Park Royal Los Cabos Timeshare Review

The following is a review of Park Royal Los Cabos submitted by one of our users:

park royal los cabos“I received a certificate for RCI from a family member & stayed at the Park Royal Los Cabos. Firstly, the employees are nothing but wonderful. They are kind, courteous, & go out of their way to make your stay great. You as a company owe it to your employees to do updates in this establishment. park royal los cabos

Specifically speaking in terms of sealing the windows & patio doors so that bugs don’t get in. I have never stayed at a condo where they provide you with bug spray much less have to use it daily. I had to throw food out because of it. I had to store everything that doesn’t belong in a fridge in a zip lock baggie. I had to buy my own dish soap & clorox wipes so that I could keep the kitchen clean & disinfected after using the bug spray! Really? Maybe if you took better care of this property you would have more guests. It’s a great location. It just needs more TLC! Take pride in the property & the employees. It’s all worth it! Also, if you could put even coin operated laundry on site it would be welcomed. In this weather no one should have to pack their sweaty clothes in a suitcase!”


Customer Support Experience: RCI

We received the following submission from one of our users regarding their experience with RCI and timesharing in general:

customer support experience“So far my experience with RCI has been horrible. My mom and I own a timeshare together which she used fairly often. She died in August and timeshare became mine. I have paid the bills. I have called multiple times over the past year and as of yet not a single person has been able to help me learn how to use this timeshare. I have had to fax my mom’s death certificate on three different occasions. But there doesn’t seem to be anybody in our ceiling to help me. I know RCI is the biggest timeshare company out there but I must admit I’m seriously disappointed in their lack of customer support.”

What are your thoughts? Have you had a positive or negative experience with your timeshare/exchange company? Please share it with us!

Hacienda Tres Rios Timeshare Scam

The following story was submitted by one of our users about their experience with Hacienda Tres Rios:

“My husband and I bought a lifetime membership with Sunset Group Hacienda Tres Rios. They made us many promises, we bought it in 2012 and we already payed it, from the date of purchase to today we never used it because it is complex and difficult to meet their requirements. So my husband and I decided as promised in the acquisition of the membership that they could help us to sell, which is a lie, then they told us that the sale was particular. tres rios

Tired of so many lies and of throwing our money, we decided to cancel our membership, another complicated problem, the opposite of when we sold the membership, all were rude and never wanted to attend our calls, we were denied to get the cancellation and even threatened us.

We doubted it was possible to cancel and as a last resource we hire a lawyer. It was the solution to our problems. In 6 months we were free and no more maintenance to pay, which was our major concern. We doubted if we did the right thing and if we could be scammed again, but this time we read our contract and saw that everything was legitimate and there was no risk to run. Today we are very happy to have canceled our membership and we decided to post this to see if we help someone sharing our story, don’t fall in their traps and fight for your rights.”