedly, We were told we would loose money and it should be switched to westgate Orlando since Tennessee was paid up, we was also told we could rent this unit out and how we can vacation at any time. Well it wasn’t like that on neither case. My boyfriend had also had lost his job and we could no longer pay the fees, I tried to call and they wouldn’t take back the property or give my any help except on how to pay. I haven’t paid on the property since Jan of this year maybe longer and tried to call various timeshare exit which is too expensive, now im getting calls which I don’t answer, and a email stating if I don’t call and make payment arrangements it will go into deed recovery and foreclosure process

    5. Any updates as of today? I’m wanting out with my timeshare purchased in December 2018. Cant afford to pay it especially after reading how sneaky Westgate has been.

  6. I have already Paid off my Timeshare mortgage a long time ago and the Maintenance Fees keep increasing, I don’t have time to vacation that often and I have lost several weeks because I don’t use them.

    What happens if I stop paying the maintenance fees? I’ve always been current. I just don’t want it anymore.I don’t event want to sell,just don’t want to own it.Can I just give it back to them? What do I do?

      1. Hi Tabitha, I am looking for someone to take over a 142.00 payment just outside of Disney, secondary to illness. I only pay every other year for maintenance fees 760.00. I owe 7000.00 and want nothing. I would just quit claim to you. It’s perfect if you can travel. So many young couples have children. I’ve already paid this year for maintenance. You would have 2 years. I’ll pay for an attorney or whomever has to be present.
        Let me know Al Davis

          1. I have a Westgate timeshare in Orlando that I will gladly give away. No mortgage and HOA fees are up to date. Contact me at [omitted] for details

        1. I have a time share in Orlando, Fl – Westgate spa and resort. It has travel partners included. Maintenance fees are every other year, week 43. It is a 3/3 room size. We were pressured into purchase as the sales person said they would be there for us every step of the way. They will no longer return our call – also contacted the signing officer which has not been helpful. If there is a law suit available – please include me.

    1. I also have a Westgate Timeshare in Las Vegas. The timeshare has been paid for we owe nothing, however our Maintenance Fees are paid to Hilton Vacation Properties (we don’t have vacation privileges at Hilton locations?) My question is how would this work with Hilton Vacations being a different company than Westgate, if we stop paying the maintenance fees can this property be deeded back to Westgate?

  7. I just got a time share with westgate, aug 28. i called the rep to help me cancel the next day. she is a bitch was redirect me to many people finally i missed that 10days cancellation now i m struck i cant do anything get out of it. please if someone can help me or guide me?

    1. i myself and in the same boat , i was sold one the day i got a phone call during the sell my best friend died, i couldnt get out of the sell he would not let me leave, i felt like i had to buy, i tried and tried to walk away he kept comming after me and one time waited after me when i went to the restroom. i have the deed now, and i am behind on maintance, i paid two companies to sell and rent it and nothing i even paid a fee to westgate by moneyorder and they say they didnt get it the moneyorder place said it was cashed. westgate said they are not the ones who cashed it. i am now being turned over to collections, i am now 62 and going blind in one eye, can not travel there, build up weeks. hate the place they will not talk to me anymore, someone just told me to look they now have a legacy program. i did now they have it, its a way to back out of a contract. but to late for me, you give it a try. good luck God bless

    1. I wish we could start collecting signatures or find out where to file a complain against Westgate!! The worse decision my husband and I made a year ago!!

  8. I stopped paying Westgate about 4 years ago. I purchased in 2005 and it has been anything but fun to be an owner. I’ve probably paid $20000 dollars over the life of having this and cannot get rid of it. Now they have sent it to Pinnacle where the fees did finally hit my credit. It was about an 80 point drop on my credit score. I called and told them that I would pay the fees if I can cut ties with Westgate and they told me no that it was a lifetime contract. I called Westgate and they said that they would give me options if I first paid Pinnacle. I informed both parties that I want to pay a fee and cut ties at the same time but neither will have it. I was pressured into buying this thing when I was very young and I can’t understand why after paying all of this money throughout the years they can’t just deed back the property.

    1. Tony

      DO NOT PAY THEM! 4 years means in most jurisdictions the Statute of Limitations is over. THIS MEANS THEY CANT SUE YOU. All they can do is take back the timeshare thru foreclosure. Pay them even 1 cent and their rights start all over again!

      1. Hi, I stopped paying the maintenance and taxes fees sometime in 2011. This was for Westage Lakes Resort in Orlando we paid about $20K (cash)for the property in 2008, the fees kept on going up every year to the point that it was cheaper to book directly from them, as some friends of ours did. Still to this day I can not believe that I fell for this scam. Pinnacle has been trying to collect the fees ever since, never gave them a penny. Finally this week I received a certified letter from from, I was not home so I have to go to the Post Office to pick up. Should I do that? I’m afraid that by signing I might give something. By the way this came out of the credit report last month. Thanks!

        1. Lastly, signing for a certified letter only proves you received the letter and nothing more. I do know when they are ready to foreclose they have to notify you via certified mail by law so this can actually be good news!

  9. Westgate uses an in house collections agency called Pinancle and if you call Westgate they will immediately switch you over to them. They do not want to release you from the contract and won’t even take a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure without you paying at least 75% of total of ALL fees including some extra ones they try to tack on for collections, even though they own the collections agency. They recently Lost a Major Lawsuit in Gatlingburg, TN where the couple claimed they made promises that they didn’t keep and that they were lied to and pressured to buy. The couple was awarded $600000 dollars and Westgate response was to Lobby the State of Florida so that others wouldn’t try this where they have most of their properties. They spent tons on Lawyers and tried to appeal the verdict which was lowered to $500000 and then when that still wasn’t enough for Mr. STeiger he tried to take the appeal ALL the way to the United States Supreme Court and on May 24, 2018 the court told them they would NOT hear the case and the ruling would stay as it is. So they are literally freaking out as the phone is ringing off the wall with all of us Ripped off and tired owners wanting out. I am currently 5 years back and will happily wait them out but my ex-wife seems to think that it will go on her credit report and ruin her; but it hasn’t been reported and is doing no damage but she is not to smart and susceptible to their lying xack of shot people at Pinancle. I won’t give them a dime even if I had one and have even considered filing Bankruptcy just to get rid of them. I believe the law firm on TN is considering a Class Action Suit right now on behalf of All of us disgruntled owners as I truly believe the time has come for Westgate and other scammer outfits to change the way they are doing business and actually strive to make customers happy or they will go out of business in the next year or so. I actually bought mine online for $10 and worse thing I have ever done in my entire life and ironically it was a purchase to make my ex- wife then wife happy as it was a commitment to taking a vacation even though I didn’t want it and she did, which of course now she doesn’t and wants me to shoulder any cost. But then again she never paid for a single bill for the entire 25 years we were married and she continues her behavior as she has jumped from one man to another just so somebody else is always paying instead of her. At one point my daughter asked if she could have it and I told her I couldn’t saddle her with a lifetime of hating it; but I believe it was her mother who put her up to it so as to make me pay for it and then give it over to her free and clear. I regret buying it every single day.

    1. Hi Paul. I have been divorced for 16 years. My ex husband was awarded “AWARDED” (ha) the 2 timeshares we purchased in 1999. He has not made a payment in 11 yrs or longer. Just this year Pinnacle dinged my credit twice for 2 timeshares. Pinnacle says that Westgate doesn’t care if he was awarded the timeshare, that we both had our signatures on the lifetime timeshare. I truly don’t remember it being a lifetime, but I am sure it was in small print somewhere on the contract and not mentioned during our sale. Crazy that just now they want to ding my credit, it never showed up on my credit before as a mortgage or property EVER. They can kiss my ass… I am not paying and I never onced used it or rented it. PURE INCOME for Westgate cause I am sure they have rented out the time slot we originally reserved. I would love to see this company fall on its face. I would love to be part of the lawsuit if I can. WORST INVESTMENT EVER…..

      1. Me and my husband purchased a timeshare in July 2018 with Westgate.my husband is a 30-year retired veteran with a purple heart and they scammed and took advantage of us and I’m not paying them one red dime. It’s a shame they take advantage of hard-working people.

  10. We bought every other year at the palace in 2005. We NEVER went although we did pay it off. We exchanged a couple of times (always around a $500 fee). One of the reasons we bought was because they convinced us we could resell for twice what we paid and we were young and stupid. We thought we would use it a couple times and then sell it for profit. We did try and use it but found after way too late that we did not have a red week like they stated so we couldn’t go when we wanted anyway. All they would offer was to sell was a red week for an additional 7,000. We decided 4 years ago so stop paying the escalating maintenance fees (started at 400..now 800). Took us 4 years of harassing phone calls daily (no joke) and being turned in to collections but I am ecstatic to say that they finally gave us a deed in lieu of foreclosure. There is hope from the crooks. Just stand strong and never give them another dollar.

    1. Good for you

      Stopping timeshare is just like stopping smoking. There’s anxiety preparing to stop smoking. There is anxiety to stop paying timeshare. You get cravings and need long term will power to stop smoking. You get letters, threatening calls and maybe a credit hit if you stop timeshare. The cravings can last a long time. Calls, letters and threats can last a long time. If you take one cigarette, you are back to square one. If you pay even one cent you are back to square one.

      After all this, your cravings to smoke end, you feel better and can breathe better too. The tobacco company looks for another customer.

      After all this, you get offered a deed in lieu or they just foreclose and move on to the next owner.

      Do you want to smoke until you die of COPD or pay escalating fees, leave this mess for your kids when you die?

    2. Did they remove/dismiss ALL the maintenance fees you owed after you signed the in lieu of foreclosure? How much did they ask for the processing fee?

  11. If you are getting a credit hit as a result of stopping payment, it may be a good idea to seek the assistance of a credit repair service.

  12. Just FYI, if you do get “foreclosed” on by a timeshare, it will not stay on your credit for 7 years. It’s not the same as a regular real estate foreclosure. It’s just a way for Westgate to basically take back their property but not admit to actually releasing you from your nightmare contract. Plus, in my experience, if you work with a credit repair agency, it’s fairly easy to get something like this removed from your credit within a few months- I’ve seen it happen.

    1. I have being reading all the stories here. I am one more person that got on this stupid thing called “TIMESHARE “! I am so mad of myself! I can’t believe a made this unthinkable decision….oh well, doesn’t do any good to cry to spilled milk, right? I want to get out of this. I paid for 2 and half years the mortgage and maintenance fees AND right a front, in the day I signed the papers, 40% of the timeshare. Now I have some financial problems and I can’t afford anymore and I didn’t know what to do. I had to stop paying! I missed the maintenance fee for this year and 3 monthly payments. They already called me and told me that is going to collections. I got very concerned but after reading this stories I feel a little relieved. I stopped the auto pay and I put an app on my phone that stops spam phone calls and believe me, WESTGATE IS A SPAN! The calls do NOT GO THROUGH! ( RoboKiller! Check out! Very good)!
      Any way, I don’t have other options. Those companies that offer services to pull you out of timeshares, OMG, I called a few and they charge almost what I owe on the mortgage! One of those, charged me almost $5,000 to get me out! I can’t afford to hire a lawyer, I am in financial crises! WESTGATE will NOT work with you. Well, I decided to STOP THE PAYMENTS AND see what happens!
      Thanks for all the stories!

      1. I’m so happy to read this my husband and i just got married! We got hounded into buying this few months back. We are young as hell. 26 and 27. Let’s just say its oct 2018 and we got married in June 2018 and this is the worst decision in my life!!! We don’t want this shit anymore and WESTGATE WONT CANCEL THE CONTRACT FOR US!!!

    2. We were just sent a letter telling us we could get a deed in lieu of foreclosure if we pay $1500 – is it worth it, or should we just let it go?

  13. Going through this right now. F westgate….they are a POS company. I will take the hit to credit, if any. They can choke on my unit for all I care.

    1. It could affect your credit in the short term. But in the long term, if you want to get out of your ts, the quickest way would be to stop paying them!

    2. Would love to know this answer. They can’t foreclose if you own the unit, right? Someone out there please help. Maintenance fees go higher and higher. Just want out!

  14. I was told I owe 1000 dollars for late maintenance fees that I don’t remember getting a bill for and that they will charge me 25% every month it’s not paid…westgate is a scam

    1. Same here… I bought mine last April 2017. Me and my husband’s breaking point was when we tried using it. I tried to book for this April but I was told that the Myrtle beach resort is fully booked but when I tried booking as a “non-member” they have rooms. Just so full of it. I paid everything on time, even the HOA was paid early!!!

      1. I’ve owned my timeshare at Westgate Lakes since 1999. My maintenance fees and taxes are 1200 a year. I’ve tried everything to get out of this thing. I’ve paid $3000 to different companies to get out of it. Right now I’m working with PMO management group. They promise if I just stick with it, they will eventually released me. What’s so bad about it is that my mother and father-in-law are on our contract with us. They paid it off for us. I’ll do anything for them not to get a hit on their credit. I feel like going in that big auditorium and getting on the microphone and telling everybody what they did to us and don’t sign one thing.

  15. Hello,
    We bought July 2017. 16000 grand mortgage. 2,000 down payment and awaiting our 300 Oct payment. Now I do live in the U.S but I am not a U.S citizen. WG did not take my W7# nor SS# bc I don’t have one. I will be canceling my debit card and changing my phone#, and obviously just stop paying after reading all these comments. Aside from mail will they still be able to contact me or track me down financially through my name and address. Or report me through the IRS or any other credit line? Please any update or help???

    1. Can you advise how this worked out for you? I am in the same boat a year later. Purchased in July 2018 and don’t want it.

  16. I am trying to sell my Westgate property or get out ofd the mortgage aLL TOGETHER. I do believe rthis was financed in house so would this affect my credit? I was told I can use this property at anytime if I deposit and or exchANGE MY WEEK. i WAS ALSO TOLD THAT i HAD A BONUS WEEK TO USE. vbUT WHEN i TRIED TO BOOK MY FAMILY VACATION JUST FEW MONTHS AGO i WAS TOLD i COULDN’T USE THE PROPERTY FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF jULY. no one ever told me this prior to booking. i was also told i can check in at day, this too is false westgate only allows you to check in fri/sat/sun this place is a piece of shit and so not worth it. I want out of this timeshare. Help!!!!

  17. Westgate Resorts is a scam. They will send collection notices from their in-house Collections to force you to pay. When they receive nothing they offer deed in lieu of foreclosure (this takes 9-11 months to receive). My advice is to avoid contact, save mail received, when they offer deed in lieu of foreclosure, they will ask for a fee. Pay what you can. They will send you a form during tax season regarding property sale 1099-c (i think that’s what it’s call) they never report to your credit. This is exactly what I did 5 years ago. I paid $250 for deed in lieu, my friend paid $1200. I had my timeshare for several years. My friend had theirs for less than a year.

    1. Westgate has really screwed me… I don’t want to pay anymore… will this show up as a foreclosure on my credit? That’s what they keep threatening me

    2. I regret buying my timeshare because i lost my job and just need to downsized. What will they do if I discontinue to pay

  18. My husband and I purchased a timeshare from Westgate in 2015, on the promise that all our holiday needs would be taken care of forever more! Before signing we asked what happened if everything they promised didn’t materialise and we didn’t want it anymore. The advice we were given by the salesman, and later on the notary, was to just stop paying as we were UK residents and there was little that could be done to enforce payment.
    After about a year we decided it was little more than a scam and stopped paying.
    We had been ripped off by Westgate Cruise and Travel and we’re going through MasterCard to get the refund that Westgate promised several times. We had tried withholding payment of our fees to get it resolved but we’re informed that Westgate Cruise and Travel was nothing to do with Westgate Resorts so they wouldn’t help!
    Long story short, our account has been “delinquent” for about 8 months now as I fail to see why I should pay for anything less than was promised. I am now receiving letters saying that they will foreclose, refer to collection agencies etc. I just don’t know if there is anything they can do to enforce it in the UK or will it just affect my ability to travel to the US in future should I wish to?

    1. Hi,

      Please read my comment on What Happens If I Stop Paying my Timeshare dated March 29,2017. Hope this helps. I am a Canadian citizen.

  19. We purchased a timeshare in 2005.we were only able to use twice. In 2014 I hurt my back unable to work or pay maintenancce feez. Contacted Westgate told them situation . They would not by back timeshare but would offer another smaller unit at discount price an only have to pay maintence fee every other year. Not having any other option signed another contract for smaller unit an let the other unit go. Feb of this year recieved letter stating that on review we owned maintence fees all the way back to that year and monthly fee they stated the forclosire paperwork notory had same last name as us so unexceptable. The lawyer notory that they chose to send to us with the paperwork told us that at the sitting so we filled out another one there with a witness and his wife as the notory. He evidently gave the wrong paper. Now westgate turned us into the collections an is charging us for the unit we didnt know we still owned. I asked for apaper stating they made a mistake and that we didn’t even know that we still owned,and that they would correct our credit report. No letter for this. They said I could contact credit report an call the court in floida after 100 days to make sure document was excepted. Very rude people in resourse management. Do not buy Westgate.

  20. I purchased my Westgate vacation Villa from a private owner; paying in full at the time of purchase. Used RCI for a few years with a few great vacations. Fast forward; divorce and neither of us wanting the timeshare and neither willing to pay the increasing maintenance fees. They ended up foreclosing on the property last month. Now, Westgate is contacting me to pay 1250.00 for a pay for delete option on my credit report. The person i spoke directly to stated they only report to Experian. I pulled my free credit report and its not there!!!! So, do I wait or take the option??? For me, 1250.00 is a small price to pay for this to not effect my credit. BUT….. I honestly can not remember the last payment that I ever made. I believe that it is over 7 years. Does anyone know if they can legally put in on my report?? Fingers crosses that the answer is NO!!!

    1. Did you ever get an answer? It’s been 16 years since a payment was made.. and now it is on my credit in collection. I think there has to be a statatue of limitations .

  21. My friend and I are owners of eoy Westgate Lakes. We are in Pinnacle collections for maintenace non payment. Collections said there is a LIEN. I checked Orange County records and there NO record of a lien. Also were told timeshare will be passed to heirs and a THOROUGH asset check was done and mentioned credit score. Rep also said she offered Westgate the deedback and they refused. She is also saying that to do anything we must pay all monies owed.I am trying to find out if Pinnacle bought the debt and if everything we were told is true. Westgate has first right of refusal and says we need a buyer first then submit offer to them first. Waste of time in my opinion. Since my friend’s name is first on deed Westgate would never contact me saying they only contact the person who is first on deed. Now that seems to have changed since money is owed. Im not sure if that is legal and want to file a complaint. I will inform them we are not paying. I fear they will drag this out for the money. Help is appreciated!

  22. Questions-After you ceased paying these crooks, did they pursue you in civil court? Lawsuit?
    Did they report the default on your credit? Have a friend in the UK that was ripped off as well, and wants out.
    Do you have any other advise to get out of the contract?
    Thank you, Mike P

  23. My girlfriend and i have decided to stop paying westgate about 2 years in on a 10 year note. Any advice on what to expect? Willing to let it ride as far as possible to be done with this crap. Thanks

    1. I work for a company called martin management and we specialize in fractional real estate. we provide legal services to permanently terminate your mortgage and or annual dues . if you are interested in cancelling this once and for all without them affecting your credit or watching it go to yout kids look us up. thank you

      1. I have been talking and researching several law firms to help me get out of my contract with Westgate. There was one who is gathering people to do a multi plaintiff law suit, but need more people. John Abrams in Wahington state. Seriously considering going with him.

        1. I am interested in the lawsuit as well. Been screwed to hard for too long. It is time to get our money back.

          1. Would love to sue Westgate to for all the harassment and lies. Fed up with them

          2. I just got a time share with westgate, aug 28. i called the rep to help me cancel the next day. she is a bitch was redirect me to many people finally i missed that 10days cancellation now i m struck i cant do anything get out of it. please if someone can help me or guide me?

      1. Yes im currently frustrated and tired of paying for this westgate timeshare mainly because all the dates “normal” people vacation are always booked Im really ready to say F it and not give them another dime. If my credit takes a hit then oh well………….

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