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Silent Valley Club Inc.We joined Silent Valley Club near Banning, California 4 years ago. Since then the RV resort, (which claims to NOT be a timeshare, but basically is – same scam) has gone down hill and is poorly managed. The amenities have been cut due to the hard economic times and gas prices, and they have over 50% member defaults. Because they are in such financial straits they keep raising the dues and now are assessing every remaining member $400, due with only 4 weeks notice. I am defaulting. I have had enough.

Where are the lawmakers regarding timeshares….??? Is the timeshare lobby so strong with our politicians that the citizens are ignored? I am writing to my state and federal congressmen regarding these scams. Maybe we all should. Strength in numbers.

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84 Responses to “Silent Valley Club Inc.”

  1. Myra Gassien says:

    I am very interested in your membership

  2. Brian says:

    We also have a membership available to giveaway for anyone interested. My parents don’t have an RV and haven’t used their membership for years. If interested, please let me know.

  3. Angus says:

    My membership offer is still but I don’t know how to contact anyone through this website?

  4. Sharon Turner says:

    I am selling membership in Silent Valley Club. Spouse has passed away and I am no longer camping there. Membership fees have been paid thru May 2021. I am willing to give my membership away for free. Request buyer pay transfer fees and background check. Silent Valley is a lovely camping site with many amenities.

  5. Brian says:

    I have a membership available to anyone that is interested. Just pay transfer fees

  6. Angus Colson says:

    I have had a membership with Silent Valley since 2003. We no longer camp due to age. I will give the membership to anyone that would like it for free. The dues are paid up thru May of 2021. You will need to pay the transfer fee and a background check.

  7. Angus says:

    Lifetime membership to Silent Valley RV club for free. There will be a transfer fee and background check fee due, but the yearly dues have been paid through May 2021. I posted this same notice last year but took it down because of health problems with my wife, she passed on July 2nd.

  8. I will buy it says:

    I will buy it

  9. fred says:

    I have sent letters to silent valley with no response. I requested that they buy me out for $100. For anyone interested I have it for sale. I have been unable to sell it so far. I will attend a board meeting to state my case that I want out of this lease.

  10. Sandi Felix says:

    I have a Silent Valley Membership for sale. It has been a great camping spot for many years but we are moving out of state and will not be able to use it. I will pay the $450 transfer fee and the membership is paid through March 2020.

  11. 4/18/2019*** SOLD says:

    MEMBERSHIP SOLD A OF 2/18/2019

  12. Tom Davis says:

    Silent Valley Membership available. Dues and Assessments paid through Sept. You pay transfer fee.

  13. Matthew flynn says:

    We are giving away our membership to silent valley membership.we sold our fifth wheel so no longer have a need for it. The dues have paid up till April 2020. We will be paying the transfer fees all you need to pay for is the background check which is $85.00 per person. If interested please email me at REDACTED

    • Brady says:

      Still available

      • Pulkownik April says:

        Hi is this membership still available? If so I’m very interested. Only question I have is how many days are still available on the membership for your year.

    • Pulkownik April says:

      Hi is this membership still available? If so I’m very interested. Only question I have is how many days are still available on the membership for your year.

    • Jerry nguyen says:

      Could you tell me all about the menber benefits, annual cost and other fees…plus camping regulations such as how many nights a member can stay for free and how long to stay out before able to get back ? What is my cost and obligation if I take over your menbership ? Thankyou!

    • Jennifer Majestic says:

      I am Interested if you could email me details of your membership.


  14. dennis glover says:

    I want to give my membership away dues are paid will pay transfer fee contact Dennis Glover 562 552 4161

  15. Hank Wallinga says:

    membership for sale, leaving state so will not be able to use. been a member owner since the early 70’s raised the kids up there, and they still go today. cost for transfer is 450.00 plus 85.00 for background check. They also have Storage Area and will move your unit to spot you want or close to that spot to tow on campsite and return to storage when you leave is 45.00 storage is secured and you can only get into storage, with park ranger.

  16. Philip G Swanson says:

    I sold my membership 10 years ago. Glad I got out while the getting was good!

  17. John Lair says:

    Would like to give up my membership due to health and no longer camp.

  18. Ray Campbell says:

    I have a membership to give to anyone who qualifies to own ($85 fee); I am 85 and can no longer camp and have enjoyed many years camping at Silent Valley, clearly a “no hassle” campsite. You get to choose your own site from 850 sites; you choose the scenery.
    Quiet and friendly. Safe and secure.

  19. Joan Holt says:

    We would like to sell our membership as we do not own RV anymore.
    Make offer….

  20. Gary smith says:

    Any body want to buy my membership I’ll pay all the fees required.

  21. Ken Leeper says:

    wish to leave membertship of silent valley. dues paid ahead for about 6 months. death in family no one to camp with. a new member can simply take over . transferfees are 400 back ground check is 85 my member # is {REDACTED} i am retired can meet you for transfer at the park

  22. Kimberly says:

    I am trying to get out of our Silent Valley membership as well. Can’t even GIVE it away! Anyone had any luck?

    • Urban says:

      I might be interested in your membership, how can I get intouch with you

      • Tim says:

        We have a membership that we are no longer using. It is current and up to date. We will give it to you if you are interested. All you have to do is contact us and let us know. It was purchased in 1975 as a 99 year lease. Its expiration is 2074. We no longer have an RV, therefore will not use it. Please reply to this and let me know.

        • Donna says:

          My husband and I have been thinking about a membership. I have seen many just given away for free, transfer fee paid and an extra years membership in some cases. I am wondering why the evacuation? I keep seeing something about a lawsuit, do you know anything about that? We don’t want to land in the middle of a problem. Thanks

          • Laura J. says:

            Hi Donna, I was a member of Silent Valley Club for a few years and got rid of my membership about 8 years ago. There has been a lot of reviews online about the park going downhill and the difficulty/impossibility of getting out of a membership. My advice to you is visit as a guest to determine if you really like it there, and definitely read the fine print about having a membership, i.e. Dues, taxes and additional assement fees. I recently spent a weekend there and really enjoyed myself. To be honest I didnt see as many improvements as I would like to have seen, but I would consider getting a membership again. Hope this helps!!

          • france says:

            My parents bought in Around 1974 I was probably around 14 years old. I have been going to Silent Valley for the last 43 years we are now 4th generation going to Silent Valley with many beautiful memories. What happens a lot of times is when you see memberships for sale it’s a lot of the older Generations who just can’t camp any more because of health reasons. Sometimes people have financial difficulties and also move out of state or sell their motorhomes.No it’s not a scam, it takes money to maintaining the facilities, the grounds, all employees. People have to pay for things in this world, nothing is free. However I will tell you that if you don’t Camp a lot it probably isn’t worth it. We come here so often that what we pay for annual dues is a drop in the bucket. I will tell you that we’re here for Easter, Labor Day, Memorial weekend, Halloween, Fourth of July, sometimes Thanksgiving and Christmas and throughout the summer. If you go to Silent Valley members page on Facebook, you will see people buying selling there membership. When someone speaks about an assessment fee it’s because you get people who decide to just stop paying their annual dues and it takes a certain budget to keep the place functioning so everybody has to pick up the tab for the people who have poor credit and default. We normally stay 30 days at a time, which is the most that you can stay then you have to leave the park for 10 days then you can come back and do another 30 if you want. What a lot of people do is come pick a spot, Park their rig and or tent if you have kids it’s a beautiful place to raise your kids, there’s always going to be someone who’s disgruntled and not happy with things and complain. Either you come enjoy it or you complain it’s your choice. When the summer months begin we have concerts on the weekends bands will come in and play different music we have a DJ that comes in and plays music for the kids we have so much to offer, pools, jacuzzis, dry heat saunas, bar, restaurant a small General Store, because people are here for so long we have a laundromat. It’s a small community and everyone knows everyone,its such a wonderful place to raise your kids.

        • Lucy Soto says:

          Hi Tim, is the membership still available?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am trying to find a way out of ours too. Did you ever have any luck. I have left messages there asking what I can do, and they aren’t returned.

      • france says:

        if you are a member you can go to the voice of the valley Silent Valley official Message Board Facebook page and you can also go to Silent Valley members page on Facebook and sell your membership Everyone is always looking to buy. what a lot of people will do is ask the new buyer to pay background check fee and sometimes the member will pay for transfer fees but some people will ask the new member to pay for transfer fees also. I hope that helps I know people who are looking for memberships right now to buy.

  23. Cindy says:

    Did you ever get out of Silent Valley Club?

  24. Chuck Sherman says:

    That is the problem, there is no way out! I agree with what you say, the facility has gone sharply downhill, the maintenance, the activities, the store, the pools, etc. Yet you cannot opt out. I am at a loss for what to do myself. We are thinking of hiring a lawyer for help. They have included us on a lawsuit of some kind. I am considering a counter lawsuit.

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