RCI Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Suing Timeshare CompanyAs of July 11, 2010, current RCI members which submitted a properly completed claim form in accordance with Section II.E of the Settlement Agreement in the proper amount of time, with a claim form verified by RCI, may begin using the benefit they selected on the claim form. Former RCI members completing the aforementioned completion qualifications, will receive their selected benefit in October 2010. The selected benefit must be used within 2 years of the effective date, and no extensions will be granted.

For anyone following the class action lawsuit Murillo vs. RCI, final approval of the settlement was granted by the courts on December 7, 2009. RCI has denied the accusations made, which alleged RCI rented out inventory deposited by weeks members, instead of making them available for exchange.

Link to PDF of Settlement Agreement – Final Order

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  1. I have a RCI timeshare and am now signed up with RCI cruise package and am having huge problems. After researching, there are probably several hundreds of complaints. Is there any way out of the cruise package after being lied to or is there a lawsuit? I am disgusted. Thanks.

    1. The issues with RCI and the resorts that sell timeshare and points needs to be investigated by the FBI. The resorts and RCI has gotten way out of line on all types of charges that has harmed people like me that has paid in thousands of dollars over the years. I have paid hundreds since 1984 and today RCI has made it hard for senior’s over the age of 65 to be able to travel. When I paid Sunbay Beach Club around $3-K to change my A-18 week 38 I was lied to and told that when I change over from weeks to POINTS. We will never lose our points. THIS Was a lie that has cost us a lot of “MONEY”. As a Senior and after paying RCI and Sunbay Beach Club THOUSANDS, we should NOT LOSE ANY POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A NEW CLASS ACTION NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE AGAINST THE RESORTS AND RCI. THEY ALL LIE TO GET OUR MONEY. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS FULL OF LIES & GREED. We have PAID FEES EVERY YEAR SINCE 1984.

      1. If any of you have started or know of a class action lawsuit, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! I have not once been able to use this “timeshare” waste of money in the past 3 years! I want to just stop paying altogether but, i’m worried about how bad it will mess up my credit? I want out of this scam badly!

        1. Tami I know of several open law suits if you would like to email me at [omitted] and I can provide my contact number to you then so we can speak directly if you are comfortable with that.

          1. please email me the info on any lawsuits against RCI or vacation village. I have now owned it since 2015 and have only been able to use it the first year that i purchased only because i Threatened to go to the DA in NV after purchasing it 6 months earlier.

        2. Hey Tami:

          If you find a Class Action Lawsuit against RCI or the Grandview in Las Vegas Please let me know and I’ll be on board!!


      2. Robert,

        I hear ya. Time to cut them off by the knees by stop paying your maintenance fees and RCI dues. Let them foreclose. The only thing they understand is loss of money and another worthless property on their books.

  2. I just bought into GEVC timeshare and it is nothing like they talked about and I just signed up a month ago and like to get my money back they lied to me

    1. The process to recoup your money back from the resorts is much simpler than they would like for you to think it is. Time is of the essence though but you are still in a time frame that you could make work in your favor. If you would like to email me at “omitted” I can relay the information that I have. And it doesn’t cost upfront money; no guidance ever should. This world has become so selfish and greedy that it gives me great pride in helping people break from the resort when I can. Give me a call if you need any help. Good luck!

      1. Hi Victoria, My son was gullable and double bought a timeshare approx3 months ago and will NOT be able to afford payments. He works offshore and is only home for 1 week a month so he’s asked for my help. Is there anything I can do to help him in your experience and if so what are the things I have to do. I am stretched thin on time but he has no one else to help him. Thank you and have a great day. 6/8/19

      2. Good Morning Ma’am,

        My husband and I got sucked into this scam just last month and I am now receiving bills for things I never agreed to pay for nor were they disclosed at time of signing. Like a fool though I gave them my banking information. If I close the account I gave them to deduct the payments from and send them a letter stating I want out will that be good enough or will they file stuff against my credit? My job will not allow me to have a negative credit rating or things in collection. Please help.

        Thank you in advance,

        1. Hello All:

          So, sorry but I am lost. Is there a class action lawsuit against RCI ?

          I see a suit was initiated in the United Kingdom that was unsuccessful recently.

          I notice one person from Resort Holiday Group with the timeshare in Collingwood – is there any new information about any government action?

      3. Please share the information that you have on getting our money back or just canceling and walking away with no credit no credit report

      4. Hello Victoria is there still a group lawsuit against RCI Vacation Village El Dorado Resorts and Tricom Management in Las Vegas NV or any information you may have just to get out of these timeshare scams thank you

  3. We were promised so much at the time of our purchase and most of that has fallen by the wayside. It just disappears. Most everything promised is no longer there. Terrible.

    1. Maybe it is time for another lawsuit. Since Wyndham took over you can hardly ever get a weeks exchange other that in Orlando where even RCI can’t RENT OUT all the inventory. The RCI guides have their hands tied and cannot any longer take care of any problems or help with issues as they did in the past. RCI used to look out for and take care of their owners. Not so much anymore. There always seems to be lots of available inventory to RENT THROUGH RCI, just not available for EXCHANGE. I get an email just about daily about RENTALS in areas where I have been trying to EXCHANGE. So what does that tell you?#!
      They can deny it all they like.

      1. That has been my experience too. I found that you can’t exchange but can pay full fare to rent it.

        What I did was stop the membership after they took 215 weeks and jacked up a save your weeks for another year fee. I think it went from 100 for 2 years to 300 for one year. Then, stop paying the timeshares and after awhile they foreclosed. I had no loan on any of them.

        Where I come from, if you buy something like pay maintenance to get weeks, it is illegal to set time limits of use. Of course, laws change by state.

        So, now that exchanging is difficult, expensive, why bother continuing to pay outrageous maintenance fees that in my opinion way exceed the actual cost of maintaining 1/52 of a 600 to 800 Unit?

        Sadly, I’m my opinion, timesharing has become a racket.

        The 1000s I am saving goes into great travel deals. Just recently, I went to Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris for 1200 airfare, hotel and breakfast included. It was 16 days! Sure beats 1200 maintenance for a week, pay RCI fees, get jacked by extending points, etc,etc. And not even getting airfare.

        1. Unknown, did you see late fees for not paying maintenance fees? How high did the late fees get? I thought about doing the same but come to the conclusion I might need to file bankrupt after the late charges pile up

          1. We’d like more information on joining the lawsuit. Been getting the run around with RCI from day one. Con’d us into buying in by promising us additional trips which we never received. Only been able to book through expedia.com.

          2. We’d like more information on joining the lawsuit. Been getting the run around with RCI from day one. Con’d us into buying in by promising us additional trips which we never received.

          3. we’d be more than happy to join a lawsuit! just let us know when and where! just booked a vacation and they (RCI) charged $239 per unit!!

    1. Every time that I want to do a reservation to go Sf they don’t have any available hotel
      Either in NY

    2. Are you located in the US? Many states have some laws that provide loopholes to exit your timeshare. We Canadians seem to have no legal protection. I am looking to join in a Canadian based class action. No use going after RCI as they are only the exchange company you must use to trade outside your resort.

  4. WE are in the same situation and would like to join a class action suit againts RCI and GEVC, he have been paying for 3 years and were never able to use anything, ider they dont have anything available at the places we want to go or the facilities are no longuer with then, ( contract cancelled ), Can anyone help us with a Law Firm that is taking legal action against this company, not only we would like to get out of this scam but also see if we can recover ider all or some the money we already pay them during the last 3 years, what they offer and promised during the presentation it was all BS

    1. We are also looking to join a class action lawsuit against TLC and RCI, in three years we have not been able to use the timeshare for where we would like to book. It is definitely a scam because I tried booking one location 8 months months in advance and there was still no availability. If there is a class action lawsuit out there we definitely want to participate.

      1. Hello Stephanie – Any luck getting out of the timeshare? would you advise if you have been successful how I can too?

        1. Here is some valuable information. I just spent an hour with an RCI supervisor who attempted to talk his way out of covering for RCI when they had ‘misplaced’ 115 of our points’ for 4 months!! which prevented us from acquiring desired timeshares ahead of the crowd. This is the scam. They accidentally misplace the points so you don’t have enough when the search engines search for the place you requested. The Supervisor simply said if your points don’t show up, to refresh the page and everything re-appears “it happens to all companies…
          Well, it ‘doesn’t always happen! They’re not perfect’ he said many times! Guess what? RCI will not tell you if an owner is simply holding on to his timeshare or whether someone ‘acquired’ it for the week you want. That keeps the poor timeshare owner waiting for no reason till the last minute which makes no sense! This is painfully clear now. RCI has a licensee to gamble timeshares…. wanna bet??

  5. I do,my timeshare trading over the phone. Once when I called the imputed accidentally put cancel on a timeshare trade we had secured and paid for. It was overseas, I. New Zealand, and we had already paid for our airline tickets and lots of tours. Immediately,,when the notice came back cancelled, I immediately called them. I did not cancel,,why would I,,we had already invested a fortune into this trip. Then when I told to explain what happened,they reinstated our week, but they charged us again. It was very confusing what they sent to me, but after running across some of my credit card statement, I found they shafted us by $219.00. They claimed we (I) had cancelled it (NOT the truth of the matter..why would I be so foolish) and their notation, “Cancel Rel-234 outside grace period forefeet fees.” Then they subtracted it added back a balance on the plus side of $219.00, then they proceeded to charge me $164. To confirm the same transaction, but with a new relationship numnpber of 257 in the amount of $164 with a balance to. Y credit of $55.00. In 7/16/16 I paid $219.00 for this trade onmy American Express card, that for the same resort. Then I made another trade for $219 which I paid for on my Am. express &’they charged me $117. I am so confused now, that I am going to contact the head of their accounting and send them the copies of our bills from AM EXP and their copy of these financial transactions to see where we stand. I think someone imputed my NEw Zealand week as a cancel and this has messed up everything. NOt my fault, their’s, but they don’t take responsibility for their errors. NO, of course not. gee whiz. We have been a honest and trusted member since 1980. This needs to get to some correct resolution ASAP. It is difficult to follow their scheme.

  6. Biggest Rip Off ever.. Constantly harassed by phone and we are making our payments. But they keep wanting renewal fees for something that is worthless.. Anyone having any luck getting any results?

  7. I would be happy to join in any lawsuit against RCI and the timeshare industry of Liars, Cheats and Thieves. We also need to go after our State and Federal Representatives and Senators to finally get them off their fat asses and pass some laws to regulate this industry as they are ripping off the consumers daily… I advise everyone I can to stay clear of timeshares as you get better deals by going with AirBNB!!!!!!!!

  8. RCI needs to face a new Class Action Lawsuit. Many that have gone from the Weeks System to the Points System have been told that when you transfer out of the weeks too points that you will not ever lose your points and that your unused yearly points will be rolled over without any cost. After two years of being in the points system (2015-2017). My yearly points should be rolled over in June/July of 2017. I have received notice from RCI informing me that I am about to lose 29,500 points that we did not use in 2015. RCI and the sales person that collected money in 2015 are guilty of perjury.(Penalties. State and federal penalties for perjury include fines and/or prison terms upon conviction. Federal law (18 USC § 1621), for example, states that anyone found guilty of the crime will be fined or imprisoned for up to five years). I have not paid out thousands of dollars for a vacation plan to have to pay money because I did not go on vacation in 2015 and use the points that I was told: “YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR POINTS WHEN YOU GO FROM WEEKS TO POINTS. This has turned out to be a BIG LIE. RCI is RIPPING OFF OWNERS BY THE THOUSANDS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  9. I got scammed in 2013. Stopped making payments and still being chased as my debt goes from collector to collector. I had one debt collector who said “did you read your contract. It says “Gevc are not responsible for any promises made by its representatives” what!!!! So all the speil and BS they give, gives you nothing to come back on. How are these crooks still in business.

  10. I would like to be includedin the RCI class action lawsuit and create another one against Geoholiday which is now known as Sapphire

  11. I have been scammed too and wanting to get out of this. They do not provide you anything that was promised to you. I paid them $7000 plus and yearly fees. I wish I could do something to get out of this. I would want to be included in this lawsuit against RCI.

    1. We are suckers, too. now Sapphire Resorts is the new name of Geoholiday which are affiliated with RCI. We have been taken for 11K and cannot schedule vacations. Our annual dues went from 240 to 650 a year.

  12. RCI has done nothing but charge us more and more money and take away our points never rolling them forward like they said they would by charging us saying that they charges us and then the points still expire. 🙁
    How do I get included in a class action lawsuit against RCI?

    1. I have been scammed too. A vaccation search using my points with RCI came up empty, however, they did offer the extra vacations, deal for the sum of $1300.00. I would like to be a part of this lawsuit.

  13. Now with all these complain and dissatisfaction whos going to help us. I called lower they asked for at least $2500.00 in advance to cancel my timeshare . Anybody used them?

  14. I would like to also be included in the law suit. My mother paid hard earned money to have this and we used it a lot and then they sold it out from under us and did not inform us of the sale and it was sold to another firm and they did not honor our paid time-share. We paid property taxes every year…so in truth we should really OWN it.

    Let us know.

  15. It’s frustrating to read all these posts. I am not defending RCI but just to be clear, RCI didn’t sell you your time share or anyone else complaining here either, for that matter. They don’t own resorts, they don’t own Time Shares, they own computers and telephones, they facilitate exchanges. So don’t waste your time looking to join a Class Action Lawsuit against an Exchange Company because you were sold a crap time share. Check it out, they were sued for other things regarding exchanges or lack of or doing other things with the deposited weeks etc. Spread the word…..

    1. While on vacation in Las Vegas, my wife and I were cornered by a, “highly intensive, very over bearing, representative of, “Eldorado Resorts Corporation”!
      We, along with several other individuals, were placed on a bus, driven several miles away from any of the lights of Las Vegas, in the dark of night to an area that we could never, ever had found our ways back to our hotel from, even with GPS. Had we decided the “timeshare” wasn’t going to work out for my wife and I but, never the less the “coordinator/speaker” arrived and Immediately forced the entire group to stop eating, it was time to find out the exciting reason we were brought to this facility. We were asked to do some interacting with one another, if we all liked having time to spend with our families, if we would enjoy the idea of having a little slice of real estate right down from the Main Street of the Las Vegas strip?

      Well we weren’t only going to be offered just this incredible offer. But, we would also be offered this to, “good to be true, cruise to a Caribbean island and all we needed to do is pay a few hundred dollars to get this, “deal of a lifetime”! I began calling the cruise toll free number several times and finally got through. The lady on the other end was so extremely persuasive and just as charming and forceful in her technique to have my wife and I upgrade for a couple hundred more. By, setting us up in a new improved room, something with a window, etc. All the while I’m getting a really bad gut feeling that this cruise line is doing the exact same thing as the Resort did. They take you to a remote island, make you feel vulnerable by having you isolated and alone, and due to that isolatiin and intimidated that you feel obligated to sign on and purchase what they are offering. These people are brutal, disturbingly persistent. Incesedj

  16. My husband and I just escaped their clutches….said NO…such pressure…so many things that created doubt and then when you stick to NO…they got so rude and offensive…they played every angle…unscrupulous scammers….. We had sat in the lobby of Vacation Village in Weston Florida and heard so many people complain and get the run around…passing the buck….it was pretty obvious their interest in their customers died when they got $$$$. Horrid~! Yes…the resort….was like a 1970 hotel~! They use a three tiered marketing system….that is lending unearned dignity!

  17. I would like to be included in a class action lawsuit against GEVC and RCI, what a scam they sold us. I want my money back! Everything was a lie and I have the sheet they used to sell me the deal from on. All lies. Please refer me or contact me if you know of a class action Law suit

      1. I too would like to be involved in the class action suit. I have had nothing but problems with this company. No one seems to have answers or solutions. It isn’t right that a company can continually screw so many people. All we wanted was a nice vacation with our families.

  18. is anyone going to help us poor suckers to start a class action lawsuit to get out of the time share scams we find ourselves in. I am in anyone else

    1. Me and my boyfriend purchased a stupid timeshare with GEVC powered by RCI on January 8, 2016. We haven’t used anything we read there reviews and we were scam they never told us that we had seven days of period to cancel. All they did was rushed us to sigh and initial I’ll love to take legal action and process a small claim who is with me?

      1. Hi. I have exact problem. please let me know if u did anything to cancel it or what else we can do?

      2. Hi I called them in the first week to cancel and they said we can’t now they are asking for 3450$ to cancel I am in if any one can help please

    2. Count me in. I just found out a couple of years ago that my folks have been paying fees to RCI for years and getting absolutely nothing in return. They are in their late 80’s and don’t travel anymore. I attempted to use their points/weeks and it’s useless unless you know 1-2 years ahead of time where you want to go. then on top of that I have been trying to get them out of 3 timeshares they have in Florida and you can’t even give them away for free for something they paid thousands of dollars for plus HOA fees. In fact if they even have a deed back program, they want to charge $1000 to give back something they told you was worth every penny of 30k when they suckered people into buying. These developers/resorts push this RCI exchange crap, to try and sweeten the deal, I’ve heard the sales pitches. This is one of the biggest scams I have ever heard. I think I’ll contact 60 minutes or something and have them do a story.

      1. I am in it already, came to spend a week-at a timeshare resort, where they are still trying to puss me into spending more money.
        I keep telling them to get me out of it.
        I don’t want to spend more time or money I don’t want to own a timeshare Anywhere!
        I am willing to join the group to stop this thing!

  19. I can’t believe how long ago this topic began, 4 years ago?? It seems so current. Has RCI heard the complaints and concerns? Has there been or is there a class action for weeks owners? I’ve been a member 20 years and not once was I ever able to secure an exchange. How is RCI still existing?

    I own at Sapphire Beach Club, St. Martin.

  20. My spouse and I purchased our timeshare from Starr Pass Resorts In Tucson Arizona around 1990. Last night we attended a seminar as we were finally contacted via the phone and asked to go and review the new plan. Like all of the other posts here in all the years we had our timeshare we were only able to use it twice due to availability and those two times were a compromise to what we really wanted. When we bought the timeshare we were told it would be usable for our ski vacations (not true) and would be a good investment. So the basic premise was all lies on the part of Starr Pass Resort and Interval International. We also found out last night that there was a class action suit that we were never informed of. We were offered an extension to get the initial offer from 2012 which we also were never informed about. The offer was to take the $ 9000 we spent on the timeshare plus the maintenance fees of $500 per year. I was amazed that they gave us 6,000 of equity for our timeshare and 40000 points and we still asked to pay close to $10000 to join the point system in addition to the $20 a month we had to pay to maintain “membership”. We were told we were trapped and could not do anything but BUY out of the lease. As there are no assurances or money back if they don’t perform. We asked why would trust the integrity of such a shady, shyster organization to continue to give them money. We may end up donating the time share to someone (if we can locate an organization) to get out from under this abusive situation. I am amazed that we have no protection and did not get notified of any of this going on. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to move forward and how to join a class action suite after the fact we would welcome it.

  21. What’s this all about RCI class action lawsuit settlement? As a member of this site why wasn’t I sent info about this? Does this apply against RCI in Collingwood Ontario Canada? I stopped making payments to these greedy mongers a little more than a year ago and have received many phone calls from the collection/credit bureau out of Barrie Ontario. Stopped answering the phone because nobody wants to listen to what the truth of the matter is, RCI just wants they’re money right or wrong in this pointless matter. They breached their contract with me when they couldn’t accommodate my family for holidays in Collingwood at one of they’re resorts and couldn’t even follow they’re own rules for accommodations regarding fire safety and number of people allowed to stay at that particular resort that they wanted to give us. They’re response was we were the ones who cancelled the stay in spite of the fact that we pointed out to them that what they offered us was illegal accommodations.
    Now I’ve received a letter from the credit bureau about 2 weeks ago. (no return address on it, just post marked from Barrie Ont.) So since I don’t know anyone from Barrie Ont. I know it’s from them. I haven’t opened it yet, don’t really want to because I’m tired of dealing with these A-holes and their unwillingness to listen and be reasonable. I absolutely refuse to give them a dime and want what money I gave them already, back! See you in court if that’s what it takes. Your unsecured contract is garbage, Your promissory note isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and RCI screwed up by not fulfilling they’re end of this useless contract by accommodating us when,where,and as we requested.
    Also have not yet climbed on board with any kind of class action lawsuit but count me in 110%.
    Really P.O.d from Oxford County,southern Ontario

    1. These letters are not from the Credit Bureau. This is a bunch of debt collectors hired to Dunn lists of people.
      What legal company sends out a business letter without a return address.
      The Government is at fault (Attorney General-Fair Business Practices and Consumers Protection).
      They should not all Time Shares in any form. A good travel agency can provide you with an open honest good deal on a vacation with no hidden charges.

      1. I am wondering do they report to the credit agencies I have not paid in 2 months and I have not see. Anything on my credit report. In fact they don’t even show up on my credit. Anyone have any info on this, please share your story. Thank You!

    2. I am hoping this is still an active post. Did you get any resolution? We paid for our share in full but have not paid maintenance fees. The resort was turned over to Shell from RCI and the never fulfilled their construction plan due to $ issues.

    3. Dealing with RCI and want to know if they are reporting negative on your credit? I haven’t paid them in 2 months, but don’t see them on my credit.

  22. I purchased my timeshares 08-17-2010.DIDnot hear anything about a class action.Didnot submitted a claim form. can I do this now.laura f clark

  23. I am a weeks member of RCI. I went on vacation 3 years ago and learned about the new points system. They told me everyone was going to the new points system and soon there would be very limited resorts to choose from that accepted weeks, then came the big whammy they wanted me to pay a huge sum of money to transfer my weeks into points. This year I went to my home resort at Orange Lake in Fla. and got the same thing but they have formed their own points system getting totally out of RCI and they blamed everything on RCI for making this change, of course for a mere $27000.00 I could buy into this new program and they would give me $9000.00 for my week but only if I did it right now, the offer was not good after I left. I left and when I did my review later I said exactly what I thought of them telling me my week that we paid $11000.00 for originally was basically now worthless. It gives rip off a new meaning and a new bad reputation for time shares. Where is the lawsuit for weeks members getting told what you paid $11000.00 for is now worthless because they changed to a new points system, which is where they take our weeks and resell it broken down for a lot more money for them. I found the points members lawsuit and settlement but not one for weeks.

  24. Well it seems to be still going on with RCI. I have never been able to find an exchange with them, and in September 2011 bought a certificate for a cruise with a 7 day or 3 day stay at a resort included. Cruise is booked but I have checked every 2 weeks since September 2011 looking for Oct 2012 for a resort and guess what nothing ! This year is my last year with RCI. My resort is Grandview in Las Vegas and I certainly made it clear to them what I thought when they asked for another $5000.00 to switch to the points system.

    Dave & Sheila, Alberta Canada

    1. Dave and Sheila my fiance and I were conned into the same Grandview in Las Vegas sadly we couldnt even book at the resort themselves I called every 3 days to try and book and they were filled. I dont understand why if we bought into it why are they renting it like a hotel and not even so much as saving a room for us. We stopped paying RCI we will not be conned further. We are currently battling Grandview on this matter. They grossly increase our ” maintenance” fees yearly on a place we never get a chance to book even 1 night with. Sadly they con Canadians as they vacation in Las Vegas.

      1. We were lucky I think, WE refused to join the points system and kept our tri-annual time share at Grand view. We dropped RCI and are happy to go to the Grand view for a week every three years. Its just enough for a winter break in Mar without being to often. And there are no payments to RCI 🙂

          1. Being part of the RCI exchange program is not mandatory when owning a time share. Iv’e owned a couple of time shares for 18 years and voluntarily joined RCI. At first it was great as there was plenty of units available for trade and we got to go to many places. However, I ma seriously considering cancelling my membership as they seem to have less and less units available for exchange every year (but plenty for rent).

  25. Purchased our timeshare in mid nineties used it very seldom but because it was in Orlando FL gave it out twice to friend and family. Would only purchase if I was able to secure Thanksgiving week 47 which was deeded. Never had anyone interested in that week according to RCI or Grand Beach. Next we get a call from RCI to visit our resort in Grand Beach for a once in a life time opportunity. We listened to how if we converted to points we lose nothing only gained. How the points shown in the book were cut in half when we booked as members. How it fit us perfectly because we wanted to save for a trip to Europe and with points they would roll over forever when we had enough no matter how many years we saved. Now if this was not a swindle nothing is and Grand Beach is just as bad giving RCI their space to present their con job. Tell me is there a place to get justice?

  26. You really did not miss anything. I returned the “proper” paperwork! When contacted RCI for use of the “perks”of the settlement…could not speak with ANYONE that knew about the “awards”! So, do not fret, it is not worth the hassle. Advice: When contacting RCI…DO NOT GIVE UP until you get what you want. Might take days, many persons, but sooner or later you will get the request answered. Recently, RCI agent reserved the wrong date. Contacted three “Supervisors” and my week was returned, placed with my combined units until 2013 and ALL monies returned, with out penalty. Don’t GIVE UP! OH! We have great luck in renting our unit to people we know and do not have to pay resorts fee. Notify the resort that you will be in later in the week and give them permission to accept —-as guests and have your ok to accept keys. You DO NOT have to “show”. Always get return for money spent and still have the unit for the next time wish to use.

    Good Luck!

  27. You really did not miss anyting. I returned the “popper” paperwork! When contacted RCI for use of the “perks”of the settlement…could not speak with ANYONE that knew about the “awards”! So, donnot fret, it is not worht the hassle. Advice: Whe contacting RCI…DO NOT GIVE UP until you get what you want. Might take days, many persons, but sooner or oaler you will get the request answered. Recently, RCI agent reserved the wrong date. Contacted three “Supervisor”s” and my week was returned, placed with my combined units until 2013 and ALL monies returned, with out penalty. Don’t GIVE UP! OH! We have great luck in renting our unit to peopele we know and dod not have to pay resorts fee. Notify the resort that you will be in later in the week and give tham permission to accept —-as guestas and have your ok to accept keys. You DO NOT have to “show”. Always get return for money spent and still have the unit for the nest time we wish to use.

    Good Luck!

    1. My second vacation with them and I paid to go someplace different and the rooms were bad. I will try staying in our own place and doing away with RCI but am expecting problems after these reviews. So sorry I fell victim to them also. I did not receive anything about lawsuit either

  28. I agree my grandmother has been a member since 1990 and she never recieved anything about this lawsuit. She has never moved so address and phone number are the same. I also would like to know if there is anything she can do now.

  29. I agree with Jacob’s post. I have been a member (regrettably) since 2006 and have been unable to find an exchange EVERY year. Five years; mortgage paid in full; zero vacations!!!

    I’ve tried to sell my weeks when I was unable to use them but no one bought them either.

    If I knew about this suit I would have joined instantly.


  30. My wife and I are RCI members in good standing, and own a bi-annual timeshare.

    When we purchased this timeshare in 2001, we lived in B.C., Canada. Between March 2002 and February 2008 we lived in Arizona, USA. We believe we were never advised of this class action, so we never submitted a claim form.

    Why? When did this occur? Is there anything we could or should do about it now?

    Jaocb and Lydia de Raadt, Langley, BC, Canada.

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