Reef Village Ambergise Caye, Belize Timeshare

belize timeshareI own in Belize and when I went there this year to use my points to stay they gave me a bill for several thousand dollars as though I were renting. Now that I refuse to pay the bill they will not let me book this years reservation.

The first day I arrived there was no power. The place is now rundown and it’s not even done being built yet…but the rust has already cause many things to fall apart no maintenance has been done.

I got a deal with double points and a free golf cart, and they do not want to honor the deal even though I have all the paperwork. The Manager would not speak to me before I went. I was there 10 days he was rude to me and would not meet me, and after our stay will not talk to me via phone or e-mail.

This is just ridiculous – Is there any help out there for someone in this situation??

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