Grandview Las Vegas Tour

The following experience was shared via a reader of our website, and is an account of both their stay at the Luxor hotel and their timeshare presentation at the Grandview Las Vegas

Our experience was a total joke. This must be the most unprofessional bunch of Dorsal Fins we have ever met.

Here is my letter/email to the Luxor informing them that Grand View is totally running them down when they are using this location to promote their product.

Still waiting to hear if the Luxor took any action. We did make a joke of it and laughed in their face all the way through the presentation.

If you have the pleasure of meeting the Plastic Fantastic Antoinette from RCI remind her what a b**** she is as I did. That was totally worth the 4 hours of the most disorganised tour ever – this was September 2011.

Enjoy the email below:
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ResortCom Timeshare Foreclosure

Does anyone have experience stopping payment on ResortCom Timeshare, specifically the Veilla Del Palmar Resort?

A reader of our site posed the following question about foreclosing on ResortCom timeshare:
ResortCom Foreclosure
My husband and I purchased a time share several years ago and are still paying on the outrageous balance plus maintenance fees.

We have recently found ourselves in a finacial hardship and can no longer make the monthly payments and/or maintenance fees.

I have contacted the TS company several times asking for ways I can relenquish the TS, each time they tell me I cannot.

I’m concerned about wage garnishments if I cannot pay them. They are quite unwilling to work with me on this. My stress level concerning this is increasing daily. Any ideas??

Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

A reader poses an interesting question he wanted to share with our readers:

Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

Time shares are not real estate or investments, they are nothing but empty space.

In addition to my first question, how many time share owners does it take to keep up the maintenance of a two bedroom apartment?

This is outrageous.

If I ever go back to Florida and are approached by a time share salesman I will sit next to the salesman and take my sweet time reading all the pages of the contract. …and if they have a problem with that, I will tell them…”just want to know what I am getting into before I sign the dotted line”.

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