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Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

A reader poses an interesting question he wanted to share with our readers:

Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

Time shares are not real estate or investments, they are nothing but empty space.

In addition to my first question, how many time share owners does it take to keep up the maintenance of a two bedroom apartment?

This is outrageous.

If I ever go back to Florida and are approached by a time share salesman I will sit next to the salesman and take my sweet time reading all the pages of the contract. …and if they have a problem with that, I will tell them…”just want to know what I am getting into before I sign the dotted line”.

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  1. I am a shell vacation owner, I pay $3,300. A year in maitaince fees. I am drowning. Now with the health care it jacked my medical payments so much I can’t do both. I’m thinking of just stop paying on the timeshare. I know my good credit will go down, but what can a person do.

  2. Let’s all leave our Timeshare to the U.S. Government. Thay are wasting Money anyway so we might as well have them waist it there. I have called U S Senators/ Att. Generals with no responce. What is bad is the Old, Good, Companies Names that are in the Business now. Their Original start-up Owners would be SICK. I tell my Kids EVERYTHING is a Scam,just try to get Scamed as little as possible. But as long as Money runs your Senator your out of Luck, RIGHT SENATOR?

  3. No One steal your monies forever and get away with it. Their Day day will come. MARK MY WORD!!! NOTHING LAST FOREVER.

  4. What going on with Westgate Resorts? Planet Hollywood. Westgates Sale people mislead us in told all kind of lies ” The timeshare will pay for it self, you can make a lot of money on it , It worth much more then what you are paying for it, and at anytime you do not want we will be glad to take it back, and many more lies. We did not make a dime on the Westgate timeshare. There’re 25 people have paid out over $350,000+ and there is no class action ? I can not believe the Federal Government is not doing anything about this White Collar Crimes?.. Right here in American.? They are holding people Hostage while all the sametime taking their monies. I am sick and unable to buy my medications and they think I am going to pay for a timeshare which I have never seen nor spent a single night in any or their Resorts. There are over 200people I know is very up set about Westgate timeshares. It all over the internet.
    Yes I were part of a class Action and the lawyer drop the case. And now they have the Hilton Resort sending me bill now too for some kind of fees. They refused to take back the timeshare after they told me that they would be happy to take it back. That is a scam, rip off and a fraud. I want to know Who getting paid OFF and Why their is no investigation into these Westgates timeshares?

    1. I wonder the same thing. Wyndham obviously pays someone off, handsomely. How is there not a class action suit? Attorneys, any takers???

  5. Humm, if the maintenance fees for a 1 week timeshare are $800 per year, what that means is that each one of the 52 owners are paying the timeshare management company a total of over $41,600 per year for maintaining that 1 condo. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

    I personally don’t understand why anyone would even consider buying a timeshare at the presentation price, much less bothering to read through their contract.

    However, it’s not really true that the government isn’t doing anything. All kinds of government agencies have filed myriads of charges against timeshare operators. It’s just that timeshare operators have entire teams of highly skilled, and highly paid attornies, who can, and do, devote 100% of their time fighting tooth and nail, scrutinizing every single law and regulation on the books for “loopholes, and have the time and resources to literally spend years on end, in court, defending their right to continue doing business. Timeshare operators make so much money, that their time and resources is practically unlimited.

    Government prosecutors on the other hand are subject to budgetary limitations, which dictate how much money, time, and resources they can spend pursuing any one particular type of case–and the timeshare attornies know this. So to win, they just have to spend more time and money defending their clients, than is allocated for the government agencies trying to prosecute them. So they make sure they waste as much of the taxpayers money as possible, and then offer them a “deal”, which the government prosecutors accept, because obtaining a “plea bargain” to pay penalties and fines, is better than nothing.

    You have to consider, if you had to make a choice, which would you rather see? Government prosecutors spending majority of their time and taxpayers’ money putting away rapists, murderers and other violent criminals, who put your very life in danger? Or the “white collar” criminals, who “con” people out of their hard earned money?

    With “white collar” criminals, it’s “buyer beware” and those who feel they were “conned” do have the option to obtain justice by filing a lawsuit, and going to court.

    There is no similar protection for the general public to protect or defend against violent criminals, which is why prosecuting violent crimes receives the lion’s share of a prosecutor’s budget.

    Sadly, that’s the financial reality.

    1. Remember your maitance fee is for the resort too. Not just the unit the nicer the resort the greater the fees. Many are managed by companies not the owners thus higher fees and PROFIT taking. NEVER pay the asking price and never buy if you won’t use the time you buy. This is NOT an investment. there are many happy owners. I am one. However thing do change with time. I will NOT let mey children inherit my weeks. It will become a burden in time as fees greatly increase and the resort fall apart. Nothing is built to last 10o years any more.

      1. You must be working for Westgate and God bless you if you are happy. You must go back to school and learn how to spell before you try to tell people off.

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