Grandview at Las Vegas Timeshare Experience – User Submitted

The following post was submitted by a reader detailing his experience with Grandview Las Vegas timeshare.

I also had VERY BAD EXPERIENCES with Grandview at Las Vegas…

First, may I suggest we ALL flood their offices with complaints with the hope that they begin to look more closely at these RIP-OFFS…

My Story:

My wife and I were in Las Vegas in 2009 when we were invited to sit in at a 90-minute vacation presentation. We were offered tickets to see a ‘Las Vegas’ styled show in return for our presence at this presentation. Since we were short of money and could not ordinarily afford a ‘Las Vegas Style Show,’ we accepted.

The salesperson, J. J., told us that a timeshare was just like any other piece of real estate; we would get a deed and could sell, rent or give away. She said our ‘special price’ was only about $13,000 – instead of $30,000, and was a good investment because our timeshare investment could value as much as twice the present value in a few short years. We understood the concept of real estate so we believed her.

We told her we might not be able to afford the timeshare, based on our salary. She said there would be no credit check and we should not worry because Grandview has a plan in which we could rent our unused timeshare for the cost of what it would be to purchase. This cost would be enough to pay for our maintenance fees and pay our monthly payments.

The timeshare is now 4 months in arrears and Grandview told us they could not get it rented. We were misinformed by Grandview and J. J., their salesperson who assured us they would rent the unit and we would not have to worry about the payments.

Grandview lied to us by letting us believe our time share was an investment and could pay for itself. If we knew they would not rent unit we would not have bought it.

I am hereby filing a legal complaint against Grandview at Las Vegas for fraud by misrepresentation.

I sent complaints to the following offices:

State of Nevada Real Estate Division – Las Vegas Office
2501 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite 303
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Nevada Real Estate Division
Las Vegas Office
2501 East Sahara Avenue, Ste. 102
Las Vegas, Nevada – 89104

State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry
Real Estate Division
1179 Fairviwe Drive, Ste E
Carson City, NV 89701

Las Vegas Better Business Bureau
6040 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118

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  1. How is any of this legal, everyone i have spoken to, or read about online was deceived by the timeshare representative. My wife and i bought a timeshare after i came back from the Iraq. We were on our honeymoon and now years later, we still have a time share that we have never used. It was never mentioned that our children would inherit the mortgage and maintenance fees or that we would be responsible to pay as long as the Grandview timeshare corporation is in business. They served people wine and had people celebrating ringing bells and blowing whistles, what was supposed to be 2 hours ended up being more like 4 hours, after refusing to purchase a double apartment we settled for the single. We stayed so long that we missed a few of the shows that were offered for taking How is this legal? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. We purchased through them last summer and were told that we could rent out our week and use extra vacation weeks at other resorts. We were given what we thought where the cell phone numbers of the sales person and a supervisor to reach out to for help on renting our week. The supervisor also gave us $300 CASH to help with our down payment. We tried to call for weeks to get in touch with these people to no end. We stopped the auto draft of payments and haven’t paid then in months. And I have blocked all of their calls. I sent emails trying to get new copies of our paperwork so I can sell the timeshare through an exit program but am not getting an answer. I guess I need to look into a Quit Claim as well.

  3. hi
    i have a 2 bed lock off week 6 i think fully paid up but i am in the uk and health issues and not working any longer mean i can no longer use it or afford the fees i am prepared to give this away for a small price to someone who is willing to sort the legal side and pay legal fees

    1. Just to confirm its actually week 7′ 2 bed lock off fully paid up free to anyone who wants to sort the legal stuff

        1. Hi I notice that you are looking into buying a timeshare. I have one at this resort (grandview las Vegas) and am also looking into selling mine as I can no longer afford it. It is paid off and I’m just looking to transfer to someone else. I have week 31 which is great for the summer which is mid August. I paid about $9000 for mine but trying to sell for $3500 which is also negotiable. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. I really need this off my hands.

          1. We are selling our timeshare at the Grandview Las Vegas. It belongs to my mother on disability who was talked into it. She can no longer afford the fees.


  4. I was ripped off as well. I want v to stop making payments. But in just bought my home and don’t want any problems.

    1. We were looking to get out from under our timeshare at Grandview Las Vegas for some time. We owe about $3,000 on a one bedroom suite. We have used RCI points for travel to see family, but most of the time the price they get flights isn’t much better than what you can get normally. We are now going to attempt to rent out our timeshare. It was 24,000 points to book + about $250 for fees. If this goes as planned, we can rent the rooms at $1600, or $850 per one bedroom. These are great prices,especially if it is during times of special events. This money will be used to payoff some of our balance. We still have 37,000 points which can be used again to rent out the suites. Maybe have this thing paid off, putting us in the black, and used as a rental income for the foreseeable future. Also, just got word from a friends dad from Vegas that the South Strip plans are moving and breaking ground for the large resorts are coming, which increases our value exponentially. Just thought I’d put a little positive post for those needing to find a way to make money off of their purchase.

  5. I contacted Grandview/Eldorado Resorts today, 10/2/2014. I was transferred many times until I reached someone who advised me that Eldorado has a deed back program. I have paid off my timeshare a few years ago and have been trying to sell it for 5 years as I cannot use the vacation as the salesperson indicated I would be able to. When we have been able to use a week here or there, the properties were disgusting to say the least. The Grandview does not trade into RCI with much value making it difficult to stay at a nice resort anywhere, especially in the summer. Anyway, the person to contact to participate in the deed back program is Dumas Grabbriellini. His e-mail is DumasG@vacationvillageresorts.com. I have sent an e-mail today and hope to be able to get this property deed back ASAP.

      1. Hi Shataya,
        im wondering if you ever tried to deed back your timeshare using the email above? i too am trying to get rid of this MISTAKE! haha

  6. Thanks to bad reviews online I was able to cancel my contract within the 5days,
    I purchased while on vacation 2 weeks ago.
    Today I got back my deposit in full.
    The sales guy fed me and my wife the same lies.
    I didn’t feel right after leaving the place so I did some research.
    it’s not worth listening to the sales person for hours just for some freebies.
    I feel so bad for people that didn’t get out, it’s so sad that this place does this to
    honest working families.
    God bless

    1. Hello my husband and i just bought the time share and want to cancel it! We want to know how it was that you went about canceling yours! PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU

  7. We also purchased a timeshare at Grandview. We have stopped payments on it, and we were informed that our case would go into forclosure. I have only received warnings and phone calls, so far it hasn’t moved forward. I am worried about the forclosure on our credit, but the other option is bankruptcy, if that were to happen, then they can have my credit cards too! Anyway, I feel the same way about Grandview Las Vegas and El Dorado Resorts. We have not had the chance to EVER use our timeshare weeks, and we’ve owned it now for 3-4 years! That’s a lot of money wasted.

    1. v8soccer

      I hope you don’t end up having to file bankruptcy, but IF it turns out you have no other choice, may I make a suggestion?

      If at all possible, before filing bankruptcy, take at least 1 credit card, and pay it off completely. Alternatively, see if you can apply for a new credit card and don’t charge anything on it at all until after the bankruptcy is complete.

      This way, you won’t have to include that zero balance card as one of your creditors, and you will have a credit card that you can use after the conclusion of your bankruptcy.

      Best of luck.

      1. Thanks! That’s a great idea. We haven’t filed bankruptcy yet, but I just paid my car off! We do still have credit card bills, so it’s not all sunshiney. They haven’t moved forward yet, they have been calling a lot more, but I ignore the calls, I’ve listened to the messages they leave. For now it’s a computer dialer wanting me to contact them.
        That’s ok, I don’t think I’ll volunteer to listen to that garbage.

        Merrily we roll along…..

    2. Did they foreclose yet? Did they sue you for the money? I own at GV and am thinking about letting mine go but worried about they suing me. I owe 17K.

      1. Wow, $17k is more than our original SALE price (I’m pretty sure). After about a million auto phone calls, a guy called and left a message offering us to “Surrender the property”. I got the message, but I wanted my husband to deal with it as I didn’t want to talk to them. It took a few days before he was able to call, and he just left a message. That same day we received paperwork about a “Quit Claim Deed”. From the looks of it we sign over the property back to Eldorado Resorts, and hopefully we will be free and clear. I don’t know what other tangles will come up before this is over, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve paid a couple thousand dollars on this thing and have NEVER used any of it. We’ve paid them enough, for nothing. Hope they haven’t come after you, stick with it, or ask about a Quit Claim Deed, or surrendering the property. Good Luck! 🙂

        (And we sold some stock and are paying down one card rapidly!!! Soon I’ll be on to the next. I didn’t win the lottery, but it’s starting to look up…)

          1. We signed the quit claim deed with a notary and sent it off. It’s been a while since that happened, over a year (a very crazy stressful year otherwise). I haven’t heard anything from them since. They may have sent a confirmation letter or something like that. I believe once we completed the Quit Claim Deed it was over. I would go for that option. Good Luck!

        1. We are having the same problems and were recently offered the opportunity to sign a QuitClaim Deed. Did this work for you?

        2. hi there,
          im just wondering if you ignoring their phone calls and not paying for the property ever hurt your credit.

        3. Hi. I am in the same situation as most here. Are you free and clear? Were there any negative effects to your credit?

      2. hi, I was wondering what ever happened with your situation, marianne?
        I just bought a timeshare in GV as well and I paid almost 10 grand more than you did. We went to cancel, but the guy that did the cancelling talked us out of it. I didn’t get the chance to visit this site… or else I would’ve for sure cancelled our contract. I also don’t want to pay them any more than I already have. Did they sue you? or did you file for bankruptcy? or foreclosed?

        1. Hi Anna, what happened? I haven’t paid much on mine but I really want to cancel my timeshare. I’ve thought about going there to try and rid my time sheet. Want to know if it is worth going back to Vegas to try and cancel?

  8. My husband and I purchased a timeshare from Grandview in December 2010 and being we were on vacation and that we had purchased it on Christmas Eve, did not get a chance to review the contract until after the cooling off period. Has anyone ever been able to cancel their contract with Grandview after the cooling off period? We are actually even considering forfeiting the down payment we made just to get out of this lifelong debt.

    1. Update: I just spoke to our Verification Officer at Grandview and she informed us to fax them our revocation officer with a statement at the bottom acknowledging it is past the 5 day cooling off period and we are willing to forfeit our deposit. I just faxed it to them yesterday and they confirmed receipt. Now just waiting on corporate to call us and decide. We’re hoping they let us out.

      1. Hi Kim,

        Wondering what happened. We got sucked in on holiday too in April 2011 and didn’t have time to go through everything until now and would like out. Did they let you out on forfeit of deposit? This is all we have paid so far.

        1. No, they didn’t let us out. I thought after speaking with our verification officer and faxing the revocation form stating we were willing to forfeit our deposit they would let us out. Someone from Florida contacted us and stated the following:

          As per contract both parties are bound by their contractual rights and obligations, and as such the developers rights include – but are not limited to:

          The right to cancel your inventory;
          The right to retain any and all deposits; ($889.00)
          The right to enforce the Promissory Note executed by uou in connection with the purchase. ($9,990.00) along with any interest, fees and penalties.

          1. Thanks for letting me know Kim. I sent off a letter with a revocation form yesterday. We also revoked in writing the right for them to charge the nominated credit card. The first payment isn’t due for 3 weeks. My husband and I found out after we got back from our holiday that the company we work for is restructuring and we are both losing our jobs. We originally figured we would try and do it anyway. Sent off an email authorising payment to a different card. we confirmed we had the correct email address with the person we spoke to, only to have the email bounce 5 days later. This then meant not only are we going to be unemployed but it put us into the massive interest rates they charge. The whole thing is just feels bad as far as I am concerned. As we do not live in the USA, I am hoping the cost and effort for them to chase us is all just too hard. Timezone issues are making it almost impossible for us to talk to anyone over there about it (unless we want to sit up until midnight or later each time we try.) I can live with a bad credit rating in the USA, just don’t want to be sued.

  9. I have sent out letters to Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Las Vegas Dept of Business and Industry (Real Estate Division) among others to complaint about Grandview’s deceptive acts/practices and their omission of significant facts. In short malicious lies that would affect the judgement of any reasonable person. Praying and fingers-crossed that we will get a favorable response from these agencies. I hope more people will voice out their complaints than just sleep on them. I know it is stressful and takes a lot of time writing letters and gathering all documents but we are hoping that it will be all worth it.

    1. Me and my husband just bought into this on 2/6/19. We have just sent a overnight mail to them to cancel this and stopped payment on the credit cards. I.am wondering if the mail doesn’t make it by the 5 day period which is 2/11/19 in which they guarantee it will be there on 2/11/19. Can they make us pay.

  10. Hi

    Yes i bought at the grandview as well, and diff were mis sold. i will be stopping the payments as i have not used the timeshare, and as yet have found everything i was promised untrue. i am worried about them trying to take my home. can they do this.

    1. My husband and I used our “Extra Vacations” twice at the Grandview and, other than finding a parking place when you return from a Night On The Town, we found our stays enjoyable. The deals we get via RCI more than make up the Maintenance fee on the Timeshare we never used.

    1. Hi Marie and Mercy,

      Unfortunately I can not release the email address of the poster publicly, but I will send them an email privately and see if they will come back and provide an update. Make sure you subscribe to the comments – if they come back and post a reply you’ll know 🙂

      Best of luck!

      1. Hello! Received email from you months ago that you will ask for update from this poster since you can’t release their email to us. Any news?

  11. We are currently in arrears with GrandView as well and just received a letter of intent to Foreclose. They said they will garnish our wages and we are responsible for all court costs. We told them up front we couldn’t afford the payment. We tried to get them to work with us on it and they wouldn’t!!!! Buyer BEWARE! Do NOT purchase from these frauds!

    1. What happened with your timeshare? Did they sue you for the money? I own at GV and owe $17K and was thinking of letting it foreclose but not if they are gonna come after me for $.

      1. I can not understand how a one week condo at the Grandview can cost $17,000. We used our “extra vacation” from our lovely $2,500 T.S. condo in Orlando and stayed a week at the Grandview for less than $80.00. This was in December. For those reading this because they are considering purchasing a Time Share, my advice is to keep walking out until the top sales manager steps in and just happens to find a Time Share that “was just foreclosed on” at a price you can afford. Choose Points, not Weeks.

        1. We own 2 one bedroom units and get an additional 6 “extra vacation” weeks a year. I know we over paid, bad decision on our part. It’s just too much for us. Now we know better. We have owned for just over a year now. We traded it for Cabo San Lucas this year and ended up at a presentation there. They started at $200K and last offer was $2K. We still did not buy.

          1. I believe we were lied to as well because, if we wanted out, it will be impossible to sell it. We were told it would increase in value, especially at the price we paid. Last year, while staying at another RCI complex in FL, we visited our complex and it is beautiful. Our condo (we never saw it before) is lovely,yet there are hundreds of empty unit weeks they can’t sell. Some were foreclosed on and some owners just walked away, sick of the increasing maintenance fees. Hopefully, laws will be set in motion protecting you and future purchasers from misleading sales pitches.

      1. Grandview still selling these lies! My husband and myself just purchased this time share a few months ago and the girl gave us a really good deal I thought but I now know after a few on the of trying to use this time share that I’m paying for every month it’s not worth anything

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