Travel Insurance for Timeshares

Find Out If This Safeguard Measure Is A Must Have

Purchasing travel insurance for your timeshare.

Life happens, and the full gamete of unexpected events could arise during the time frame of your planned vacation: From illness, hospitalization, to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, affecting your timeshare destination. Prime timeshare destinations in warm southern climates are ripe for pending hurricanes in the Gulf and Caribbean, wildfires in sunny southern California and earthquakes in... Read the rest of this entry »

Class Action Lawsuits Against Timeshare Companies

Does The Deceived Consumer Ever Win?

A class action lawsuit against a timeshare company.

Synonymous with timeshare sales is consumer deception: The timeshare industry is changing rapidly with the advent of two recent public litigation proceedings that ended positively for consumers. Many timeshare companies are huge conglomerate multi-million dollar institutions that rely on false promises to get individuals to buy into vacation time as a lifelong commitment.

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Transfer Timeshare Deed to Family Member

The timeshare resale market is saturated and it can be difficult to sell your property for a profit. You may decide that you would like to transfer ownership to a family member as a gift or for a nominal feel. Regardless of whether you gift your timeshare, or sell it to a family member, you will need to follow the legal protocol of the country where your timeshare is located.

If you decide... Read the rest of this entry »