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Best Time Of Year For Timeshare Deals: Wondering When The Best Time Of Year Is To Get A Good Deal On A Timeshare?

Most vacation destinations are defined by a ‘high’ season and a ‘low’ season. These sections of time are different depending on the climate and geography of a particular destination. 

High season is when places to stay, eat, and enjoy certain vacation regions are in high demand, and very typically low season is remarkably less populated with only the year round locals remaining. 

In any real estate transaction, low season is almost always the very best time of the year to get a good deal on your purchase, including on a timeshare.

Determine When The Low Season Is In Your Desired Vacation Destination

It is not difficult to determine when the high and low seasons are in a vacation destination. For example, for a tropical area such as the Caribbean that attracts snowbirds during the winter months, from November to March would be the high season. This would not be the time to get the best deal on a timeshare, better to wait until the summer months when interest and demand is low to make your purchase.

Timeshares located on the beaches of the Eastern Mid-Atlantic region from North Carolina to Long Island, high season will be Memorial day weekend to Labor Day, this is not the time to get a good deal on a timeshare. 

Ski resort, or winter wonderland destinations, such as Vail, or Whistler have their high season during the winter months, so the time to make a purchase would be in the summer months. 

Visit Your Destination Of Choice During The Low Season To Get The Best Deal

If you are serious about buying a timeshare in a particular region and are looking to get the best deal, visit the area during the low season. Often, it is during this time that you can get the best deal on timeshares and other property. 

It may turn out that you actually enjoy the low population and lack of hustle and bustle during the low season anyway, and may end up enjoying having some of your time during this season. 

The cost of property during low season can be drastically reduced compared to high season so this is an important factor to capitalize on if you are sure you want to invest in vacation property.

Remember High and Low Season Is Different For Every Vacation Destination

Once you have determined low season is your desired destination, take a visit, and look at properties. You may be surprised how drastically different the prices are during these times of the year. 

You will be less likely to be scammed and pressured into buying during low season, so you can take your time and strike a good deal free and clear of the sales pitch. 

The high/low season is not necessarily a hard rule, but you can be pretty sure low season is the time to invest in any vacation property, including a timeshare!

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