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RCI/Bahia Principe Experience

We received the following submission from one of our users about their experience with RCI:

RCI“Well I have just hung up the phone with another lovely RCI ‘expert’. There have been transactions going through my credit card for a cruise that I apparently agreed to and did not. A representative called and asked if I was interested. I said I could not commit without discussing with my husband. OH WELL, not a problem if I put a small down payment on the trip they would hold for 10 that is ten days and if not wanted would be refunded. 2 that is two days later I said no we do not want – of course the high pressure but I was adamant – no thank you. Here I am 3 months later still arguing with them that I did not agree to this and they continue to say I did and put transactions through my credit card. I have had to dispute the transactions through my credit card and get them to pull the credit transaction back. Now I have told them to not EVER process another transaction from them again. This is a disgusting way of doing business and borders on theft………….DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE REPRESENTATIVES THEY JUST WANT THAT SALE.”

Have you had a notable experience with RCI or any other exchange company recently–good or bad? Share your story with us!

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