Carlsbad Timeshare Experience


Timeshare owners are not owners, they are suckers. The Carlsbad Timeshare has been a nightmare of an investment.

Carlsbad TimeshareSince inheriting it we have tried to sell it, bank it, and exchange it and this year we tried to rent it to no avail.

The literature makes it sound like there is all this flexibility, but it is truly the most one-sided investment I have ever experienced -- theirs! When you try to talk to them all the communication is pre-scripted, like overseas telemarketing. I am... Read the rest of this entry »

My Silverleaf Timeshare Experience

One visitor to our site shares his experience with Silverleaf timeshare, and the research she did following the timeshare purchase. Here's her story:


Silverleaf TimesharesI bought two units from Silverleaf in 2010. In both sales presentations the salespeople told me the units were an investment I could realize income from, and would be a great business and investment opportunity, and by renting the units out (anytime at any resort they told me) it would be good advertising for Silverleaf and good income for me.

In the first... Read the rest of this entry »

A Grandview Tour and Promise of Free Show Tickets

As this Australian reader points out, the tickets are not really "free":


grandview las vegas tourWe arrived on Monday 13th June 2011 and promised "free" show tickets and lunch if we attend a presentation and showing of a Luxury Resort, which we foolishy accepted as Show Tickets were very Expensive. We were picked up and taken to GrandView with bus load of people and arrived to wait in line with hundreds. We were foolishy talked into this Timeshare with a salesman who was trained to sell... Read the rest of this entry »