A Grandview Tour and Promise of Free Show Tickets

As this Australian reader points out, the tickets are not really “free”:

grandview las vegas tourWe arrived on Monday 13th June 2011 and promised “free” show tickets and lunch if we attend a presentation and showing of a Luxury Resort, which we foolishy accepted as Show Tickets were very Expensive. We were picked up and taken to GrandView with bus load of people and arrived to wait in line with hundreds. We were foolishy talked into this Timeshare with a salesman who was trained to sell “Ice to Eskimos”, and paid a deposit of $2699.

We have revocation rights under Nevada Law so we completed these forms sent original to Eldorado Resorts Corporation and copy faxed to Grandview the next day. We also returned to GrandView and confirmed that our documents would be shredded and deposit returned.

Deposit should be returned within 5 days, we are still waiting back home in Australia.

Our holiday was ruined with worry, we will never recommend Las Vegas as a holiday destination as it is “Con” City, where “free” show tickets are worthless and waste of queueing time and whole holiday was wasted on this misdventure. We signed foolishy beleiving verbal promises but signing without reading all details.


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  1. You can buy a 1 week timeshare at the Grandview in Las Vegas, for the total sum of $1, at the site “buymytimeshare.com”, right now! There’s over 50 listings on that site for that particular timeshare property at this moment, and they’re running a little low, there’s usually plenty more on redline and ebay.

    I always check the resale listings first, and bring lots of printouts to the presentations to hand to the reps. (while covertly also passing out to as many of our fellow attendees as possible).

    It’s not a course of action I recommend to others though. When you attend a presentation, you’re playing their game, on their turf. Timeshare operators have the advantage because they’ve been studying people for many long years, and know exactly what makes them tick, what buttons to push, and what type of psychological tactics work the best to get into their heads, and compel them to buy. They are far better trained and prepared than most others will ever be.

    Why on earth would a person from Australia have sufficient use for a timeshare in Las Vegas anyway? I can’t even picture someone from Austrailia wanting to spend their annual vacations in Las Vegas, anymore than I could picture myself vacationing every single year in Australia! Unless we had close family members who lived there, it just wouldn’t happen. If we did have close family members living in Australia, why wouldn’t we just stay at their home when visiting? Why would anyone?

    That’s aside from the fact that the resale listings are full with timeshare properties that can be purchased for as little as $1.

    Take care,

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