Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations

How to Donate Timeshares for Tax Deduction

Many timeshare owners out of luck on the resale market choose to offer their timeshare as a donation to a non-profit organization, or NPO. While some NPO’s have shied away from this type of fund raising, there are still many organizations out there that welcome timeshare as a way to raise money for their programs. Below is a list of charitable organizations accepting timeshare donations.

Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations –

Donate for a Cause – Accept many international timeshares and allow donors to choose charities to which proceeds are allocated. Participating charities include: The American Kidney Fund, Big Sky Youth Empowerment Movement, The Florida Veterans Assistance Organization, International Hearing Dog, Logan’s Hearts and Smiles, The National Foundation for Cancer Research, The Network Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse, The Thomas Moore School, The Real Gift Foundation, Great Beginnings Montessori School, The Children’s Home, and THRIVE.

Gifts for Sight – Organization handles all paperwork and donation benefits Eye Birth Defects Research Foundation.

The Charity Group – Works with many non-profits, but donor is not able to select charity.

Helping Hands Across America – A northeastern US-based non-profit affiliated with Meals on Wheels, The ALS Association, The Association of Blind Citizens, and Sacred Hearts Missions.

Southern New Hampshire University Timeshare Donation Program – Donation proceeds help SNHU students pay for tuition, buy textbooks, improve/build new facilities, and enhance academic offerings.

** This list is active and current as of 7/2009.

For more information on timeshare donation readDonating Timeshare

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  1. Timeshare – Williamsburg Plantation Vacation Village, 4 bedroom lockoff. Will pay closing costs to transfer.

    Interested, contact me.

  2. Want to sell or donate fully paid Wyndham Bali Hai kuaii timeshare with 1,000,000 points. Seniors now unable to travel

  3. FREE time share Hilton Head Island I live in Canada and the borders are closed right now.
    My husband is ill with cancer. Everything is paid up and I have 3 weeks depositied.
    I go thru RCI for reservations and have had the timeshare for 15 years no problems at all
    Contact me thru email and I will respond ASAP. The deed would just have to be transferred
    to your name and it is as simple as that………….marge

  4. We have a 3 bedroom Timeshare available. Kissimmee, Florida. Fully paid. Only fees are annual tax/maintenance approx $1000. Outstanding value.

  5. I can transfer my timeshare ownership to you. It’s in Kissimmee Florida. 2bed/2bath, can accommodate 8 people and has 74,000 per year and the good news is it’s fully paid. I am not using it anymore coz my husband passed away. It’s a very nice place close to all amusement parks.Email me if you are interested

    1. Hi!

      I have time-share points at Pueblo Bonito Sunset resort in Cabo Mexico. You pay per point used to make reservation. there are 900 points I am selling.

    2. We have a deeded triennial timeshare (week 33 every 3 years) at Island Links in Hilton Head, SC, with maintenance fees every three years of just over $1,000. We have not used it like that but have received 35,500 RCI points per year. Unused points can carry over for another year or 2 but you may need to pay a fee to do that. We have had some very nice vacations but are entering our retirement years and have just purchased another place in SC (not a timeshare) where we can go for 3 weeks per year so no longer need our timeshare. Hope we can work something out.

  6. We do not use our Timeshare as we are not traveling (age) have had it for many years. can we legally donate?
    Thank you 4-06-2020

  7. My parents have a time share they would like to donate in Sedona if you are interested please give them a call [omitted] Glenn and Kay Williams are their names

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