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Point to Point Destinations Timeshare in CanadaOperating under the name Point to Point Destinations, or West Coast Timeshare Ltd., this Vancouver, BC based company has been selling points based timeshares since their inception in 1999. In recent years there have been a number of time share owners speaking out against PTP Destinations, and looking for help in dealing with their PTP Destinations timeshare purchase. There is hope for the many PTP Destinations timeshare owners out there looking for assistance. There is an excellent web timeshare resource dedicated to informing, warning, and educating consumers about PTP timesharing called TimeshareRevealed.com. TimeshareRevealed.com is working to mobilize, help, and inform unhappy PTP Destinations timeshare owners, and assist them in taking action against the company.

Vlad, the creator of TimeshareRevealed.com, has already begun to take legal action against Point to Point Destinations, and is currently in the process of suing their organization for misrepresentation. This action was pursued after PTP Destinations/West Coast Timeshare’s refusal to return his money, or make an offer to buy back the package that was sold to him under false pretenses. His objective now is to assist other PTP Timeshare owners in pursuing the same action by providing recommendations for legal representation, assisting owners to find one another and mobilize to file single, joint, or class action suits, obtaining the assistance of more PTP owners to strengthen the cases already in progress, and creating a public awareness of Point to Point Destination’s unfair business practices to protect consumers.

Just Say No To TimeshareTimeshareRevealed.com wants all PTP vacation club members to know that there are options available for them to get out of their timeshare contract with Point To Point Destinations, also know as West Coast Timeshare Ltd., and the site outlines a number of ways to go about getting your money back. For people within their 10 day timeshare rescission window, you have the ability to cancel the contract, without any explanation, and receive a full refund during this period known as “cooling off”. Point to Point timeshare owners outside of this 7 day refund window also have options including:

  • Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Suing West Coast Timeshare (this is possible despite what your timeshare contract may state).
  • Raising awareness on the web regarding the company’s questionable business practices on sites like Rip Off Report, Consumer Affairs, Complaints.com
  • Organizing a class action lawsuit.
  • Spreading the word on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, forums, and via email.

So if you, or someone you know, has been involved with Point to Point Destinations and is unhappy with their experience, TimeshareRevealed.com is a great resource for timeshare help, time share lawsuit information, and connecting with other PTP Destinations timeshare owners that share your experience. It is important to realize that you are not alone, and there is help available for timeshare owners that feel they have been mislead by PTP/West Coast Timeshare.

**  UPDATE 5/4/09 – The website TimeshareRevealed.com has been removed from the web.  Please visit our Timeshare Forums @ http://rcivip.com/forum to discuss Point to Point Destinations or West Coast Timeshare.

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  1. We too are seeking to get out of our contract bought in Dec 2008. Our sales rep told us that if ever we wanted to sell that PtP would like first offer. Then my wife’s medical condition deteriorated to the point we knew we weren’t going to be able to travel. When we approached them we were told by them that they do not buy back! Check the “Preferred Membership Acknlowledgements” sheet that was provided that they requested to be initialed at the time of presentation/purchase. The very first item: “RENTAL/RESALE” I understand that West Coast Timeshare and Point to Point Destinations do not offer a timeshare rental program, resale program or buy back program at the time.” We were under the impression that we actually had a share of condo (real property) in Kelowna,BC, that we could go to but we were wrong.

    Anyone out there having any luck? Any contact that can help us all?

  2. I also regret buying timeshare from ptp( signed up in feb. 2009) and would like to cancel it. Just spoke to few people at ptp and "THERE'S NO WAY OUT". The only way is to sell you're timeshare with somebody esle, which i think it's impossible as i myself don't recommend it to anybody. The seller didn't mention there's 14 days to cancel but i remember i asked him 2x where his answer was we can cancel it anytime!

  3. I'm glad I found this site. We went to a presentation couple of days ago for West Coast/PTP and it seemed so good! something we could leave for our chidren, travel when we retired etc.. but now that I see that it's a scam I will cancel it! I'm withing 10 days! thanks so much!!

  4. I was joining PTP since 2006, up to now, BIG NOTHING!!!! PTP and RCI is SCAM,

    Don't buy or even come to their presentation!!!Look Heaven but damn HELL

    I lost $40000 + yearly maintenance…. Try to getout from it….very hard

  5. I have been with PTP/RCI for 3 years and just had to pay $25 MORE for not using my points-it sounded so great-but we have not been able to book anything & we are not fussy! -I'll sign up for a class-action suit against them too – Please Vlad you have a lot of people wanting this with you. Also am trying to pay my "maintenance" bill of $322 and they sent me to the Phillipines to pay via credit card – that is just too much-I cannot afford them any more – help let's all get out of this!

  6. What happened to TimeshareRevealed.com?? I was happy to find out that there seems to be many unsatisfied PTP owners besides myself. I'm ready to walk away from the $10,000+ that I was scammed into purchasing, but if there's hope, I'll sign up for a class-action suit against them.

  7. We joined ptp in 2003 and have had nothing but problems in trying to use our points. We were told that we could exchange them for hotels in big cities (true but you only get points worth minutes not days), car rentals (a whole list of misinformation – including "the closest you can pick up your car for Newfoundland would be Edmonton"), the resorts are never close to interesting tourist places and no transport to those places. For every trip we have taken I could give you a list of the problems encountered and the hours of frustration trying to book in the first place. eg We had a tour of Turkey last year and to deal with jet lag I tried to get a week of r & r in somewhere within a days' travel of Istanbul for the LAST week of Oct. – there was NOTHING available in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, southern England. That is hard to believe. And this was not last minute. Anyway, we found that we can "gift" our children with this nightmare for $ 450, but would rather walk away as we're getting too old to deal with the hassle.

  8. I've just purchased ptp, along with my husband just recently, AND received the contract before i even paid. I just paid the initial installment firstly going towards the total purchase price on sat.december 20,2008 of $1600.00 do I still have the 10 day timeshare rescission window? because i signed the contract on November 9, 2008.

  9. I am a long time PTP owner disgusted with PTP and have tried for years to sell, get out, do whatever it takes to sell back etc.

    I'm happy to see people banding together to do something about this.

    TimeshareRevealed is offline as of today (nov 18, 08) If Vlad is able to read this, please contact my email address to personally discuss.



  10. I attended a PTP Destinations presentation on Oct. 25, 2008. I did not buy, but like to share with all of you the information:

    I was first offered 75000 pts for CDN$41250. I didn't show interests,

    then I was offered 25000 pts for CDN$12500 with maintenance fee of

    CDN$318 and tried to convince me to go for 35000 pts for CDN$17500 with maintenance fee of CDN$446. the deal can be cash, or 10% down and financing the

    rest at 14.59% interest rate. They could double the points for the

    first year as a sign-in bonus.

    I was told .. with 25000 pts, I could go for almost 3 week vacation

    (9000 pts per week) if I could book within 45 days of the travel. Besides that, not much detials regarding what could that 25000 pts get me. but I later found out that this is of very limited usage (forget about those fancy resorts) I encourage all of you who are interested in buying RCI points take a look at this link, then you will know what you may get with your points:


    I also found out, at least in this case, that the presenter (the one spend most time with me) get paid no matter what. The Sales person only appeared at the end to present the "numbers" and tried to close a deal. He spent only 5 to 10 minutes with me. So don't feel bad about not buying. At the end, I got my gift as promised. The whole thing lasted only 10 minutes more than the promised 90 minutes. Not bad at all.

    My conclusion is .. if you are interested in buying timeshare, do your homework and know what you're buying exactly. NEVER expect that the sales person would tell you ALL details.

    One more thing, the gift is kind of 'too good to be true' – a trip to Las Vegas for 2, air and 2 nights hotel included. I do suspect there would be some hidden cost besides the taxes which we have to pay as we were told up front. I am prepared to give up if it cost too much. The gift certificate is from Odenza. I am sure some people out there must have tried this, please share with us your experience if possible.

  11. Hello Ignacio,

    Please contact me privately from my web site. I shall not give you any legal advice, especially on the public blog. Although I'll be happy to discuss with you what my lawyer explained to me. Things are not so straight forward, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Let us talk in private about your experience and other facts.


  12. Hi Vlad,

    I found on BC consumers and protection act BILL 36 — 1995 article 13.01 (buyer's right to cance time share contract )

    under section (4) states that a copy of time share contract must be provided to the buyer to cancel the contract.

    (a) a notice, in prescribeb form, in bold and in at least 12 point type, of the buyer's right to cancel the time share contract within 7 days of receiving a copy of the contract.

    This was not included in the package given to me. I could not find it anywhere in the contract that i took home with me that day. do I have a case here just in case they don't refund my money and force me to pay for the value timeshare i purchased? In case I would need a lawyer, can you recommend one for me. Honestly, I would rather see my deposit paid to lawyer than lose it to point to point destination. pls. help i cannot sleep.

    ignacio manankil

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