Westgate Timeshare – Experience of a Former Owner

The following post was submitted by a couple detailing their experience as Westgate timeshare owners, and why they decided to stop paying their Westgate timeshare.

In 2005, we purchased a Timeshare from Westgate Resort in good faith. We were a young married couple with two toddlers. We were told that we would never regret the purchase and that we had a “lifetime of amazing vacations” ahead of us. The only thing that has remained constant and true is the fact that WE HAVE REGRETTED EVERY MINUTE OF OUR PURCHASE.

Between 2007 and 2010, we paid two different companies over $2,000 who each claimed that they guarantee to sell our timeshare. Neither ever did. In 2010, we contacted Westgate and notified them that we would NO LONGER be cheated out of our hard earned money and would NOT continue to pay them. They did not care that we had paid thousands of dollars to them already (100% on time) or that we had spent over $2000 to companies to sell our timeshare. The only thing they cared about was getting their money. They even acknowledged that purchasing a timeshare may not have been the most “honest” purchase but that we were never “forced” to do so.

On December 1, 2011, we will STOP PAYING our timeshare and to NO LONGER allow Westgate to cheat us out of our hard earned money every month. We have impeccable credit of which we have lived an honest and hard working life to establish. Now, it will be ruined for 7 years, at least, due to this foreclosure.

This decision was not easy for us to make, but also one that was based on principle. It is NOT RIGHT for companies such as Westgate to be allowed to misguide trusting people into making such a bad investment. It is even more wrong for consumers like us who have led decent and hard working lives to provide our children with the American dream, to have to suffer ruining their credit due to such a cheating and unethical process such as purchasing a timeshare.

We only owed approximately $6,500 at the time we decided to stop paying. However, we vowed NEVER TO ALLOW WESTGATE TO CHEAT US OUT OF ANOTHER ONE OF OUR HARD EARNED CENTS AGAIN. Our children deserved better than that.

A Westgate Resort FORMER owner

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  1. Caitlin Salas says:

    If you are getting a credit hit as a result of stopping payment, it may be a good idea to seek the assistance of a credit repair service.

  2. CG says:

    Just FYI, if you do get “foreclosed” on by a timeshare, it will not stay on your credit for 7 years. It’s not the same as a regular real estate foreclosure. It’s just a way for Westgate to basically take back their property but not admit to actually releasing you from your nightmare contract. Plus, in my experience, if you work with a credit repair agency, it’s fairly easy to get something like this removed from your credit within a few months- I’ve seen it happen.

  3. Jody says:

    Going through this right now. F westgate….they are a POS company. I will take the hit to credit, if any. They can choke on my unit for all I care.

  4. Betty says:

    Does anyone know if not paying the maintenance fees will affect credit score?

    • CG says:

      It could affect your credit in the short term. But in the long term, if you want to get out of your ts, the quickest way would be to stop paying them!

    • Grace says:

      Would love to know this answer. They can’t foreclose if you own the unit, right? Someone out there please help. Maintenance fees go higher and higher. Just want out!

  5. Gary j says:

    I was told I owe 1000 dollars for late maintenance fees that I don’t remember getting a bill for and that they will charge me 25% every month it’s not paid…westgate is a scam

  6. Joyce says:

    My husband and I want out of our Westgate property please help

    • Ann says:

      Same here… I bought mine last April 2017. Me and my husband’s breaking point was when we tried using it. I tried to book for this April but I was told that the Myrtle beach resort is fully booked but when I tried booking as a “non-member” they have rooms. Just so full of it. I paid everything on time, even the HOA was paid early!!!

  7. Mumu says:

    We bought July 2017. 16000 grand mortgage. 2,000 down payment and awaiting our 300 Oct payment. Now I do live in the U.S but I am not a U.S citizen. WG did not take my W7# nor SS# bc I don’t have one. I will be canceling my debit card and changing my phone#, and obviously just stop paying after reading all these comments. Aside from mail will they still be able to contact me or track me down financially through my name and address. Or report me through the IRS or any other credit line? Please any update or help???

  8. Monique says:

    I am trying to sell my Westgate property or get out ofd the mortgage aLL TOGETHER. I do believe rthis was financed in house so would this affect my credit? I was told I can use this property at anytime if I deposit and or exchANGE MY WEEK. i WAS ALSO TOLD THAT i HAD A BONUS WEEK TO USE. vbUT WHEN i TRIED TO BOOK MY FAMILY VACATION JUST FEW MONTHS AGO i WAS TOLD i COULDN’T USE THE PROPERTY FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF jULY. no one ever told me this prior to booking. i was also told i can check in at day, this too is false westgate only allows you to check in fri/sat/sun this place is a piece of shit and so not worth it. I want out of this timeshare. Help!!!!

  9. Evelyn says:

    Westgate Resorts is a scam. They will send collection notices from their in-house Collections to force you to pay. When they receive nothing they offer deed in lieu of foreclosure (this takes 9-11 months to receive). My advice is to avoid contact, save mail received, when they offer deed in lieu of foreclosure, they will ask for a fee. Pay what you can. They will send you a form during tax season regarding property sale 1099-c (i think that’s what it’s call) they never report to your credit. This is exactly what I did 5 years ago. I paid $250 for deed in lieu, my friend paid $1200. I had my timeshare for several years. My friend had theirs for less than a year.

  10. TracyC says:

    My husband and I purchased a timeshare from Westgate in 2015, on the promise that all our holiday needs would be taken care of forever more! Before signing we asked what happened if everything they promised didn’t materialise and we didn’t want it anymore. The advice we were given by the salesman, and later on the notary, was to just stop paying as we were UK residents and there was little that could be done to enforce payment.
    After about a year we decided it was little more than a scam and stopped paying.
    We had been ripped off by Westgate Cruise and Travel and we’re going through MasterCard to get the refund that Westgate promised several times. We had tried withholding payment of our fees to get it resolved but we’re informed that Westgate Cruise and Travel was nothing to do with Westgate Resorts so they wouldn’t help!
    Long story short, our account has been “delinquent” for about 8 months now as I fail to see why I should pay for anything less than was promised. I am now receiving letters saying that they will foreclose, refer to collection agencies etc. I just don’t know if there is anything they can do to enforce it in the UK or will it just affect my ability to travel to the US in future should I wish to?

    • samteny says:


      Please read my comment on What Happens If I Stop Paying my Timeshare dated March 29,2017. Hope this helps. I am a Canadian citizen.

  11. Michelle says:

    We purchased a timeshare in 2005.we were only able to use twice. In 2014 I hurt my back unable to work or pay maintenancce feez. Contacted Westgate told them situation . They would not by back timeshare but would offer another smaller unit at discount price an only have to pay maintence fee every other year. Not having any other option signed another contract for smaller unit an let the other unit go. Feb of this year recieved letter stating that on review we owned maintence fees all the way back to that year and monthly fee they stated the forclosire paperwork notory had same last name as us so unexceptable. The lawyer notory that they chose to send to us with the paperwork told us that at the sitting so we filled out another one there with a witness and his wife as the notory. He evidently gave the wrong paper. Now westgate turned us into the collections an is charging us for the unit we didnt know we still owned. I asked for apaper stating they made a mistake and that we didn’t even know that we still owned,and that they would correct our credit report. No letter for this. They said I could contact credit report an call the court in floida after 100 days to make sure document was excepted. Very rude people in resourse management. Do not buy Westgate.

  12. Wendy H says:

    I purchased my Westgate vacation Villa from a private owner; paying in full at the time of purchase. Used RCI for a few years with a few great vacations. Fast forward; divorce and neither of us wanting the timeshare and neither willing to pay the increasing maintenance fees. They ended up foreclosing on the property last month. Now, Westgate is contacting me to pay 1250.00 for a pay for delete option on my credit report. The person i spoke directly to stated they only report to Experian. I pulled my free credit report and its not there!!!! So, do I wait or take the option??? For me, 1250.00 is a small price to pay for this to not effect my credit. BUT….. I honestly can not remember the last payment that I ever made. I believe that it is over 7 years. Does anyone know if they can legally put in on my report?? Fingers crosses that the answer is NO!!!

  13. Jodi says:

    My friend and I are owners of eoy Westgate Lakes. We are in Pinnacle collections for maintenace non payment. Collections said there is a LIEN. I checked Orange County records and there NO record of a lien. Also were told timeshare will be passed to heirs and a THOROUGH asset check was done and mentioned credit score. Rep also said she offered Westgate the deedback and they refused. She is also saying that to do anything we must pay all monies owed.I am trying to find out if Pinnacle bought the debt and if everything we were told is true. Westgate has first right of refusal and says we need a buyer first then submit offer to them first. Waste of time in my opinion. Since my friend’s name is first on deed Westgate would never contact me saying they only contact the person who is first on deed. Now that seems to have changed since money is owed. Im not sure if that is legal and want to file a complaint. I will inform them we are not paying. I fear they will drag this out for the money. Help is appreciated!

  14. mike paul says:

    Questions-After you ceased paying these crooks, did they pursue you in civil court? Lawsuit?
    Did they report the default on your credit? Have a friend in the UK that was ripped off as well, and wants out.
    Do you have any other advise to get out of the contract?
    Thank you, Mike P

  15. jo ann says:

    has anyone heard anything about westgate smoky mts. resort since fire. hoping they would give owners options?

  16. I got scammed says:

    My girlfriend and i have decided to stop paying westgate about 2 years in on a 10 year note. Any advice on what to expect? Willing to let it ride as far as possible to be done with this crap. Thanks

    • mike paul says:

      Did they file a lawsuit against you?

    • william hart says:

      I work for a company called martin management and we specialize in fractional real estate. we provide legal services to permanently terminate your mortgage and or annual dues . if you are interested in cancelling this once and for all without them affecting your credit or watching it go to yout kids look us up. thank you

  17. joann says:

    westgate scam us too – we need to get together and sue

    • Sindy says:

      Such a scam!!! we need to get together and sue, too many lies.

      • Suchascam says:

        I have been talking and researching several law firms to help me get out of my contract with Westgate. There was one who is gathering people to do a multi plaintiff law suit, but need more people. John Abrams in Wahington state. Seriously considering going with him.

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