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So, there’s something I just need to come right out with…

There’s really no easy way to say it. I… used to be a Timeshare Salesman. It’s terrible, I know. Please leave your torches and pitchforks in the shed. I wasn’t your typical shady Timeshare Salesman. And since leaving the industry after nearly 3 years, I’ve turned rogue and actively warn others about the dangers of signing on the dotted line. Which is exactly what my intention is with this monthly blog.

I need to make it clear that not all Timeshare Salespeople are sleazy or mean to do anything harmful or dishonest. Most of them are new to the industry and honestly believe in what they are selling. Beautiful vacations and memories. Fresh out of training class and ready to sell some memories and make some great money in the process. Then they hit the sales floor, and everything changes.

They are assigned a manager, and the manager completely changes their sales presentation. They often tell the new representatives knowingly false information just to close more deals. Most people either don’t sell enough and get laid off, or they ignore their conscience and embrace the dark side.

The average employment length of a timeshare rep is 3 months. Almost everyone fails to reach sales goals and are laid off within a few months of starting. This is because timeshare is an extremely challenging thing to sell without withholding information or outright lying. In the industry, they call it “pitching in the gray.“ Basically, it’s not technically lying, but not telling the truth either. And it’s a term that floats around all too comfortably on sales floors.

In my time on the floor, I never knowingly told any misinformation to my guests or buyers. I did learn that my manager had given me false details on several occasions to close deals, but that is another story. I was never a top salesperson, but was never in the position to be laid off either. I made a modest amount of money, with up months and down months. I always slept well at night knowing I was honest during my presentations.

So what made me leave? Well, after learning more and more about the truth behind the programs and the people that were leading and directing us, I just had to go. I was miserable. I didn’t believe in what I was selling anymore. I certainly didn’t believe in the people I worked for.

The day I decided to leave, my manager tried to convince me that my guests terminal cancer was a great reason for her to buy our program so that she can go take the trip of a lifetime before she died in the next  months. Then, she would be dead after taking the trip, so who cares about the bill?? Yeah, that actually happened. It was my breaking point.

These are the kind of people I am here to warn you about. Those that will say anything if it means they can make some money, regardless of a person’s best interest.

I pretended to take the lady to the property to finish the presentation and took her to McDonald’s for an ice cream cone. I later put in for all the vacation time I had built up, and quit on my last day.

And here we are.

The purpose of this blog is to expose the inner-workings of the Timeshare Industry and educate the public. To provide inside knowledge from someone who spent a significant amount of time on the other end of the sales presentations. Be sure to keep up with the monthly blog to see what kind of sneaky tactics and stories I expose. Lets bring down the empire. 


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  1. The worst case is they sue you. They hope you don’t reply to the lawsuit so they can get a judgement. Then, they pursue collection of the judgement.

    This is quite rare due to costs of suing. If you respond to the lawsuit and countersue for fraud, misrepresentation, they usually want to make it go away and settle with you.

    I should say, the risks of being sued depends on where you live. If you live in the same state as the timeshare, the chances are being sued are much higher than if you live in a different country.

  2. What is the worst case scenario that would likely happen to me if I stoped making my yearly $625.00 maintance fees? At my age I no longer need credit and just want to walk away from the timeshare and fees.
    Thank you for any info that you can share, Gary

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