Post Pandemic Timeshare Travel
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Post Pandemic Timeshare Travel: What To Expect As An Owner

For many timeshare owners 2020 was a complete bust. More than likely your timeshare was left vacant, unrentable and unused. As travel begins to open up again, so do opportunities to begin to use your timeshare for personal use or as a rental. 

Moving out of a world ripe with travel restrictions and lock down does not mean going back to how things were, but rather it means moving forward with a new set of rules and safety measures. 

Despite vaccines being released, and many individuals getting back to ‘normal’, like after the tragedy of 9/11, post pandemic travel and vacations will not ever be the same again. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan to travel to your timeshare once again. Be ready to wear a mask during the entirety of your travel time in airports and on planes, have proof of vaccination (when applicable), and finally be ready to clean up your timeshare space.

Post Pandemic Travel

There are certain historic events that change life as we knew it forever, the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 was one such event. Can you remember a time when you did not have to take your shoes off at security and your loved ones could come to the gate to say farewell? That may seem like a time so far away and alien to how we travel now.

It is reasonable to expect that the pandemic era will change travel in much the same way. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, how you travel has been forever changed. Be ready and willing to wear a mask on airplanes, and have your temperature taken upon entry to hotels and resorts. 

Many resorts that are home to timeshares require a temperature check upon entry, documentation of your vaccination history, and the wearing of masks.

If you want to travel to your timeshare be ready to comply with any and all changes that may be applicable to your destination. 

Resorts, Hotels, and Other Timeshare Destinations May Require Proof of Vaccination

Depending on where your timeshare is located the specific requirements from the resort may vary. Some destinations may require the wearing of masks in all public areas and taking your temperature upon arrival, while others may demand proof of vaccination. 

Regardless of where your timeshare is located, be sure to check ahead of time what the requirements are to gain entry. It may feel strange that even though you own your timeshare that you have little to no autonomy over how you enter, but the reality is that each resort will have a certain code of conduct regarding post pandemic vacations. 

Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of your resort before you pack your bags, and if you plan on enjoying your vacation be sure to follow through with all requirements. 

Your Timeshare May Be In Need Of A Clean Up After Sitting Empty For  A Year

It is quite possible that your timeshare has been well maintained by the resort or some other entity in your absence; however, many have not been cleaned or taken care of for several months. 

Depending on where your timeshare is located, or what organization your timeshare is affiliated with, the specific condition of your timeshare will vary.

Those with timeshares through larger conglomerates such as the Marriott, Wyndham, Hyatt, can all rest assured that their timeshare has been well maintained throughout the pandemic; however, more than likely these same larger companies will have strict post pandemic protocol. 

If your timeshare is outside of the larger networks of international corporations, it is quite possible that your property will require some tender loving care when you first visit. From fully abandoned timeshares to some basic cleaning is the spectrum of what you can expect. 

Be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on the maintenance of your timeshare post pandemic. 

Hopefully, your timeshare has not been abandoned entirely and you can still count on its actual existence, but be prepared for the possibility of the property, pool, and building itself to be in need of rejuvenation. 

The World As We Knew It: Timeshare Vacations Will Never Be The Same Again

The reality is that the depth of impact that the pandemic has left on travel may not be fully understood for some time. We do know for sure that vacations and travel in general have been irrevocably changed. 

As long as you go into your travel fully prepared, expect the unexpected, and let go of the mindset of ‘how it used to be’ completely, it is reasonable to expect that you can enjoy timeshare vacationing once again. 

Finally, understand that you are not doing this alone, but rather we are in this together, all being asked to travel and vacation differently than ever before.

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