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Do All-Inclusive Timeshares Exist? RCIVIP Timeshare Help

Is it possible to buy into a timeshare that provides all of your needs, from accommodations, food, drink, and entertainment? The answer to this question is absolutely YES! All inclusive timeshares do exist all around the world and you can buy into your share for a week of absolute responsibility free living. 

Choosing to vacation in an all inclusive is not for everyone, but it is a great option for some, it really just depends upon your personal disposition. 

Furthermore, in a post-pandemic world it is possible to vacation in all inclusive resorts around the world for such low prices, it begs the question why bother to purchase one timeshare at a single location when you can travel to many? 

Again, timeshares are not for everyone and neither are all inclusive resorts, but the marriage of these two vacation options is not only possible, there are a plethora of options available for you to choose from. 

Why Would Someone Choose To Own A Timeshare In An All Inclusive Resort?

The primary appeal to owning a timeshare in an all inclusive resort is knowing that for one week a year, you can have one full worry free vacation. All inclusive resorts will cater to your every need and wants; from unlimited drinks, food, childcare,  entertainment, activities, and housekeeping all set against a beautiful natural backdrop.

For some, all inclusive resorts will feel like a piece of heaven. You do not even have to make your own bed, or purchase food. For others this type of vacation can feel confining.

All inslusive timeshares will include every meal

Is the bracelet you put on your wrist at an all inclusive your pass to heaven on earth, or a weird restrictive, phony piece of hell? It really all depends upon personal preference and only you will know what feels good.

Annual maintenance fees, and memberships are of course higher when you buy into an all inclusive timeshare given that so many amenities are accounted for. Again, given the low prices of just going on vacation to an all inclusive resort, it may be hard to balance the pros of ownership against the cons. 

Examples Of All Inclusive Timeshare Resorts

Wyndham, one of the largest timeshare conglomerates in the world, offers all inclusive resort timeshares across the globe.  As in the case of this company, typically timeshare owners will have access to certain ‘VIP’ privileges that include additional restaurants and bars to choose from within the resort that other guests may not be able to patronize. 

Here is one person’s experience with Wyndham so consider this perspective as well, even if VIP privileges may sound enticing.

All inclusive timeshares in Latin America are prolific

All inclusive timeshare resorts are prolific in Latin America. This particular link will give you a list of over fifty all inclusive resorts for re-sale:

While the pictures may look alluring to those living above thirty-five degree latitude, please be aware that during the pandemic several all inclusive timeshare resorts, were simply abandoned, pools emptied, bricks falling off the outside of walls, and tall grasses growing up between the once carefully manicured gardens. 

Research your all inclusive timeshare before purchasing, be sure to choose a larger and well known company such as Wyndham, and go visit in person before making a purchase to make sure the building is still standing. 

Drawbacks To All Inclusive Timeshare Ownership

There are several drawbacks to owning a timeshare in an all inclusive:

  • Higher Membership and Maintenance Fees
  • Lack of Freedom (even in the food you eat)
  • More Expensive Than Just Going On Vacation To An All Inclusive

If maintenance and membership fees are an issue with regular timeshare ownership, then you can be sure they are over the roof in all inclusive resorts. The number of employees needed to operate an all inclusive, is nothing short of a village. The cost of the food, food preparation, upkeep of the grounds, not to mention the alcohol is high. 

It is a beast to run an all inclusive, like powering a small planet. The costs are high to have all of your needs and wants catered to, which means that membership and maintenance costs can be very high for just one week of vacation. When you compare the ongoing cost of paying these fees to just going to an all inclusive resort on vacation there really is no contest to which is the better option for your pocket book. 

Even if all things financial were equal, all inclusive resorts are not for everyone. On the one hand, it can be nice to sit back and relax and not have to worry or be responsible for a single thing, or so it seems. 

A recent guest of the ‘Viva Wyndham’, Punta Cana reported having a two bed garden suite for her and her son, and it took the all inclusive the entire four night stay to repair one of the broken beds. This was hardly a relaxing time at a place that apparently caters to your every need and desire. 

Theoretically an all inclusive may seem appealing. Put your wallet in the safe and leave your cares and worries behind, but this is not always the case.

Ultimately, each individual prefers to vacation in their own way. For some an all inclusive will be wildly appealing, while for others, not so much. 

Yes, you can buy a timeshare in an all inclusive resort, but the real question is, should you?

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