Difficulty Exchanging Timeshare

Well, I’ve had RCI for 7 years. Don’t ask why. I couldn’t give you an answer. I have only been able to trade twice. Both times the trades were more business related than pleasure and financially, it made sense.

I have NEVER been able to trade to a property when I want or where I want. I’ve tried everything. Everything that I’ve been told ( by sales people ) are outright lies.

Unless you want to pay big bucks for prime locations and prime weeks, don’t believe any of the sales pitches from those trying to sell you a time share. ( and if you really want to pay up, you’d be better served just buying a condo somewhere ) This INCLUDES the Disney Vacation Club. Logic would have it that EVERYBODY wants to go to Disney and trading is, and I quote “never a problem”. Until it is.

Difficulty Exchanging TimeshareThe amount of frustration I have with RCI is indescribable.

If you want to go somewhere that you don’t really want to go at a time of the year when you don’t want to go and stay at a property that is probably 9th or 10th on your list, then RCI is worth every cent.

If you’re impressed by all of the wonderful properties available to exchange through RCI, forget it.

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  1. Bizarre – I use RCI at least 3 time a year. I’ve had people say they can never get a condo in Hawaii. Right at this moment RCI shows 842 units available in the next year, 20 in the next 3 months. Then 64 in Nov and Dec 2012. The problem some people have is that they ask for one resort on one weekened. Instead search by area – like what’s available on the Pacific Coast in September, then narrow your search. Or if your vacation time is already set, what is available for that time frame Anywhere – look at all available, then narrow down into where you want to go. We have stayed in Hawaii many times. I usually search What’s available in Hawaii in this 6 week time frame. Then again, from that selection I just narrow it down to what I want. It’s easy and the average timeshare unit is way better then the nicest hotel room – and a lot cheaper.

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