ResortCom Timeshare Foreclosure

Does anyone have experience stopping payment on ResortCom Timeshare, specifically the Veilla Del Palmar Resort?

A reader of our site posed the following question about foreclosing on ResortCom timeshare:
ResortCom Foreclosure
My husband and I purchased a time share several years ago and are still paying on the outrageous balance plus maintenance fees.

We have recently found ourselves in a finacial hardship and can no longer make the monthly payments and/or maintenance fees.

I have contacted the TS company several times asking for ways I can relenquish the TS, each time they tell me I cannot.

I’m concerned about wage garnishments if I cannot pay them. They are quite unwilling to work with me on this. My stress level concerning this is increasing daily. Any ideas??

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  1. I have a fully paid for time share at Mayan Palace in Rocky Point. Can’t go anymore & I just want to dump it. I owe no maintenance fees due to my age. I have gotten a renovation notice, which they say is due every 5 years, that is equal to the maintnance fee ($596.00). What happens if I just ignore this? I am willing to just give it back.

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