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Westgate Orlando – High Pressure Sales

My friend and I took a short weekend trip to see disney and made reservations at a Westgate Resort. Come time at check in and we were herded thru a process to sign us up for a timeshare sales appt. Without our even realizing it, we went next morning to the free breakfast and supposedly a 90 minute presentation. I felt like i was held hostage as they had collected a $20 deposit and also told us we would get free tickets to a show we wanted to go to after the 90 minutes, which turned into four and a half hours of pretty much high pressure sales.

Lando Resorts Corporation

We finally got away with getting our free tickets after we were sold a prepaid resort vacation package. I think they are scamming the guests, as you are not allowed to think over the offer, only to buy now or the offer will not be offered again. Thank god i felt like, if it is too good to be true it probably is not a good thing and did not purchase the time share. Now after reading these comments on how bad it really is, i am so glad i said no.

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  1. I have to agree with Lynn. No reading lables, great wines, and the best cheese in town. The beef is noticeably better, the deli, the muffins ..it always smells good and the music even suits my taste. Someone else does all the obsessing and I get to enjoy it. I’m a senior, so I get a discount EVERY DAY. Thanks Earth Fare!

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