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Westgate Lakes Experience

We received the following submission from one of our users about their experience with Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa in Florida:

westgate lakes“I have been fooled by false promises that I could sell my weeks or getaways and make some money with it, so myself and wife purchased a ‘property’ in October 2015 looking forward to that possibility, besides of course enjoying the weeks we were entitled to.

The bad surprise came when I started to look into Westgate’s website in order to understand how everything worked, how I could book my weeks, how I could resell those weeks and getaways, etc. For my surprise, I would be able to issue a “guest certificate” if I wanted someone else other than my family to enjoy a week in their amenities, but those guest certificates could by no means be exchanged for money. In other words, they could not be sold.

So Westgate literally lied to me by the time I purchased a ‘property’ with them. Now I have hired an attorney to take care of my case with them.”

Have you been told by a timeshare company that you could sell your weeks for a little extra cash? Was it true? Share your experience with us!

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