Westgate Experience

I’ve had experenced with timeshares my whole life. My parents had two and we used them every year. This made me a bit nogastilc when I was in Orlando on my honeymoon this past February and ended up getting a timeshare even though I really couldn’t afford the $200 they were asking up front.

What happens if I stop paying for timeshares

I paid the first months mortgage and have since stopped. I am in the process of requesting a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure.

I was going to use one of their “getaways” to go later this year as we still had two tickets to Disney we didn’t get to use but there were none available! I’ve since discovered they the timeshare companies whore their rooms out online at a LOWER RATE to NON-OWNERS!!! I can stay at a 4 Star Hotel/Resort for half the cost of the yearly maintence fees, not to mention to mortgage!!


We need to take a stand and DO something about these companies.

I have started a petition on Change.org to make Time Shares ILLEGAL!

Please EVERYONE come sign it!

Westgate – Blue Tree Orlando

We purchased our timeshare at Westgate Blue Tree July 2012. It sounded fantastic. They basically promised us the earth. During the selling pitch they presented us with mounds of paperwork and was told you don’t have to read all this just sign and read it when you get home. They did not mention about the 10 day cooling off period.

Destination Club Memberships

When we arrived home I decided to get the brief case full of paperwork out, after hours of trying to read the very small print I said to my husband I am not happy with this timeshare it is not what they promised us. We decided to pay the monthly mortgage.

After a few months we tried to book a week at the Westgate Lakes, Lake Buena Vista, The price was unbelievably expensive, it was no where near the prices that we was shown on their computer ie. $124 per week for 4 people.

We looked into flights, Westgate said they could get 25% off the price of flights from our local airport, all lies!!!

Well to cut a long story short we decided after several phone calls and letters to Westgate explaining we could no longer afford to pay for the time share because my husbands hours at work had been reduced and I can not work, they told us just to stop paying, we cant be hounded for payment because we did not give then our NI numbers.

We have had phone call after phone call, letter after letter, our account have now gone to a collections agency. We are starting to panic. Please can anyone give us true advice as to what we should do next.

Buying this timeshare sounded so wonderful, we could pass it on to our children it would be a good family investment, LIES…

They just wanted our money.

Westgate Orlando – High Pressure Sales

My friend and I took a short weekend trip to see disney and made reservations at a Westgate Resort. Come time at check in and we were herded thru a process to sign us up for a timeshare sales appt. Without our even realizing it, we went next morning to the free breakfast and supposedly a 90 minute presentation. I felt like i was held hostage as they had collected a $20 deposit and also told us we would get free tickets to a show we wanted to go to after the 90 minutes, which turned into four and a half hours of pretty much high pressure sales.

Lando Resorts Corporation

We finally got away with getting our free tickets after we were sold a prepaid resort vacation package. I think they are scamming the guests, as you are not allowed to think over the offer, only to buy now or the offer will not be offered again. Thank god i felt like, if it is too good to be true it probably is not a good thing and did not purchase the time share. Now after reading these comments on how bad it really is, i am so glad i said no.