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Wyndham Financing Company Experience

One of our users commented on our What Happens If I Stop Paying My Timeshare? article about their experience with Wyndham:

Hope this will help some ppl with Wyndham accounts, predominantly Australians. We were on our honeymoon & naive; we bought into trap. We paid about six months of repayments after that we
stop cold turkey. They call insistently once a day, some we’re nice explaining it was part of their job whilst some were a little onmious and some times i could almost it was the same person doing a jekyll/hyde routine. They called my wife a couple of time scaring the bejesus out of her, I promptly
told them under no circumstances were they to contact her and that i alone would take the calls. All
wyndham financing companyin all it took close to 1 year before they place me in default however it was in default with their own “wyndham” financing company; Ha. It had no impact on my credit rating; I monitored it with a subscription to a credit rating company, before and after the ‘default’. I gone onto refiance my home loan, leased a new car. This website was a godsend and it helped me take stand. Hope this helps.

As we outline in this article, there is no concrete consensus on what will happen if you stop paying your timeshare. We are unaware of any separate Wyndham financing company, but there have been plenty of reports of people defaulting and being foreclosed upon with Wyndham. Has anyone else experienced this? Has your timeshare gone into default with Wyndham and not affected your credit score? Please let us know by commenting or submitting your own story.

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  1. This is just another farce of a spin off of the rip off Club Whynham. You call and they hang up on you. No I was not rude in any way. I titrât others with respect as I would like to be. Needless to say there are never any rooms available where I want to go. They say too book a year out. Why because they have more people then they do rooms. As far as I understand this is illegal to have more people then they can accommodate yet they keep selling points that are basically useless. . Stay away. Stop lining there pockets. It is all lies, DECIETFUL TATICS. HORIBLE DISGRACE TO VETERANS. I wish I never heard of them. I own this lousy useless stuff only way to get out is bankruptcy. Ponzie game. They need to go to prison. . .

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