What Does it Mean to Own a Timeshare?

Being a timeshare owner can mean slightly different things depending on whether you are a deeded owner or a right to use owner, but there are some general timeshare ownership stipulations that are important for both types of owners to understand. Both deed and title owners and right to use owners are legally and contractually tied to their property. This is of note because there are real repercussions aside from simply losing your timeshare for those that do not pay monthly fees, maintenance fees, etc.

Owners should also know that once a timeshare contract is made it is not easily ended. These contracts and corresponding obligations belong to the timeshare owner until the timeshare is sold or transferred though some other means. Owners of points and floating systems do require the owner to determine their vacation time in advance in order to get the time they want. A high demand week may require the owner to book the reservation on the first minute of the first day; ownership does not necessarily mean you will get your first choice of week and/or resort.

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